In the gaming world, a good monitor plays an important role for every gamer to reach its potential. This is why it is not surprising to know that gamers are really picky when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor to use.

A good gaming monitor must not only come in good quality but it must be fully packed with different features too. It is not enough to have a monitor which can work with you for long hours; you also need a monitor which can provide you the perfect imaging and display. Fortunately, there are already wide varieties of gaming monitor on the market today. Two of these monitors are Asus MG248Q and VG24QE. In these two top choices which one is the better choice? Find out below.

Asus MG248Q vs VG248QE

Specs and Features

Asus is a known brand when it comes to gaming monitors. This is why these two top choices of gaming monitors are for sure both good choice. How they differ from each other? Let’s take a look at their specs and features.

Overall size

Asus MG248Q

Size is an important consideration when choosing a gaming monitor. Every gamer has its own preference since it is also one of the ways to optimize their gaming experience.

Both Asus MG248Q and Asus VG248QE come in 24 inches. They have the same size which suits most gamers out there. This size is the commonly preferred by many gamers because it is not too big and not too small as well.

Ergonomic design

These two choices of Asus gaming monitors are both ergonomically designed items. However, they have different designs which are both great and will surely catch one’s attention.

Asus VG248QE offers a sturdy and stable foundation through its circular base. This style can be commonly seen on many monitors and is already proven in providing overall stability. On the other hand, Asus MG248Q has a rectangular base with some diagonal styles in the edges. This is not as common as the first choice but this design is still sturdy and stable enough to keepmonitor safety.

Asus VG248QE

All in all, when it comes to designs, these two monitors from Asus are both classy. They have the look which will surely enhance an aura inside your gaming station.


Gaming monitors today are often associated with a good display. This is because online games do not only need skills and abilities but also a good display coming from the monitor.

When it comes to its monitor, Asus VG248QE and Asus MG248Q have the same numbers of display. Both of them have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. These number of screen resolution is helpful enough to let you see visible information without taking any scroll action. With this resolution, every gamer will be able to game even at an optimum level.


Adjustability is also another feature in which any gaming monitors must have. An adjustable design is not just a simple ability of the monitor. This is because a highly adjustable gaming monitor will enable you to game conveniently.

The good thing is both of these gaming monitors from Asus are adjustable. This means that you can adjust its height according to your preferences and state of comfort. Aside from that, the swivel property of these monitors will also enable you to either face it in your direction or the spot where you are most comfortable. On the other hand, added to its adjustable features is the fact that both Asus MG248Q and Asus VG248QE have tilting property.

These two choices of gaming monitors have the adjustable design. This means that whichever you choose, you have the ability to set it according to your personal style, taste, and preferences.

Clear imaging effect

A monitor which is possible in offering a clear imaging effect is a must when it comes to gaming. Fortunately, these two choices of monitor from Asus have both clear effects. This gives you the confidence that these two gaming monitors are able to provide you a clear imaging while you are playing.


Durability is also another feature which you should always look for. This is because, in the gaming environment, you need to use tough materials, accessories, and devices to let it last even after being used for long hours.

Asus is also a known brand when it comes to durability. This is why it is not undeniable that both the Asus MG248Q and Asus VG248QE have durable properties. Any of these choices are suitable enough for any gaming experience.


When talking about price, these two gaming monitors from Asus have the affordable price. They have both average price which will suit any gamer’s budget.

Overall performance

These two monitors from Asus have the same great performance. Aside from that, they have also the same response time which is 1ms.

Power consumption

Asus MG248Q and Asus VG248QE are quite different from each other when talking about power consumption. This is because Asus MG248Q needs 65w while Asus VG248QE only requires 45w. With this, the former choice has higher power consumption compared the former choice.

Which is the best choice?

With all the features of these two gaming monitors from Asus, the conclusion is that they are both good choices. In fact, any of these two monitors must be part of your top choices in optimizing your gaming experience.

However, Asus MG248Q and Asus VG248QE have also differences when it comes to their power consumption as well their style. Asus MG248Q comes with a triangular shape while Asus VG248QE has a circular base.

With these few differences, you may consider Asus VG248QE as a better choice because it has lower power watts needed. When it comes to their designs, though they have differences as well, the end line would be your personal taste and preferences. This is because when it comes to their overall performance, these two monitors have great performance and are efficient.

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