Cooling is one of the keys to great PC performance. Even menial computing tasks tend to Considerably heat up the interior components of even the best build. Hence, after figuring out how many fans or what fan size you need, it is time to find the best one.

In this brief article, we list the 6 best 140 mm case fans in 2019.

1. Corsair ML140 Pro LED

Corsair ML140

Corsair has been around for a long time and is known for their cooling products. This time, they offer a low-to-middle range case fan in the form of the ML140 Pro LED. We suppose that the “ML” in its model name stands for magnetic levitation, which is the technology that this fan uses.

The main benefit of that feature is that it reduces noise a lot, and as an avid computer nerd, you know how problematic and awful noise can get. The rotor has a customized design. According to Corsair, this rotor form allows for a balance between high airflow and high static pressure.

The only problem we are hearing about is that some users were sent loud fans. However, such reports are few and may thus refer to isolated issues only.

We like this neat fan from Corsair because we believe it gives great value for money. If you do not use your PC too intensively, then this may cut it for you. Its features are by no means advanced, but it does the basics well.

• quiet
• useful rotor design
• wide range of control

• some units are loud

2. Thermaltake Ring 14 LED Case/Radiator Fan

Thermaltake Ring 14 LED Case/Radiator Fan

We have another budget case fan on the list. This one from Thermaltake has been making the rounds recently and getting good reviews. For an affordable case fan, this model is surprisingly cool and efficient, as many would agree.

It utilizes a technology called concentrated compression blade (or simply CCB). According to the manufacturer, this feature is designed to address intensive cooling requirements by focusing the inner circle of air outward.

Meanwhile the so-called wind blocker frame is meant to attain high static pressure. The best thing is that it comes with a 3-year warranty.

In general, this case fan appears ideal for any PC builder on a budget. Similar to all other products on the market today, this model has its share of imperfections. However, we think that the Pros still outweigh the Cons.

• affordable
• numerous color options
• easy set up

• product not working out of the box in some cases

3. Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 140

Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 140

As a high-end case fan, the MasterFan Pro 140 sure delivers a lot. We think this is an ideal choice if you are looking for a good, high-performance case fan and have some cash to spare.

First, this model is available in numerous variants, which is good news if you are looking for a particular design that matches your build theme. The RGB colors themselves are customizable, so you can make everything look synchronized.

According to the company behind it, this case fan uses a certain silent cooling technology. This appears to be working wonderfully because noise is nearly nonexistent here. It also has a high-tech smart sensor to prevent jamming. Literally, how cool is that?

Expensive case fans are not for everyone. This model is recommended for serious builders. The colors are customizable, the fan is quiet, and overall efficiency is good.

• very quiet
• many color options
• has jam protection

• set up is reportedly difficult in some units

4. Thermaltake RIING Red LED Case Fan

Thermaltake RIING Red LED Case Fan

According to the company behind this product, this case fan reduces the level of noise by as much as 24%. The airflow is reported to be “12/14 40.6/51.1 CFM.” The fans themselves come in multiple colors, which is great when you are going for a certain build theme.

Just like the other fan from the same manufacturer in this list, this model makes use of the technology called concentrated compression blade, which forces the inner (weaker) circle of air outward. Consequently, the outer section pressurizes and compresses the air.

One unique feature in this product is the anti-vibration mounting system, which are really just rubber pads built through mold injection. These pads protect the four corners and offer an 80% coverage.

If you have been building PCs for a little while and are climbing up the fan ladder just now, it may be high time you tried this model from Thermaltake. It is not too cheap but not too expensive either and offers neat features.

• gives great value for money
• anti-vibration pads
• long warranty

• noise issues in some

5. Corsair Air Series AF140 Case Fan

Corsair Air Series AF140 Case Fan

The noise level of this case fan model from Corsair is merely 24 dBA, and airflow is at 67.8 CFM. The static pressure is up to 0.84 mm/H20, and the fan speed can reach 1150 rpm. It needs merely .1A to run, and the colored rings come in red, white, and blue.

This is a low-to-middle-end fan model that falls under the Quiet Edition product line. It comes with mounting screws and a voltage step-down adapter. All it needs is a standard 3-pin fan connector.

The only recurring complaint we see so far is the one about the blades. Apparently, they can break even during installation if not handled properly. This is surprising, Considering how case fans are supposed to withstand harsh operation environments to begin with.

We love the look of this case fan from Corsair. Moreover, as promised, it is indeed a silent fan. The only apparent issue at this point is that there are isolated reports about the blades breaking off easily. However, these complaints are low in frequency.

• quiet for most part
• awesome look
• fairly cheap relative to features

• brittle fan blades in some cases

6. NZXT FN V2 Case Fan

NZXT FN V2 Case Fan

For a very affordable fan, this model has a generous warranty (2 years). However, we figured there would be very little to fix if there was very little in the product to start with. Do not get us wrong. This can actually be an advantage.

Just to go over the specs of the NZXT FN V2 case fan, it measures 140 x 140 x 27 mm and has a speed of 1000 rpm. However, air flow is merely 50 CFM, which is leagues away from that of other models.

According to the manufacturer, this case fan has a noise level of only 21 dBA, which is admittedly impressive.

If you are looking for a case fan that looks good and can be matched with any theme while keeping expense at the lowest, we suggest that you go for this.

• long warranty for price
• very simple and easy to use
• good for non-intensive use

• poor air flow

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