10 Best Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards For New Generation

It is very true that some tablets are too large to provide its users with a full-sized keyboard, but there is always lacking some tactile feedback, which still makes for lousy typing experience over the time. While those tablet keyboards exist, many of them act only with some specific model and can be much expensive. A folding Bluetooth keyboard is such invention, which you can use with multiple devices and it can be of different size than the regular tablet or smartphone they’re connected with. After finishing typing you can fold them up into a very small one and easily keep then even in purse.

Where to find this latest technology keyboard?

So to speak true, when you go to any electronic shop you will find so many keyboards such as mechanical keyboards, wireless keyboards, bluetooth tablet keyboard, etc. Here some efforts are put to give a glimpse of few best folding Bluetooth keyboards, which you can own without hesitation.

Foldable Bluetooth keyboardImageDescription
#1. Microsoft Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
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• comfortable and easy to type
• all of the buttons work nicely
• Easy to setup
#2. iCleveriClever Folding Keyboard
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• durable aluminum body
• Sensitive Touchpad
#3. iCleverIClever Portable Folding Keyboard
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• compact and lightweight
• whisper-quiet keys
• made out of aircraft-grade aluminum
#4. GIKERSYGIKERSY Bluetooth Folding Keyboard
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• keyboard is 2.5mm depth
• solid and compact
• works well with iPad and Samsung
• built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery
#5. ICleverIClever Wireless Folding Keyboard
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• built-in rechargeable battery
• It has 12mm slim body
• Bluetooth pairs very easily
• best battery lives
#6. EC TechnologyEC Technology
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• compatible with 3 major operating systems
• Aircraft-grade aluminum
• built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery
• Keyboards are little and sturdy
#7. IKOSIKOS Ultra Slim Pocket Size Foldable Keyboard
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• Ultra slim
• quick and easy to pair
• works up to 10 meters away from your device
• 110 mAh Lithium battery
#8. WIZO WIZO 84
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• Ultra-thin body, lightweight
• 5mm and 4mm key space
• built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery
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• keys are decent in size
• support Win 10
• useful and portable
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• no strange spaces in it
• has phone shelf
• work great with iPhones

1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets


  • The design is very comfortable and easy to type on it

  • The controls are really well and all of the buttons work nicely with any Samsung Galaxy series phone as well as to any laptop

  • Easy to setup; when you do the first time setup it was a breeze and it is easy to connect to any device even for the first time

  • It folds perfectly to save space, and it automatically turns off when you fold this keyboard

  • It’s too much iOS and Microsoft friendly


  • It will take some time to get used to with the size and keys

  • You have to have flat surface to keep the keyboard on

2. Wireless Keyboard, iClever Folding Keyboard with Sensitive Touch Pad (Sync Up to 3 Devices), Pocket-Sized Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Portable Carry Pouch for Fire HD 8 Tablet, Dark Gray

iClever Folding Keyboard

IClever Boost Type is a revolutionary step taken towards the Bluetooth keyboard technology. It is specifically designed for people who are on the move. It is no doubtly compact, versatile, and lightweight. It basically folds on two innovative hinges which double the grips to keep your keyboard steady and the grips on each side-end keep it away from sliding around. This iClever portable keyboard pairs with any tablet or smartphones easily and at the same time it connects with 3 Bluetooth devices with stable connection. It is best featured with silver aircraft-grade aluminum backing, two side metal hinges, balanced stand and it can be folded into ⅓ of the size. It is perfect on planes, cars, cafes, and home or at any public library and other spaces.


  • It has cool durable aluminum body

  • The Sensitive Touchpad gives high performance

  • Key size is small as only 9% of any standard keys

  • Its size is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus

  • Its weight a is also same as iPhone 7 Plus


  • DELETE button only functions when you will press the FUNCTION button

  • If you don’t plug this into a USB, the touchpad acts horrible

3. Wireless Keyboard, IClever Portable Folding Keyboard, Ultra Slim Pocket Size Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless with Carry Pouch, Premium Aluminum Alloy Housing, Designed for IOS Android Windows Better Typing, Silver (BK03)


  • It is very compact and lightweight and it is perfect for travel

  • When you fold this keyboard it becomes smaller than iPhone 6 Plus

  • The presence of whisper-quiet keys allows the user to work anywhere

  • It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives superior durability

  • The Anodized Matte Process creates excellent touch sense


  • It is not at all compatible with Nokia phones or Windows 8 operating systems

  • The distance of RIGHT SHIFT KEY and the normal position of the shift key are too far

4. Wireless Keyboard, GIKERSY Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Ultra Slim Wireless Foldable Keyboard Portable Folding Keyboard for IOS Android Windows Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Tablet iPad Mini iPhone 7 7plus(Black)


  • Typing depth of this keyboard is 2.5mm, which is normally about 1mm deeper than other keyboards, which makes the typing more comfortable and even responsive

  • It is solid and compact

  • The key size and spacing is good

  • It works well with any iPad and Samsung phone

  • The built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides standby time up to 60 days and 200 hours’ of continuous working


  • Keyboard does not lay flat on the surface. It moves left to right

  • The multiple keys not well work on the keyboard

5. IClever Wireless Folding Keyboard (Designed for Better Typing), Ultra Slim Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows iOS Mac Android Tablets Smartphones, Gray


