Enjoy every gaming activity through the utilization of Asus VS248H-P powerful gaming monitor! This Asus flagship brings color to your life with its superior image quality incorporating a full contrast ratio of 50 000 000:1 to effectively deliver real-like images and videos to your monitors. Aside from that, this 9.04-pound monitor supports a 1920×1080 Full HD Display Resolution with a standard aspect ratio of 16:9.

It is intuitively empowered with the Smart View and Splendid Video Intelligence Technologies to for optimization of color, brightness, and sharpness of videos and images within the monitor. The monitor also presents 6 video preset modes catering multiple video moods and settings.


It features also a 2 ms response time with a maximum brightness measured in 300 nits to improve the screen quality of videos and images. Aside from that, this TN panel type monitor operates at the standard of 60 Hz refresh rate for a highly responsive monitor utilization.

Mainly black gloss, this 24-inch screen monitor matte-finished could be installed through mounting in the wall or tilted using a circular base stand. It has a mercury-free LED-backlit panel to save energy and employ a green technology as necessary. The rear of the screen consists of three ports catering HDMI, VGA, and DVI. It also has a circular port catering headset connections.

Aside from the monitor itself, the package includes a DVI cable, VGA cable, power cord, quick start-up guide, and a 36-month warranty card.

Asus VS248H-P

Specs and Features

Impressive Screen Display

A 24-inch screen monitor that incorporates a Full HD 1080p support with two preferable display modes of full and 4:3 to ensure that there is no distortion or losses especially when you are watching movies or gaming. It dynamically contains a luminance contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1 to achieve multiple spectra of color and resolution into your monitor. Aside from that, it has a pixel pitch of 0.2768 mm displaying 16.7 million colors.

Robust Design and Build

This 4.1 kg monitor is black polished with fingerprint-proof material shines through the mat texture to the sides of the LED screen panel. The metallic stand that accentuates to the cosmopolitan feels of the device is readily tilted up to 20°-25° with a circular base at the bottom of the TH screen panel. The device also includes a VESA wall mounting measuring about 100 x 100 mm.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Located at the rear of the device, contains three port exclusive ports catering HDMI, VGA, and DVI. Another separate port also is intended for the power adapter which is readily attached on as necessary. There is also a circular port intended for a 3.5 mm earphone jack for speakers or amplifiers.

Flexible Image and Video Modes

Adjust and choose from multiple color brightness and contrasting functions and modes that this LCD monitor possesses. It consists of three skin tone and color temperature selection. Aside from that, it has 6 video preset modes exclusively Gaming, Theater, Scenery, Standard, and Night View Modes which could be selected through ASUS convenient hotkeys.

User-Friendly Interface

This monitor is highly responsive with 1 ms quick response time to efficiently utilize the device upon readily clicking the buttons on the interface of the monitor. Mainly, the menu is located on the lower side interface of the monitor. The monitor does not have any touchscreen but definitely softly touch enough for utilization. It consists of a brightness or contrast, video, menu, and a power button to cater multiple setups and settings on video and images. The blue LED light beside the power button illuminates when the device is turned on.

Energy Saver and Environmental Friendly

Asus brags on this monitor’s energy and earth-friendly feature. It saves electricity up to 37.2 kWh with less than 0.5 W power utilization upon selecting the saving mode of the device. Aside from that, it induces a mercury-free LED-backlit panel and recycled corrugated cardboard packaging to save trees and carbon dioxide emissions.

Asus VS248H-P


This monitor is totally intended for gamers incorporating a quick response of 2ms that you’ll rarely see any regular LCD monitors being sold in the market. Nonetheless, the device contains a wide-range of color, video, and brightness adjustments with multiple video mode preset for customization on settings as necessary during playing through gaming consoles.

Also, it comprises some innovative technologies that every user would love to have into their screens. The Splendid Video Technology and the ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio takes its significant step towards a highly intuitive utilization of the device.

Nonetheless, it has a great material quality. It has a typical black finished monitor and 24-inch size that most devices incorporates into their design. Though, it has an advantage with multiple options on installation either wall mounted or the circular stand. Just be careful though on installation since some users felt that the stand nor the wall mount is unreliable for utilization. It is best to buy another one as necessary to make sure of.

Some users just hope the device could at least have increased its frequency. A 60 Hz refresh rate is good but it could improve if the manufacturer wants to cope up with the competitive market. Also, some users do not like TN panels. An upgrade to IPS panel would be better for good viewing angles and to boost out the color quality of the monitor.

Also, there are users who have quality control issues regarding the purchased LCD monitors. Though, the ASUS customer service readily addresses such issue. Thus, its best to check your orders especially the video settings and menu to ensure that it’s completely established.

But nevertheless, overall, the device is recommended for first timers and budget-friendly users. Aside from gaming, you could also use the monitor into watching and streaming movies or TV shows.

Asus VS248H-P

• Low 2-ms response time
• Versatile Color Contrast and Brightness
• Innovative Video and Contrast Technology
• Easy to Install
• Robustly Constructed
• Low-Budget Monitor

• Unreliable support
• TN panel display and 60 Hz could be improved


If you are looking for a cost-efficient monitor for your gaming activities, then this ASUS LCD monitor would be worth a shot. It’s a cheap brand with highly responsive and in-depth video contrast and brightness settings that you’ll like on having. Though it has few mishaps, the price of the device nonetheless is totally reasonable.

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