Today in this fast changing world there are many computer users who have drastically change their exact style of using mouse. Among which wireless Bluetooth mouse become very popular. Nowadays, it becomes very easy to travel with keyboard and mouse because it is not at all needed to bring along cables anymore. But you must remember whenever you decided to buy wireless tools that to detect the devices your computer must have a built in Bluetooth receiver.

If the facility of Bluetooth is not available in your computer then you should change it. It has customization theme. It has gaming mouse of a wide array of options to the gamer. You can change things with included software like DPI, left and right sensitivity, X-axis sensitivity,, macros, button assignments, double-click speed, and even the lighting arrangements. With this great feature, it’s been recommended by pc gamer as the best gaming gift. To change the weight of the mouse to preference some of these mice that offer weights to be used.

Cheap Wired Gaming MouseImageDescription
#1. PictekPictek Gaming Mouse Wired
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• Easily adjust the mouse sensitivity
• Smooth and can fit nicely in your hand
• No resistance to buttons
#2. ZelotesZelotes 7200
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• Braided cord that is nicely covered
• Solid back up mouse for larger hands
• You can set the colors
• You can set the speed
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• Comfortable and responsive
• Easy to adjust DPI and Solid cable
• DPI settings work great
#4. Jelly CombJelly Comb Gaming Mouse 4000 DPI Programmable High Precision Optical USB Gaming Mouse for PC
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• DPI settings are realistic
• The buttons respond smoothly
#5. KEY IDEAWired Optical PC Mice with 4000 DPI
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• The mouse is very smooth
• Comfortable to use
• Glides easily and also looks great
#6. Pecosso PrecisionPecosso Precision Optical Mouse
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• Perfect for high precision one optical mouse
• Cool contour design
• Price is reasonable
#7. QisanWired Gaming USB Optical Mouse
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• Anti-slip scroll wheel.
• Withstands more than 20 million clicks
• Precise, accurate and comfortable.
#8. HAVITProgrammable Gaming Mouse
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• Solid in the hand
• Great tactile feedback
• The cable is braided
#9. Redragon M601Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse wired
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• Durable TEFLON feet pads
• 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8)
#10. AMIRCheap Wired Gaming Mouse
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• Multiple DPI settings and color schemes
• Smooth and definitely recommended

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1. Pictek Gaming Mouse Wired [7200 DPI] [Programmable] [Breathing Light] Ergonomic Game Computer Mice with 7 Buttons for PC, Gamer

Pictek Gaming Mouse

While playing games Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse give you more pleasure. It is designed mainly for gamers. It has almost 16 million color options for the backlight setting. There are 5 default colors and by installing software other colors can be set. You can personalize the DPI color whatever you like. According to your habit just set our own mode. With shortcut button you can switch quickly to three different modes. There are 7 buttons available on the mouse. After installing software for different functions all the buttons can be set. To fit your special needs using macro editing function you can also customize your mouse. You can use it for a long time period as it is so comfortable. You will never get fatigue while using it.

• With nice control and feel this is an excellent mouse.
• On the fly you can easily adjust the mouse sensitivity.
• It is very smooth and can fit nicely in your hand.
• It has really a satisfactory price.
• There is no resistance to buttons.

• For Mac system there is no programming functions available.
• From relevant website you have to download the software if you want to customize the buttons.

2. [New Version] Zelotes 7200 DPI 7 Buttons LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Gamer PC MAC


This is a mouse is with intelligent connectivity. There is no need to code or plug & play. It has DPI: 1000/1600/2400/3200/7200, and Polling Rate: 500Hz, DPI. The settings of Polling Rate are closely related to the game performance. The likelihood of the movements can be misinterpreted as the high polling rate can reduce it. it is ergonomic mouse with great design internally and externally. You will never get fatigue though long time use. It has hot key design. The free double-click button is the left sided first button. The second and the third button are forward key and back key respectively. To scan the files and web pages it is more convenient. It is compatible for Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other OS, plug & play.

• This is a nice mouse and it feels good in hand as the buttons have a nice click whenever you press it.
• It has a braided cord that is nicely covered.
• This is a solid back up mouse for larger hands button replacement.
• By adjusting the DPI settings you can set the colors according to your preference.
• It has variety of color and speed. You can set your speed from slightly faster than normal.

