Beat Solo3 Wireless Review – Best On-Ear Headphone

Beat Solo 3 Wireless catering wire-free listening and audio controls that is absolutely perfect for those who want to get treated by acoustics and soothing music. This wireless headset is a must-buy with astounding easy controls and modern layouts that you will like. If you are interested in this invigorating earphone, then check this review. It will give you a grasp on intuitively on some eargasmic audio details of it.

1. Product Review

Beat Solo 3 Wireless

Listen to beautiful sounds wireless! Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones is highly designed to bring convenience to its users. It’s empowered with multiple basses emphasizing the style and clarity of the sound. This Apple’s subsidiary brand promotes balance, control, and comfort to people who love to relax on listening to good tracks of music.

This 7.58 ounces headset streamlined with a variation of colors from red, black, pink, and white as necessary. Its main body is fabricated from plastic containing a headband liner which curved out through cushioned ear cups delivering a smooth and optimal audio performance.

The Solo3 earphones create sounds through Bluetooth connectivity. It caters an approximate of 100-120 feet range providing that there are no obstructions within it. Nonetheless, this device translates good mid and high sounds with excellent bass that you’ll like. The headset takes on every genre of music from classical, rock, pop, and even jazz.

This device operates quite intuitively with optimal lithium batteries that last for 40 hours prior recharging it. Charging is easily done through a USB connector which runs for 3 hours as needed. It also includes a five-minute quick charge to get you back on track.

Aside from listening to music, the headset could also take calls and activate through Apple’s voice activation system, Siri. This device is made through premium Apple W1 Technology that allows users to keep music on repeat without charging it most often.

But nonetheless, if you are not comfortable with this wireless device, then you could employ a 3.5 mm audio cable that is easily plugged into slots as needed.

Along with the headset, the package includes a carrying case, a 3.5 mm RemoteTalk cable, a Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB-B), Quick Startup Guide, and a Warranty Card.

Beat Solo 3

2. Specs and Features

Excellent Audio Immersion

Bring the beat in. This headset is maximizing the audio experience with fine-tuned music matching with breadth, balance, and clarity. It creates a deep bass sound that constantly takes every sound to another whole new level. It incorporates versatility on sound playing different genres like jazz, pop, and even classical.

Long Term Battery Life

The device induces a battery that could last for about 40 hours depending on the quality and loudness of sound being employed. It’s charging time could take at least 3 hours with a 5-minute quick charge for those who want to use the headset during emergencies.

Innovating Sound Technology

Apple has continuously been incorporated its products with an empowering technology. It incorporates the Apple W1 technology driven to keep music on repeat within days of utilization it. Aside from that, you could take calls and activate Siri to direct the device to multiple functions.

Material Durability

Weighing about 7.58 ounces, this lightweight headset brings durability and comfort while using great tones of sound. It composes a leather band that is perfectly curved and adjusted to fit on different head sizes. Attached to it are two earplugs that are well-cushioned to buffer and prevent background noises and sounds from occurring. Mainly, the device has a plastic body could choose from a variety of colors like white, red, and purple.

Wide Bluetooth Range

It induces an astounding wireless connection. It links on via the Bluetooth technology that could go to lengths of 100-120 feet provided there are no obstructions on it. Nonetheless, pairing is simple and automatic through compatible devices like iPhone, IPad, and related Apple products.

Beat Solo 3

3. Performance

A lot of its users adore the sound that it generates. Everything is perfectly balanced and in sync providing beautiful tones including bass, high, and mid frequencies. It also does well in any genre of music even complicated sounds like rap and hip-hop. It goes with clarity and flexibility sounds as needed on the device.

It caters wide range Bluetooth capability covering lengths unimaginable. It does not fail on its wireless ability for which is the main feature of this product. No matter where you are, as long as within the inclusive range, then you’ll definitely hear the audio as necessary.

Another good thing about this product also is its battery life. A 40-hour lifespan is unimaginable for a wireless headset. Nonetheless, it employs also a 5-minute quick charge promoting a fast and emergency charge.

Aside from these things, a lot of its users loves the comfort and the flexibility it offers. The ear pads and the head slider is readily adjustable and intact. This capability allows users to establish a noise-free utilization and function. Though, some of the users felt that the device could give out more into this. The ear pads are intuitive yet still not sufficient as necessary. Some users’ experiences related ear problems after utilization of the device for an hour.

The device is also quite lightweight made mainly from plastic. Some users felt like the device is quite pricey for a plastic body. Nonetheless, its competitors are made from metal for which makes it far weaker than them. Also, the compatibility of the device works only on Apple devices. It would be better if Apple tries to widen their horizons on other devices from a different manufacturer.

Overall, the device has a good sound with Bluetooth compatibility and lengthy battery operation. It is entirely durable though could do better with its price.

Beat Solo 3

4. Pros & Cons

• Intuitive Battery Operation
• Immense Bluetooth Range
• Well-Cushioned Ear Pads
• Wide-Range Audio Frequency
• Flexibility to any Sound
• Lightweight and Portable

• Plastic-Made
• Expensive

5. Conclusion

Headsets are good but making it wireless takes this to another whole new level. This device comes from a proven technology manufacturer, Apple and has been continuously growing through these years. Nonetheless, you’ll expect the best from them. This device is totally a must-have. Though there are a few drawbacks such as its material quality, this wireless headset is totally a lit that you should have.

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