A typical entertainment space Consists of television monitors, X-box, sound bar, and many other devices. In addition, cables and wirings are interconnected to each of these devices to create convenience and modern vibe into the system. But nonetheless, there are times that it is somehow confusing for dwellers given all the devices plus the cables into your living space. You don’t want to enter into a disorganized and unhealthy room. As much as possible, we want to have a sophisticated and well-arranged rooms, especially that we sometimes entertain guests from the said room.

That is why HDMI Switchers are bought by a lot of people. These splitters will create a cable-less layout to your home theatre system. Likewise, this will systematize the room making it friendly for utilization.

If you are thinking of purchasing one into your space, then you are on a right track. This review will guide you on some of the best HDMI Switchers that is currently available. To follow on, just scroll below.

1. OREI HD-104 1×4 4 Ports HDMI Powered Splitter

OREI HD-104 1x4 4 Ports HDMI Powered Splitter

A 0.9 kg box-shaped HDMI splitter encased in a robust metal material and black tinted aimed to distribute four HDMI output signals within a single input signal. The main interface, façade of the unit Consists of six red light indicators that correspondingly signifies the input, outputs, and power status. It lightens whenever these features are turned on. Likewise, the front also incorporates the power switch.

Additionally, the rear side Consists of the input and output slots for which wires are being connected. The device is quite small and durable with dimensions three inches deep, half a foot wide and only about an inch tall.

The device is easily set up and operated. Just plug it into the intended slots and then, turn things on as needed. Synchronization upon connection may have delays about 5-8 seconds. The HDMI cables should be not as long as 75 feet. If you need more than the given length, then it’s best to employ a single booster.

This supports multiple audio and video formats including LPCM, Dolby-AC3, and EIDI. It is highly compatible among 1080p,720p, and even 3D image and video resolutions.

However, some users have trouble with delayed and signal drops. The system easily gets hot but so far, there’s no risk of fire-related incidents to this device. There are also problems with compatibility with other devices including those who are HDBASET and DVR.

Nonetheless, the product is still great for utilization. The kit comes with an HDMI 1×4 splitter, 5V AC Adapter, and a user manual. The product has a 1-year limited warranty.

• Durable Construction
• Compatible with Multiple Video and Audio Formats
• Maximum of 4 Displays
• 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Easy to Setup and Installation

• Limited Cable Length for Connectivity
• Heats Easily
• Does not support PCs

2. Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch

Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch

A certified USA product weighing about 12 ounces shaped into a rectangular box with dimensions of 2.56-inch x 4.65-inch x 0.98 inch. It has a contemporary design coated with black on the top and bottom, and white into its sides. The front part incorporates 6 indicator lights that correspond to 4 inputs (red and purple), 1 outputs (green), and power (red). There is also white button power switch to turn on the device. Turning to its back, 5 vacant cable-shaped holes are intended for input and output cables, with a circular hole for the AC adapter. Its sides are decorated with similarly cubical holes.

The 4 HDMI outputs are connected to a single HDMI input easily. Just simple plug and play display is applicable to this switch. Make sure to not use an HDMI cable length of more than 30 ft. for each slot to avoid delays and distortions of signals. Switching of the 4 inputs displayed in PIP format is either manually done or by using an infrared remote controller.

This multi-functional switch is compatible with devices including gaming Consoles, blue ray players, and laptop computer. It supports digital audio formats such as DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. Also, it accepts various video resolutions including 4K and 1080p.

The product is great except for few design and function glitches. The remote control is intuitive yet still very small, limited, and plastic base. It could be useful if it is made from rubber. Likewise, the PIP feature is quite underwhelming. For its price, the feature should be better as needed. The 4K video format and sometimes the audio is unreliable. For signal distortions though, please check your connection and wirings. Though, it would be good to have more ports to accommodate multiple devices.

• Great Switch Design and Build
• Easy Setup and Installation
• Compatible with Multiple Devices
• Supports Multiple Audio and Video Formats

• Poor Remote Control Design
• PIP is weakly established

3. J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 Premium Quality 3 Ports Powered Switch

J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 Premium Quality 3 Port Powered Switch

A 7.2-ounce small switch rectangular shaped has a modern design, black coated on the bottom and top and white on its sides. This 3 input and a single receiver switch Consist of 4 ports on its rear for HDMI cables intended for input and receiver. The front includes the switch and five red indicator lights for the inputs, receiver, and power. The best thing about this device is that it supports not just HDMI but also MHL cable formats.