• The optical sensor would periodically give out and not able to track the movement of the mouse.
• Whenever you are trying to do single click it double clicks instead.

3. HIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse Wired RGB Backlit 9 Programmable Buttons 5000 DPI Optical Sensor PMW3325 (Upgraded Version)


It is ideal for gaming. It has HIRALIY RGB features of a 5000 DPI optical gaming sensor. For precise control it has an advanced tracking and motion detection of high-speed. Including Scroll up and Scroll down there is 9 buttons that can be set for different functions. It can be done after installing the software. With the macro editing function to fit you special needs you can also customize your mouse. It provides smoothing breathing lights of multi-color. By the driver the RGB breathing lighting can turn off. There are 4 lighting mode settings that are available via the driver.

• Based on your preference it is extremely comfortable, and responsive.
• It has nice tactile sides. It is also easy to adjust DPI and Solid cable
• With affordable price it has multiple functions.
• The mouse is comfortable and light weight. The lighting looks nice and premium.
• The DPI settings really work great. For the RGB lighting affect it has several choices.

• The color wave cannot be customized.
• Instead of clicking and dragging double Clicking often lead.

4. Jelly Comb Gaming Mouse 4000 DPI Programmable High Precision Optical USB Gaming Mouse for PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac, Professional 7 Colors LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mice, 7 Buttons

Jelly Comb

This Jelly Comb Gaming Mouse is a 4000 DPI Programmable High Precision Optical USB Gaming Mouse for PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac. It is professional 7 Colors LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mice with 7 Buttons. The mouse stores all of your settings. To make changes once you only need the software. You may move your mouse by the synchronization with the software to any other computer

• The response time of this gaming mouse is great and the DPI settings are realistic.
• The texture of the mouse is very smooth and it looks very good too.
• For the price it is underrated and high quality mouse.
• This mouse is comfortable enough and the buttons respond smoothly. The mouse has a lot of customization options.
• For large or small hands this mouse is suitable.

• It is not possible to the mouse to keep in place any longer.
• The ridiculous squeak ruins it and makes it unusable.

5. Gaming Mouse, Wired Optical PC Mice with 4000 DPI and 1000 Hz Polling Rate LED RGB Lights and 8 Buttons by KEY IDEA


For PC game players the KEY IDEA Wired Gaming Mice are great. It can also be use for regular daily use in office or at home. With smooth roller wheel and OMRON switches this G10 model gaming mouse provides great user experience. This gaming mouse is amazing and is wonderfully designed, ergonomic and also very comfortable to use. You can change the colors easily. With the lit logo it really looks sleek. On the fly you can adjust the sensitivity by just pressing the little buttons on the top. The mouse is really responsive. There are 4 different settings. To your preference and needs that that you can set accordingly.

• Across the screen the mouse is very smooth. The dpi button works fine. It gives various degrees of speed or accuracy.
• This mouse is a very well built.
• This mouse is perfectly weighted without having an adjustable weight system built into it.
• It is wonderfully designed. It is ergonomic and also very comfortable to use.
• It glides easily and also looks great.

• Actually this mouse is not a durable product.
• After pressing it a few dozen times the scroll wheel broke.

6. Gaming Mouse, Pecosso Precision Optical Mouse: Esport Computer Mice, 6 Buttons, 3200 Adjustable DPI 4 Levels, LED Mobile Mouse, Usb Wired Mouse, Comfortable Grip for Laptop/PC/Computer/Macbook- Black

Pecosso Precision

This is a Pecosso Precision Optical gaming Mouse. It has Esport Computer Mice with 6 Buttons. It has 3200 Adjustable DPI 4 Levels. It is a LED Mobile Mouse and Usb Wired Mouse. It provides comfortable Grip for Laptop/PC/Computer/Macbook. With Windows/Chrome OS/Mac OS 10 or later it perfectly Work. It really looks fancy and a great product. The style and design of this mouse is fabulous. It is easy to connect to the laptop. It is very smooth to use. With an extra protective layer the USB attachment cord is made. This makes it incredibly strong, and durable.

• Actually the mouse is super-fast. But if you prefer something slower then the adjustable DPI allows you to change it.
• When you play computer game or graphic design and for basic use it is a nice choice.
• It is perfect for high precision one optical mouse and comfortable grip.
• It has Cool contour design and intuitive ergonomic design. Any visual fatigue or finger fatigue will not be produced by it.
• The Price is reasonable so it is highly recommended.