  • The imported Broadcom Bluetooth chip ensures much faster connection, lower power consumption and fluent typing operation

  • Its built-in rechargeable battery gives supports of 40-hour continuous working

  • It has 12mm slim body and 6.2oz weight so it can be folded into small size and it is much portable

  • The Bluetooth pairs very easily

  • This keyboard has one of the best battery lives


  • The sensitivity is quite low than the expectation

  • Keyboard is not fully compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and it is not fully well gripped

6. EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Ultra Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard with Pocket-Size Ergonomic Design Built-in Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery for IOS/Android/Windows, Aluminum Alloy

EC Technology

EC Technology proudly launches this Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard with foldable keyboard. Users can enjoy easy creating and communicating application and multiple platforms on ay wireless Bluetooth supported devices. You can travel anywhere without the hassle of tangling wires of traditional keyboard. Just put it in your pocket and go wherever you want to. When you need to communicate with your friends, just open it from the bag and start typing. The design of hinge is very interesting and elegant and it leaves no visible creases when you will open. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to give it a superior rigidity and the anodized matte process provides excellent touch sense.


  • It has folding and ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard of pocket size with sleek and slim design

  • It is compatible with 3 major operating systems: iOS / Android / Windows and works well with mostly Bluetooth supported devices

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum makes it of superior quality and has excellent sense of touch

  • The built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery can work up to 30 days with only one full charge

  • Keyboards are very little and sturdy


  • It did not connect well

  • It is not quite flat

7. Bluetooth Folding Keyboard, IKOS Ultra Slim Pocket Size Foldable Keyboard For iOS / Android / Windows, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone, Smartphones, Windows, Smart TV, Tablets, With Rechargable Battery


  • The mini pocket size and lightweight makes this really demanding

  • It is easy to fold and too much Ultra slim

  • It is powered by the latest Bluetooth technology, which makes it quick and easy to pair

  • You can use the keyboard as remote and it works up to 10 meters away from your device

  • It has 110 mAh Lithium battery that lasts for 60 hours of uninterrupted use


  • It has some connectivity issue

  • The price of this keyboard is quite high

8. WIZO 84 Ultra-thin Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, Black


This keyboard gives high performance and low consumption Bluetooth chipset. User can use this Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 chipset, which is instant stable connection with strong compatibility. It is ultra-thin, light, compact and foldable. Folded size is 5.2″ *2.95″ *0.53″ and the unfolded size is 10″ *2.95″ *0.21″. It has key depth of 2.5mm, key space of 4mm and 15mm*15mm full-sized key which creates quiet nice typing experience. This keyboard has built-in polymer battery and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. There are hotkeys, which allows you to easily control the music play, volume adjustment, photo shooting etc.


  • Ultra-thin body, lightweight, compact and of course foldable

  • Typing depth is deeper than most foldable keyboards and makes the typing more responsive and comfortable

  • The 5mm key size and 4mm key space increase the typing accuracy

  • Its low consumption Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 chipset ensures instant and perfect Bluetooth connection

  • The built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides standby time of 60 days and 200 hours


  • WIZO keyboard has a caps lock key, but lacking indicator light

  • Bluetooth connectivity fails constantly

9. BATTOP Upgrade Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Kickstand Universal for IOS Android Windows (Gray and Black)


Are you looking for quick and easy option to compose any e-mail and other documents with iPad or phones? Then the Pocket size foldable keyboard is your answer! Just put it in your pocket and go for traveling and when you want to communicate with your friends just open your bag and began typing. This is perfect for Businessman, editor, reporter, blogger, Writer, Travel, Fashion enthusiasts etc. The Support Frame has been modified from the previous one, which allows this to become more durable. Its exterior surface has rounded handle, which won’t allow your hands scratched. One non-slip mat is given so that it can prevent fall when you place the tablet or phone.


  • The keys are very decent in size and there is good spacing option between the keys

  • This keyboard can support Win 10

  • It will automatically go into power savings mode after becoming inactive for 12 minutes so, just press any key to wake the keyboard up

  • It is very useful and portable

  • It connects easily to an iPad


  • Not good for lap, needs to be on hard flat surface

  • Keys cannot be read consistently

10. ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard Universal for Smartphones, Small Tablets and Apple Devices – Black


  • This pocket size device is compatible with all apple devices

  • The keyboard opens in such a way so that it contains no strange spaces in it

  • It also has a phone shelf

  • It works great with iPhones and is extremely handy

  • Its user friendly


  • Battery is no longer holding charge

  • It’s not that much hardy


Click edit button to change this text.This unique keyboard is really one of the greatest inventions. This makes every user very satisfied as they can carry it everywhere. The fully compact design and plus point of portability makes this folding keyboard popular amongst all. Technologically it is very much advanced and full of positive features. So, have a look above and choose according to your need.



  1. Wallcot December 9, 2017 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Do these keyboards support all device?

    • John Wick December 10, 2017 at 1:43 am - Reply

      Its support only any devices that have a bluetooth connection.

  2. Salah January 6, 2018 at 7:49 am - Reply

    What does IKOS Keyboard are made of?

    • John Wick January 7, 2018 at 1:17 am - Reply

      the front side of this keyboard are made of durable abs while the backside is made of aluminum alloy, it is light yet sturdy.

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