The advancement of technology can be seen in almost all things right now. Manufacturers always look forward on how to meet the growing needs of the market.

Working on the computer all day long may be tiring at some point. However, with the innovation and different results of human engineering, working with your computer is now an easy task to do.

1. Product Review

Anker Ak-98ANWVM-UBA

Anker AK- 98ANWVM-UBA is the newest innovation you can see in the industry of computer mouse production. Unlike any other gaming mouses, this mouse is different in different ways. Though it is not perfect, its features and functionalities might help a lot in making your job easier.

One of the greatest things you can look is its ergonomic mouse design. How this mouse look is not just about making a new physical feature but to help you prevent any strain when using. The design itself will help you move a neutral handshake for an ease of use every day.

Similar to FPS gaming mouse, it also uses a certain technology that provides more sensitivity for an easier and smoother use in wide surfaces. Aside from that, the next and previous buttons will help you open and browse pages easily. With this excellent feature of AK-98ANWVM-UBA, it is best suited for those who used surfing on the internet most of the time, gamers, and those who work in the computer all day round.

The different ergonomic design, the new technology for high sensitivity, and the useful buttons help each other in making this mouse a good choice for anyone who is looking for a helpful mouse.

2. Specs and Features

Ergonomic design

AK-98NWVM-UBA is different from any other mice. Its design is uniquely engineered so that you can use the mouse easily and more conveniently. It is a product of human engineering which envisions in giving you a mouse that can give a healthy option. This type of design will help you experience a less strain during work. Overall, this type of design is specially constructed to help you get rid of the traditional grip with your old mouse.

Provides more sensitivity

When looking for an easy to use mouse for your everyday job, the number one you need to consider is its sensitivity. It uses 800/ 1200/ 1600 DPI Resolution; it is a technology that gives more sensitive effect compared to your traditional and old mice. This technology offers smooth and more precise track with different surface range.

Useful button

Another good feature that added to this innovative mouse is the button that has a big use in your daily computer job. The next and previous buttons not just provide convenience for you in every use but also to help you surf the internet easily and hassle-free.

Wide range of compatibility

AK-98NWVM-UBA may not be compatible with different types of computer but it has wide range of compatibility. This mouse is compatible with Windows 10 / 8/ 7 / Vista/ XP/ 2000, Linux, and Mac OS (the two thumb buttons will not work in Mac OS X.).

Average size

Since the sizes of human hands are different in sizes, the producers of AK-98NWVM-UBA choose to make this mouse come out in average size so that it will suit most people’s hands. Its dimensions are 115 x 58 x 87 mm and weight of about 95 grams.

Complete package

When choosing AK-98NWVM-UBA, you will receive a package that includes the mouse batteries not included), 1 2.4G USB receiver (this found in the bottom of the mouse), an instructional manual, and 18-month warranty.


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3. Performance

AK-98NWVM-UBA mouse is not a perfect one. However, in the end, it works fine and well and has a good performance. With its different features that are all useful, it can work out well.

The design itself is a big help in making your work easier and more convenient. The kind of design of this mouse has no complaints of inefficiency which only means that the ergonomic structure works fine and effective.

The downside with this mouse is the fact that it is only designed for a right-handed person. Unlike with other mice that may work well with both right and left-handed, AK-98NWVM-UBA is only suitable if you are a right-handed individual.

Nevertheless, when it comes to its overall performance, this mouse from Anker is effective with its function and purpose.


4. Pros and Cons


• Unique but useful design
It is almost the first in the market which uses this design. Looking at the design alone will make you think that it is really unique and different however it is not just formed like that to become unique. The way this mouse looks like has an important purpose.

• Comfortable and easy to use
AK-98NWVM-UBA is a mouse which may have a different look but still maintain its ease of use.

• Can help you access easily
Its buttons and other parts are all working together in letting you access to web pages easily.

• Has wide variety of compatibility
Knowing that this mouse will work fine in numerous computer types, AK-98NWVM-UBA has wide range of compatibility.

• High sensitivity
98NWVM-UBA uses three levels of technology for an increased sensitivity.


• Only suited for right-handed person
The fact that this mouse is right-handed only, 98NWVM-UBA may not work to other people.

• Slippery to use sometimes
The sleek physical feature of this mouse made it slippery sometimes, this is why some preferred to use it with claw grip.

• The mouse needs pinky rest
It is much better is this mouse has pinky in order to prevent the finger to hang on the edge of the mouse.

5. Conclusion

98NWVM-UBA is a one of a kind mouse that must be part of your choices. From the design to the technologies applied, all work out together in making this mouse effective and better among the old mice in the market. This mouse has the capacity to meet the needs of any individual who wanted to do their job easily.

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