• It is a solid mouse. But just after a few months the connector went faulty.
• The side buttons just feel clumsy and cheap.

7. Wired Gaming USB Optical Mouse with 7 Programmable Buttons & Adjustable DPI | Ergonomic Mouse with 4D Anti-Slip Scroll Wheel For PC, Computer & Laptop | Great Sensitivity & Smooth Cursor By Qisan


It has various customizable buttons. It also has an excellent craftsmanship. For gaming purposes this optical USB mouse is not only great but also work as well. Use it to copy, delete, paste, and perform even more basic tasks. You can do all these work either at the office or for college projects and school papers. For smoother cursor movement this gaming mouse has marvelous tracking. With ease and comfort it can be more productive without having a mouse that can slow you down anymore. There are cold light tube technology and 6 color breathing lights available in this gaming mouse. When you make DPI changes the lights will flash quickly. Then it returns to breathing.

• This mouse has an anti-slip scroll wheel.
• The mouse can be withstands more than 20 million clicks.
• This gaming mouse is precise, accurate and comfortable.
• There are 7 programmable buttons available in this mouse.
• To satisfy your needs It adjusts the DPI.

• This mouse is comparatively heavy. With a specific DPI the color can only be changed.
• The mouse buttons are not well built.

8. Programmable Gaming Mouse 4000DPI 7 Buttons RGB Backlit Wired Optical for PC, Computer & Laptop by HAVIT (Black)


On the left of the mouse there is a forward/ backward button. It has multiple LED colors that you can choose. From at the bottom there are three speeds that can be selected. This one is great for those people that like fast mice. At the flip of a button it changes speed. This gaming mouse is a plug and play mouse. Without download anything or make any additions it can be easily recognized whenever you are plug it in the computer. This mouse is always nice. The entire mouse is long lasting as its cord is sturdy and bend-proof. The slider button works well. It also glides easily and looks great.

• It is solid in the hand.
• It is great material.
• This gaming mouse has great tactile feedback.
• The cable is braided.
• This mouse is nice for travelling and the software is decent.

• Instead of PageUp and PageDown the side buttons are back right forward.
• You have to program it using micro editor in the software of the mouse and there is no default option for that.

9. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led, 3200 DPI 6 Buttons Ergonomic CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse for PC

Redragon M601

For any serious gamer in its class the Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse provides the perfect blend of features, durability quality, and value. With the M601 this is designed as a superb, highly customizable FPS gaming mouse. With a contoured smooth ergonomic design the Gaming Mouse is elegantly stylish and comfortable. By providing maximum comfort and support this mouse is perfect for long lasting gaming sessions. The mouse has a feature of a 3200 DPI sensor. For ultra-fine control this mouse offers up to 15G of acceleration, 3600 FPS, and incorporates Teflon feet.

• This is an advanced Optical Sensor with 3200 DPI that delivers precise tracking.
• It is a super-fast game engine with 3600 FPS, 15G ACC.
• For smooth movements it has durable TEFLON feet pads.
• It has 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8)
• You don’t have to throw away it as It is not extra packaging.

• The DPI button sometimes is not working.
• Around the computer it freezes for simple navigation. You are all set for disappointment if you use it for real-time gaming

10. AMIR Gaming Mouse, USB Wired Optical Gaming Mice with 9200 DPI High Precision, 6 Adjustable DPI 1000-9200 + 8 Adjustable Weights + 6 Changing LED + 8 Buttons for Laptop/ PC/ MacBook/ Computer


This is an item of AMIR Gaming Mouse that has USB Wired Optical Gaming Mice with 9200 DPI High Precision, 6 Adjustable DPI 1000-9200 + 8 Adjustable Weights + 6 Changing LED + 8 Buttons for Laptop/ PC/ MacBook/ Computer.

• There are many great features that are available in this mouse, they are Multiple DPI settings and color schemes.
• It is a beautiful mouse of great use.
• It is very smooth and definitely recommended.
• The price of this gaming mouse is highly reasonable.
• You can easily adjust your settings with the help of adjustable DPI.

• The thumb buttons on the starts is not work well.
• As it is directly linked to mouse 1 the fire button cannot be rebound in game.

So, these are some best rated gaming mouses which are very much affordable and you can have a look before buying.