Most of the users spend the maximum of their time in thinking about gaming laptop, high DPI gaming mouse, favorite mechanical keyboards, high refresh rate displays, and comfy headsets. Actually mouse pads are an essential part of the PC gaming experience. Users often overlooked in a peripheral budget of the PC gamers’. Without a reliable surface a fancy gaming mouse is like a knight who has nothing royal. For any type of competitive PC gaming mouse pad makes a big difference. To become great at tracking on all sorts of odd surfaces there are modern optical and laser sensors. There are lists of the best mouse pads from various PC gaming brands.

Mouse PadImageDescription
#1. SteelSeries QcKSteelseries Qck
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• Seamlessly illuminated to your surface
• Special feature of game sense
• Easily sync dynamic illumination effects
• Cable is positioned on the left side
#2. Razer Sphex V2Razer Sphex V2
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• Unobtrusive gaming experience.
• Ultra thin form factor
• Best for both optical and laser sensors
• Extra durable poly carbonate surface
#3. Razer Firefly ChromaRazer Firefly Chroma Hard
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• Perfect balance between speed and control
• Provides you pinpoint accuracy
• Precise and consistent surface
• 16.8 millions of colors with customize lighting effects
#4. Logitech G640Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
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• Low DPI settings
• Clean edge-to-edge performance
• Enhance the sensor accuracy
#5. ENHANCEENHANCE LED Gaming Mouse Pad Hard Large Surface
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• Prevents accidental switching
• Offers an extreme customization options
• Improves the tracking accuracy
• 3-year of manufacturer warranty.
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• Lightweight mouse pad.
• Aluminum core is sturdy and rigid
• Two unique surfaces
#7. Razer Vespula Dual-SidedRazer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat
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• Dual-sided mouse mat
• Provides memory conformance wrist rest
• Flat and smooth
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• Smooth and steady mouse actions
• Heavy-duty stitched border
• Non-slip security and excellent grip
#9. Logitech G440 Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad
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• Hard surface of highest performance
• Stable and rigid base
• Hard tracking surface
• Durable and has multi-layer construction
#10. Mad Catz G.L.I.D.E.3Mad Catz G.L.I.D.E.3
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• Fabric weave of low-friction
• Large surface

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1. SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Mouse pad, Dual-Surface, 12-Zone Lighting with Gamesense

SteelSeries QcK Prism

The world’s first illuminated RGB gaming mouse pad is Steel series QcK Prism. It helps the gamers to choose between two surfaces of different types. It has a feature of advanced illumination settings for several colors and effects of lighting. It has an intuitive cable design and a non-slip rubber base. The game play does not get interfere by an intuitive cable design. It has features like prism surround, surface of dual-textures, game sense lighting, and prism-sync. It has facilities like intuitive cable design and also never-slip base.

• It has seamlessly illuminated to your surface to provide full range RGB illumination 12 independent zones.
• It provides dual-surface QcK prism’s mouse pad.
• It has a special feature of game sense reactive illumination to respond to in-game events.
• Between all your Steel Series prism gear it can easily sync dynamic illumination effects.
• With gameplay the aesthetics should never interfere so the cable is positioned on the left side of the mouse pad.

• This mouse pad can only work with Windows machine.
• Your desk will explode if you try this mouse pad on Windows 8.

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2. Razer Sphex V2 – Ultra Thin Polycarbonate Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse Mat – Non-Slip Adhesive Base

Razer Sphex V2

This mouse mat is basically designed to give the gamers an experience of seamless desktop. It is the ultra-thin gaming mat. For both laser and optical gaming mice it delivers high tracking quality. With an improved adhesive base it is made from extra durable polycarbonate. This is the mouse pad, which stays in top condition. Even through intense play it firmly stays in a place.

• It is perfect for the gamers who want an unobtrusive gaming experience.
• It has ultra thin form factor that is combined with the improved adhesive base.
• It can enhance the performance of your mouse. It is best for both optical and laser sensors.
• It has an extra durable polycarbonate surface that provides ultra-high impact. It is optimized for both control gameplay and speed.
• Wherever you go it can be your perfect companion due to its innovative adhesive that enables you to easily remove and attach.

