AMD are known to many gamers because of their abilities to support different games even to those modern ones. In fact, this series of CPU is one of the top choices in the market.

In this review, we will talk about their specs and features and what are the things that they differ from each other. In this way, any gamer could able to find with the best choice.

AMD FX-8350 vs FX-8370

Specs and Features

Though AMD FX-8350 and FX-8370 came from the same family or also called a series, it cannot be guaranteed that they have the same features as well as abilities. To come up with a clear comparison, let’s take a look at their specs and features.

Total clock speed

AMD FX-8350

The clock speed of a CPU is an important matter everyone must consider when it comes to choosing the best processor. Well, most online gamers knew that already. This is because the clock speed of your CPU will describe the microprocessor on how fast it can execute and follow instructions. Since gaming sessions require fast-phase processes, the higher the total clock speed is the better.

In this point, AMD FX-8350 and FX-8370 show no difference since both of them came up with a clock rate of about 4GHz. This only indicates that these two choices of the processor have the same ability in the execution of instructions.

Speed of RAM

AMD FX-8370

In this case, the higher the speed of the RAM, the better since the speed will support the memory. This will result in a quicker performance the system could able to enjoy.

The speed of the RAM is another feature that these two CPUs will share. This because these two top choices share the same RAM speed which is about 1866MHz.

Size of cache

In choosing a CPU considering the sizes of different caches is also a necessary process. This is because the size of each cache has a big participation with the overall performance of the CPU.

The cache will work out in reducing the time and energy gap between the performances of the memory and processor. This means that monitoring the sizes of each of your caches will help you make sure that your CPU will perform better and faster. Among the three types of caches in a CPU, the L3 and L2 are the most monitored by users. This is because they have a big contribution to the overall performance of the CPU.

When it comes to the L2 cache, both of these two choices of CPU comes with about 8MB while on cache 3, both of them have also 8MB total storage.

With this comparison, it is obviously shown that when talking about the sizes of their storage and cache, both AMD FX-8350 and FX-8370 come up with the same total of storage.

Needed power

Though these two processors came from the same family or series, there are still features in which they differ from each other. One of these features is the needed power before the CPU itself will run.

In this point, the AMD FX-8350 wins over the FX-8370. This is because the latter choice requires 87W to run while the former requires 88W. As you can see, this difference is not that big but it still a valuable point since the lower the thermal control the better.

Number of transistors

In every unit, each component has an important participation in its overall performance. This is why, in choosing the best processors, one must not only focus on the software and applications that this could offer but also hardware. This is because the quality of the hardware will reflect on the overall capacity and durability of the processor itself.

In looking for the number of transistors, the higher its number the better. This is because the transistors have a big influence on the general power of the processor itself.

When checking the total number of transistors, both of these two processors have the same number which falls in 20 million.

Overall performance

When talking about their individual gaming performance, both FX-8370 and AMD FX-8350 are good enough. In fact, each of them performs better in their own different ways. The fact that each of them is able to support the system handle a quick response, process, and execution of data and instruction, it is undeniable that both of them are a good choice for online gaming.


Considering the specs and features of AMD FX-8350 and FX-8370, considering their price is an important point. This is because since they have almost the same spec and features, one must deserve a better price.

When it comes each of their size, these two choices of processors are quite different from each other. This is because FX-8370 comes a bit expensive compared to the

Which CPU is a better choice?

The point of AMD FX-8350 and FX-8370, it is a bit hard to choose right away because they shared almost the same features and specs with each other. Basically, this means that they are almost equal when it comes to overall performance.

Despite this, there are still differences which you can use as a basis. For example, though these two CPUs are already good enough, the FX-8370 is easier to upgrade. This means that it has more room for improvement as well as adjustments. With this, the one with the higher potential for enhancement is the choice.

However, when considering the price, there is a big difference from each other. This is because the FX-8370 is a bit expensive compared to the other choice. With this, you might also consider the price as your basis in choosing.

In the end, no matter how close or related processors from each other, the one which will be a better choice is still the one which has more room for improvement. This is because as the game continues to grow, the better performance a CPU must have, with this, it is the FX-8370 which is a better choice.

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