Installation is very easy to do. Just plug the cables into respective slots then connect it to the devices and then enjoy. Likewise, this switch includes an IR wireless remote control for changing inputs as needed. The device is designed for cooling and convenience of utilization.

The device supports multiple audio and video formats. It is compatible with 4K x 2K and 1080p resolution, audio formats such as DTS-HD and Dolby-true-HD, and even 3D videos. This switch is applicable to some third party devices like Xbox and video players. However, reviews tell that the HDMI switch reads only limited devices.

Along with the switch, the package comes with a USB cord, an AC adapter, a user manual, and an HDMI remote control. The product has a free lifetime technical support and a 1-year limited warranty.

Though the remote control has a good design, it’s only operational within few feet from the device. Likewise, the indicator lights seem too very bright and really disturbing.

• Easy Installation
• High-End Design
• Supports 4K videos excellently
• Compatible with MHL formats
• Inexpensive price

• Unreliable Remote Control
• LED indicator lights are too bright

4. Goronya HDMI Switch

Goronya HDMI Switch

A Bi-Directional switch that could be connected adversely into two modes between its display and its source. This means that you could reverse the functions of the port through this box-shaped switch. A 2 display switch and a single source or vice versa are applicable. Likewise, this switch is easy to use and install. Just simple plug and play could be utilized with this switch.

With regards to its design, the switch is black tinted with one port located in the rear and two ports on the front. This design is somehow untypical and unideal especially during setup. At the top, located the power switch and indicator LED lights for the displays. This 1 lb switch is compactly made and extremely lightweight for transfer.

The switch is compatible with multiple third-party devices like DVD, Xbox, and Fire TV. It supports various resolutions including ultra HD, 4k x 2k, and full HD 1080p. The device does not need external power to run. A maximum of 20m of length is supported by the HDMI cable.

However, the product is not compatible with Xbox One series. It does not have an auto-switch function so don’t rely on it to have one.

• Bi-directional HDMI modes
• Compatibility with various devices
• Simple utilization and installation
• No external power needed

• No auto-switching
• Does not support Xbox One
• Poor 4K video quality



This 3 input port switch connects to a single HDMI display. This 7-ounce switch has a multi-functional simple interface Consisting of 4 indicator blue lights for input and output display, a single red indicator light for power, three multiple IR activated slots through remote control and a rotating button for manual selection. Its rear has 4 HDMI slots and a port for the adapter.

The device is easy to use and install. The usual plug and play work well through this switch. This rectangularly shaped switch supports almost all video resolutions including 4K, 720p, and 1080p. It works well with multiple third-party devices such as DVD players and digital projectors.

The device is highly durable and heat resistant. It brags on its iron built casing to avoid fires.

However, it has limitations and several weaknesses. Its LED lights are too bright, better duct it with a transparent tape to avoid eye problems. Likewise, it isn’t compatible with some gaming Consoles like Xbox. This product also does not work at long distances. Cable length does not support more than 20 m range.

• Great Interface
• Remote Control is Responsive
• Supports Multiple Video and Audio Formats
• Easy Setup
• LED lights are too bright
• Very limited allowable cable length

6. Dinger HDMI Switch

Dinger HDMI Switch

A 100 g black coated box-shaped HDMI switch that is easily installed via connecting a 3 HDMI source into a single input. Simply, plug and play to utilize the switch. Nonetheless, the product is compatible with almost all audio formats and supports resolutions including 4K x 2K @ 30 Hz and 1080p @ 60 Hz. It connects to various devices with brands like Xbox One, Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV.

Its interface is quite different than other brands. The location of the ports is just one side away from the face where LED indicator lights (3 input, 1 output, power), power switch, and IR controller is situated.

Likewise, you can switch the source device by using the remote controller. But then before utilization, you must tear the insulation first as needed.

Aside from the switch, the package contains a remote controller, a USB cable, an AC adapter, and a user manual.

However, the switch has a lot of limitations. It isn’t compatible with some devices like Pronto and ComCast DVDR. It has no auto-switch between ports. The remote also is designed cheaply and is quite unresponsive especially if you are really far from the switch.

Overall, this device is inexpensive yet an effective switch. It does lack some features but still works great. A totally recommended one.

• Easy Installation
• Supports 4K and 1080p
• Inexpensive Cost

• No Auto-Switching
• Limitations to Compatibility
• Remote is Unresponsive

7. HDMI 1.4 Switch 3×1 Awakelion Premium HDMI Splitter

DMI 1.4 Switch 3x1 Awakelion Premium HDMI Splitter

A 4.5-ounce switch that supports 3 input ports within a single output and connects up to 5 HDMI powered devices like DVD, PS3, and PC. This supports different resolutions including 4K, 1080p, and 3D. Likewise, it is compatible with HDCP and DDWG as needed.

