With the advancement of technology today, wireless is the new trend. Even to the most significant part of the computer- the mouse is now becoming wireless. Undoubtedly, this mouse type is preferred by most people because of its advantages over the wired ones.

However, advantages may come in any way as well. One of the biggest complains by many users it the short life of their mouse battery. This scenario is quiet discomfort most especially if you are using the mouse almost all day long.

Apple Magic 2

Apple Magic 2 comes with a good offer to its consumers. Just like other wireless Bluetooth, you may have known, this mouse is rechargeable. The good thing about this mouse is the fact that it has a long life. Apple Magic Mouse 2 offers for long hours and the company even claimed of over one month of use.

Since this mouse is a wireless one, it needs Bluetooth connectivity as well. With right system specifically the Mac computer with OS X v10.11 or later, this mouse can be easily used. This is because of its automatic pairing which adds to its convenience to use.

Another matter complained by some users is the swipe issue. For some types of mouse, it is a bit hard to swipe smoothly with the mouse. Fortunately, Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a multi-touch surface so that you can swipe it easily and browse your favorite pages.

With its great design and lightweight feature, Apple Magic Mouse 2 can help your day to day assignments with ease.This mouse from Apple might be a good choice for your day to day job in the computer world.

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Specs and Features

Longer battery life

While many complained the short life of their mouse, Apple Magic Mouse 2 offers longer hours of use which can reach over a month as long as you will fully charge for 9 hours. When you need to use it right away and the battery gets low, you can recharge it and as low as 2 minutes, it can back to life again and will even last for 9 hours of working.

Designed by Apple

Apple is known for its great quality products. Apple Magic Mouse 2 is designed by Apple for Mac computers with OS X v.10.11 or later. This mouse offers quality that can last for a long time of use as long as it will be handled with care.

High sensitivity

When choosing a mouse, people will surely find one which has high sensitivity. However, not all brand and type of mouse can meet this requirement. Good thing, Apple Magic Mouse 2 offers high sensitivity which will enable you to swipe, scroll, and move it easily. With just smooth surface, you can work well using this mouse from Apple.


With an item weight of just 7.2 ounces, Apple Magic Mouse 2 is easy to use with just a brush of your fingers. This mouse is lightweight enough to be suited for anyone.

Easy to use

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is another innovative product from Apple company which offers ease of use for everybody. Fortunately, anyone can use it without any difficulty.

Wireless connection

A wire has been part of many gadgets but today, wireless is the new trend. This mouse from Apple goes with the trend through offering a mouse which can be conveniently used without a wire.

Apple Magic 2


As many of you knew the feeling of being frustrated with a lower battery life of your mice, longer battery life is now an ideal factor for the majority of the people. Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a long battery life which makes it stand-out. Since it has this kind of feature, this mouse has good enough performance.

Aside from that, the fact that this mouse has easy to swipe factor ensures you that working on your computer with the use of Apple Magic Mouse 2 is actually a realization. Aside from that, the fact that both left-handed and right-handed person can easily use it, you can be sure that it will suit to you which ever hand you are using. However, the downside comes in its shape as well. Its shape is a bit shallow which makes it hard for some hands to fill it in. Nonetheless, Apple Magic House performs better which makes it a good choice among the long list of different mice in the market.

Apple Magic 2

Pros and Cons


• Rechargeable battery
The rechargeable battery offers convenience to anyone since you can recharge it easily and work back later.

• A multi-touch surface
Another good thing about Apple Magic House 2 is the fact that it has a multi-touch surface. No need to ensure that you are clicking on the very spot you must click like the common mice.

• Works fine for both left and right handed person
If you are left-handed or right-handed, this mouse will still work fine and well.

• Pairs automatically with Mac
This mouse automatically pair with Mac which adds its ease of use.


• Cannot be used when charging
When you are charging it, it will not work. This design is sometimes uncomfort especially if you are rushing with your work.

• Shallow design
Mouse must be fitted with the hand for a more ease of using. However, this mouse has a shallow design which many not perfectly fit to your hands.

• This mouse needs OS X v.10.11 and later to be used
This OS is highly needed for this mouse. This is one of the biggest of many mice who has OS requirement.


Apple Magic House 2 is an evolutionary product with an average type of design. It is the answer for those who are looking for a mouse that can last for a long time, and for those who are screwed up with using wire whenever they need to use a mouse.

Not all people may find this mouse as perfect and useful, but its features are enough reason to consider it as one of your good choices.

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