10 Best Mechanical Keyboards in 2018 for Gamers

Do you spend half of the day typing on your computer? If your answer is a yes, upgrading to a mechanical keyboard is worthy of investment. In fact, if you are a gamer, a mechanical keyboard can bring the whole difference in your game play and winning becomes your forte. What makes the mechanical keyboards so favorable among the people? Is there anything special about them when compared with other types of keyboards used?

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Why is mechanical keyboard better?

There are certain elements that make the mechanical keyboards more preferred than the other keyboard (Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard or Ergonomic Keyboard) forms available in the market. Let us give a look at them.

• In terms of longevity or durability, a mechanical keyboard is way better.
• A mechanical keyboard is more responsive and interactive in nature. This is the prime reason why mechanical keyboards are so popular among the gamers all around.
• It is also very comfortable to use such keyboards. Your fingers and hand won’t be fatigued even after prolonged hours of typing.
• When compared with other types of keyboards, the mechanical keyboard can be easily customized.

There is no dearth of mechanical keyboards in the market

The market is flooded with a host of mechanical keyboards. It is indeed an overwhelming situation to choose the best from so many different products. Well, the best depends on your personal preference and what you like to use. Design, comfort, durability, responsiveness are some of the factors that make a mechanical keyboard better than the others. Also, mechanical keyboards are one of the best gaming gift for gamer. Let us have a look at the top 10 mechanical keyboards in 2018.

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1. CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – Fastest Cherry MX Speed – RGB LED Backlit

This mechanical keyboard is equipped with the ARM processor to control the different light show. The inclusion of the Cherry MX Red switches makes it robust and highly durable. You can completely rely on the keyboard for your daily typing work, or playing games. No matter how roughly you can handle the keys, it won’t affect the performance.

• Backlit keyboard
• Color customization for every key
• Host of programmable options
• Stylish design
• Robust Construction

• Non availability of a USB pass through connection
• High price tag

2.CORSAIR K70 LUX – RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – Fastest & Linear – Cherry MX Speed – RGB LED Backlit

The presence of Cherry MX Speed switches makes all the difference in the CORSAIR K70 LUX RGB keyboard. It is perhaps the fastest mechanical keyboard from CORSAIR available today in the market. The keyboard is comfortable to use more so because of the wrist rest that can be detached.

• The design is attractive
• The Construction is well built and durable
• Customized backlit colors

• Quite expensive or high priced
• The Cherry MX Speed is no different from Cherry MX Red

3. Razer Black Widow Chroma V2RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Ergonomic Wrist Rest – Tactile & Clicky Razer Green Switches

It is powered by Razer Chroma backlighting, Razer Black Widow Chroma V2 offers you with the absolute freedom to express yourself. The opportunity to customize or personalize the lighting control makes it even more preferred by the buyers. You will be surprised to know that you are exposed to 16.8 million color options for backlighting.

• The switches have been designed with long durability
• Millions of backlighting color options
• Wrist rest for additional comfort while playing games for a prolonged period of time

The mechanical keyboard is quite pricey

4. Razer Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard with Individually Backlit Mid – Height Keys – Wrist Rest – Ergonomic Design

It is powered by Razer Chroma backlighting, Razer Ornata Chroma offers you with the absolute freedom to express yourself. The opportunity to customize or personalize the lighting control makes it even more preferred by the buyers. You will be surprised to know that you are exposed to 16.8 million color options for backlighting.

• Low pricing
• Experience more immersive gameplay
• Ergonomically designed wrist rest

The keyboard is no doubt ideal for playing games, but there are limited features and it requires upgrades.

5. Logitech G910 Orion Spark – RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 9 Programmable Buttons, Dedicated Media Controls

The quick access to media control is possible due to the one touch control panel that gives easy and quick access to play, pause, volume-up and down, skip, mute and stop.

• High durability
• Instant access of the game on the smartphones due to ARX control.
• One touch media control panel
• Personalize the programmable keys
• 25% faster actuation

The product is bit pricey

6. ROSEWILL Clicky – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX RGB Blue Switch, Backlit RGB LED gaming keyboard with Macros & 104 Key Full Size Keyboard for PC & Computers (RK-9000V2 RGB)

It is a professional gaming keyboard and is true to its name with 5 levels of brightness control coupled with 8 LED modes and 1 Breathing mode. Such settings help you to enjoy and experience the best of gameplay every time.

Whenever you tap on the keys, you will experience a clicky and tacktile feel. This is because of the Cherry MX switches that will take your typing and gaming experience to a totally different level and you will totally get immersed in it.

• Assured long durability
• You can completely customize the mechanical keyboard with programs
• Multiple modes apt for a pleasurable gaming experience

• It doesn’t feature any mouse

7. CM Storm QuickFire TK – Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX RED Switches and Fully LED Backlit

The keyboard features full LED backlighting with 5 brightness levels and 3 different modes. There are 7 multiple shortcut keys that are easy to access and saves your time. It is sleek in design and weight quite light, apt for the mouse to fit while playing game.

• Durability is guaranteed
• The fully backlit lightning makes it appear attractive
• The option of choosing from three different Cheery MX switches
• Excellent cable management

• The right angled USB plug on the cable will get on your way if you are right handed.
• The updates from firmware are delivered only as EXEs.

8. Bloody B740A Light Strike LK Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Neon LED Backlit – LK Black Switches

Often the movement of the keyboard interrupts your gaming session. You might have lost several opportunities to win a game. But when you start using the Bloody B740A Light Strike LK Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, your gaming session won’t be disturbed. Thanks to the anti-slippery keyboard lift. The silicone keycaps provide the additional comfot while playing games.

• Fastest key response
• Assured durability
• LK optic switch technology
• Spill and dust proof
• Fully programmable keyboard

Apart from being pricey, there doesn’t seem to be any such drawbacks.

9. Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch

In case, out of your adrenaline rush while playing games, the keyboard received any sudden shock or falls down, you don’t have to be concerned with the damage because it features the anti-drop metal panel. The backlit design of the keyboard is unique because of the multiple color choices that you can allocate.

• Non-slippery design
• Ergonomic wrist rest
• The keys are durable
• Anti-shock metal panel
• Series of shortcut keys to make things easier for you
• Ultimate gaming experience

The keyboard might be unresponsive at times

10. EagleTec KG011 Office / Industrial LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (White + Silver)

The best part about the keyboard is that it is designed anti-liquid. Liquid spills will no more be a concern, which is quite rampant in offices. The bright LED backlighting gives the product an extra edge and makes it appear more appealing.

• Spill proof
• Wrist rest
• Concave designed keys
• Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and built to support for the more advanced Windows

Issues with the backlit light has been reported.

Mechanical keyboards are always in demand and do you know the reason behind? It is because your typing and gaming experience will be in the next level. Have a look at the above mentioned are currently the top 10 mechanical keyboards in the market. Analyze them and make your choice.



  1. John Stone December 7, 2017 at 8:27 am - Reply

    Do Corsair K95 have a feature to customize the color?

    • John Wick December 7, 2017 at 3:02 pm - Reply

      Yes, it has. And you can allocate separate colors to every individual key.

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