This device is easily installed with just plugging the cables into its respective slots. This box-shaped switch has a design with a vintage vibe yet still classy. The front of the device Consists of the LED indicator lights for the input and output, a power switch, and an IR slot for the remote controller. At its rear, locates all the HDMI ports where cables should be connected. On its side, situates the slot for AC adapter.

The device was said made with high-quality chips withstanding heat and delivering fast service to its customers. Likewise, it has a remote controller to support various functions of the device.

Though, the main issue for this switch is compatibility. It does not support all devices like Samsung models and Fire TV. Also, the auto-switch feature is quite weak. Also, cable length is limited only to 20m.

Aside from the 3×1 HDMI switch, the kit includes a 5V AC Adapter, a remote control, and a user manual.

• Easy Setup
• Supports Different Resolutions
• Great Design

• Limited Compatibility
• Poor Auto-Switching

8. SMARTOOO 23031 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 HDMI Switcher

SMARTOOO 23031 4k@60Hz HDMI 2.0 HDMI Switcher

A small box-shaped HDMI switch that connects only 3 input source to a single output display device. It is easily installed with high compatibility to previous versions of HDMI. Likewise, it is utilized to resolutions including Full HD, Ultra HD, and HDR. It supports different types and brands of devices like Samsung, Panasonic, and LG.

The facade of the device Consists of the LED lights to indicate the validity of input, output, and power switch. The back of it includes 4 HDMI ports and a slot for 5V AC Adapter.

It could be powered via a remote controller supports switching of inputs. Cable length is limited up to 20-25 meters for both input and output ports.

Everything is functional for this device except for the remote for which is quite unreliable. Some users also have problems with its compatibility with Apple devices. Likewise, just be sure to check on the wirings and the minimum cable length to assure efficiency.

The package comes with a 5V AC Adapter, Remote Control, and a User Manual.

• Easy Installation
• Intuitive Interface
• High Compatibility to Audio, Resolutions, and HDMI

• Unresponsive Remote Controller

9. Expert Connect 5×1 HDMI Switch

Expert Connect 5x1 HDMI Switch

A premium switch that supports 5 inputs source connecting to a single display. The switch has a contemporary design coated with black on its top or bottom and white on its sides. This 1 lb. device has a front interface indicating the 6 LED lights and a power switch. Its back includes 4 ports Consisting only of inputs. The other sides include the output and the last input port respectively.

This box-shaped switch is compatible with multiple resolutions including 4K x 2K and 1080p. It holds bandwidths up to 16 Gbps which is suitable for various devices such as Xbox One, ChromeCast, and FireTV. It is easily set up and transmits efficiently signals through a maximum of 50 m. cable.

The package includes an HDMI switch, remote, 5V AC Adapter, a 3 ft. HDMI cable, and a user manual. The product has 2-year free warranty and a lifetime technical support.

Consequently, its auto-switching feature has its limitations and the device does not work too well with Apple and PS4 related products. Also, some users have problems with 4K video resolution. Some experiencing signal disruptions and distortions upon using it.

• 5 in 1 switch
• Compatibility to Audio and Video Formats
• Easy Setup

• Auto-switch is weak
• Limited Device Compatibility

10. 4K x 2K 4-Port HDMI Switch, Levin High-Speed Selector Switcher

4K x 2K 4-Port HDMi Switch, Levin High-Speed Selector Switcher

A powerful 4 input switch connecting to a single output as needed. It supports upon various devices such as HDTVs, Bluray Players, and Xbox. It is compatible with 4K HD resolutions up to 30 Hz and 3D. Might as well holding, various audio formats such as DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD. It enables screen switching via its PIP (Picture in Picture) function.

This black coated small switch could be easily installed. Just like the typical plug and switch function is applicable to this.

Nonetheless, its main interface situates most all the LED indicator lights and the power switch function. At the rear, Consists all the input HDMI ports. On its side, includes the output port and the AC adapter slot.

It has an intuitive remote control to assist some of the functions of the device. The package includes an HDMI switch, a remote control, a power adaptor, and an operation manual.

However, so far the device has fewer reviews. The only thing that known is that it is not compatible with PS4 Pro devices.

• Easy setup
• Supports PIP
• Compatible with various resolution and audio formats

• Limited Documentation
• Incompatible with Some Devices

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