• It is made of plastic material.
• Sometimes it has a problem with the movement of the mouse.

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3. Razer Firefly Chroma Hard- Customizable RGB Polycarbonate Hard Gaming Mouse Pad – 16.8 Million Color Combinations

Razer Firefly Chroma

With Razer Chroma the Razer Firefly is equipped. It is customizable for lighting. With limitless personalization options it become the world’s first gaming mouse mat. It is also fully comfortable with other Razer devices that are enabled by Chroma. This is actually a hard gaming mouse mat. It offers you to choreograph your own spectrum of effects. This brings you the play style of your life that is totally personal. It has the features of Micro-textured surface that is for both to control play style and speed.

• It provides the perfect balance between speed and control.
• It also provides you pinpoint accuracy and an effortless speed by the Razor firefly features of hard and micro-textured finish.
• It has a precise and consistent surface.
• It offers you the complete control over the sensitivity settings.
• It has a new level of personalization with 16.8 millions of colors with customizable lighting effects.

• It has less surface area.
• The lift off setting for the mat is not so good because there is no possible way to turn it off.

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4. Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (943-000057)

Logitech G604

This mouse pad improves mouse control and the placement of precise cursor. It has a cloth surface of G640 that provides an ideal surface friction for gaming purpose that has low DPI. It has consistent surface texture. It improves the sensor performance of the Logitech G gaming sensors. The rubber base of this gaming mouse is soft. Without sacrificing comfort it maintains the stability.

• You will be benefitted with low DPI settings from moderate resistance to the mouse feet. It will work appropriately when you are starting or stopping a rapid or sudden movement.
• With a clean edge-to-edge performance this mouse pad delivers a consistent surface texture.
• It can enhance the sensor accuracy. You can access the sensors in fullest precision.
• The firmly bonded rubber base to the cloth keeps the surface smooth. During the intense gaming the mouse pad remains in place.
• For wide mouse movements the large surface of the mouse pad provides you the extra freedom.

• It has loose weave threads.
• The size of the mouse pad is very large.

5. ENHANCE LED Gaming Mouse Pad Hard Large Surface – 7 RGB Light Up Modes, Lighting Brightness Controls with Transparent Decals & Edges – >Ambient Desktop Lighting & Accurate Tracking


This mouse pad has 7 LED colors with changing rainbow mode. To give your setup there is a fading effect and an ambient lighting effect. On the mouse pad’s surface there is lighting shines on the edges of the mouse pad. It shines through the decal designs. It offers almost over 50% more surface area rather than a mouse pad. It has a fully flat surface. To obstruct mouse movement there is no protrusions.

• During gameplay it prevents accidental switching. It has recessed capacitive buttons.
• For boundless mouse travel distance it creates complete flat gaming surface.
• This mouse pad offers an extreme customization options. It also provides a stylish modern design to any set up of PC gaming.
• On backside it has a fully rubberized Non-slip grip that prevents movement during intense sessions of gaming. It also improves the tracking accuracy.
• It has a 3-year of manufacturer warranty.

• It has a hard edge that can be uncomfortable.
• You have to always change the brightness settings according to your room setup.

6. CORSAIR MM600 – Dual Sided Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad – Supports All Play Styles – Speed & Control


This mouse pad made from resilient, aluminum with aircraft grade. It is tempered to handle. In one package it provides two unique forms of mouse mat. Through years of play it matches the shifting demands of your lifestyle of varied gaming. It has a surface of high-quality polymer. It supports two various play experiences. It has a feature of heave-texture finish. It also has a sleek and high-speed glide skin.

• It is lightweight mouse pad.
• The aluminum core is sturdy and rigid. It is durable for long life and consistent glide.
• It has two unique surfaces they are high control options and low-friction options. It can match any gaming style.
• It provides expert-grade tracking. It ensures tracking accurately.
• It has corners that are zero-slip rubberized that provide minimal interference and exceptional grip.

• This mouse pad is expensive.

7. Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat – Allowing Choice Between Speed and Control – Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers

Razer Vespula Dual-Sided

This mouse mat provides two surfaces that have distinct performance. For high-sensitivity gamers there is speed for mad fragging action. For low-sensitivity gamers there is control for ultra-precise movements. It has non-slip, abrasion-resistant, and anti-reflective hard coat. This mouse mat provides unique shape and soft gel-filled wrist rest. It also provides comfort and perfect tracking for any gamer.

• It provides dual-sided mouse mat for individual needs. The Razer Vespula provides you the right surface which can suits your playing style.
• It enhanced the tracking surfaces that validated by professional gamers. To validate the tracking surfaces for tournament play this mouse mat have thousands of hours of intense game play.
• It provides memory conformance wrist rest. It allows you to enjoy longer gaming sessions.
• These are incredibly flat and smooth.
• This is a control type rough surface. To your mouse movements it creates a sensation of resistance.

• This is made from plastic material.
• The rubber-backing pad is amazingly thin.

8. ROCCAT TAITO Control – Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad (ROC-13-170-AM)


This is for the serious gamers who are always thrive with more control with a cloth mouse surface. This Taito Control takes you and your game to the next level. It has an expertly crafted surface that takes the award-winning blueprint of the original one. It brings both the substance and the style without any fray. After countless hours of rigorous testing the surface of this mouse pad is made from advanced cloth textile. It is a high-spec pad. It provides smooth and steady mouse actions.

• The total control surface offers you smooth and steady mouse actions.
• It has heavy-duty stitched border that prevents from fraying over long term.
• It has size of 400x320mm that is comfortable gaming size. It has a 3.5mm thickness rubberized backing.
• The rubberized backing also provides non-slip security and excellent grip.
• This mouse pad is made from long life material rugged and stress-resistant.

• Sometimes the non-slip backing is not actually work as a non-slip back.
• There is an issue of moving around too much.

9. Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming


With this product it is easy to be passionate. Specifically for high DPI gaming this mouse pad improves mouse control and a precision with the mouse pad. Using less force you can start and stop actions. The hard surface of the mouse pad minimizes friction. It avoids the overshooting cursor placement. You can even gain more accuracy. With lightening speed and precision the hard surface is ideal for gaming of high-DPI.

• It has a consistent surface texture with uniform tracking. It helps to improve your aim. It unlocks the full potential of your gaming mouse.
• It gives you the hard surface of highest performance that is made for sensors.
• By a shifting tracking surface the rubber base keeps the pad in place. It has a stable and rigid base.
• It has a hard tracking surface.
• It has solid polymer core and strong rubber base to stand up to hardcore gaming action.
• It is durable. It has multi-layer construction.

• The edges of the mouse pad is really so sharp. You can get hurt if you are not careful.
• It is difficult to clean the mouse pad.

10. Mad Catz G.L.I.D.E.3 Gaming Surface for PC

Mad Catz G.L.I.D.E

It is designed to enhance the performance of your mouse’s tracking. It has a size that can fit perfectly in your office, home, or use during any competition. It is constructed by premium microfiber covered foam. For dependable stability it has a high grip rubber. With effortless control the low-friction coating provides smooth mouse movement. Your mouse’s sensor performance maximized by the custom materials and colors of this gaming surface.

• It is great gaming surface for optical sensors of all mice-optimized.
• It has a design that can fit any space.
• This gaming surface has fabric weave of low-friction.
• It has a large surface than any other average gaming surface. This large surface is ideal for gamers. The gamers of high sensitivity moussing preferred this type of mouse pad.
• This gaming surface provides a surface with almost 13 percent smoother than any other gaming surfaces that are constructed from comparable materials.

• This is very expensive gaming surface than any other gaming surface. So many people are unable to afford it.
• This gaming surface is not perfect for every mouse.


Before you buy a gaming mouse pad you must know that which one you need. There are gaming mice those posses a feature, which is known as surface calibration. Based on what kind of surface you are playing that is detected by the mouse’s sensor. Practically the ideal mouse pad can be of any surface. You will never think of adding to your computing setup that is a gaming pad. So for the best mouse pad that can meet your every requirement including its price, facilities. The mouse pad can make your mouse to move smoothly.