Gaming chairs are important for those who spend hours in front of the computer screen. Are you one of them? Well working or playing games on the computer for long hours can make your neck and shoulder along with back and legs and arms get fatigued. Only a proper gaming or office chair can prevent from such body fatigues.

Often office employees working for long hours and avid gamers miss on one very important aspect, and that is the sitting position. A proper gaming or office chair is of utmost importance to maintain a balance in the position of the body in the sitting position. The market is flooded with so many different models.

Here is a list of the best ten gaming chairs that are worth to invest. Let us have a look at them.

1. Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Office Desk Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Office Desk Chair

Sitting all day long on a chair and working for long hours can be really tiring. Your body gets fatigued, especially when you have to sit and work on a computer. The same is the case with the avid gamers, who don’t think about the time, but continue playing for hours. You always wished for a chair that could keep your body relaxed, while you work or play on the computer, right?

Well, this is very much possible with the Ficmax Ergonomics High back Office desk chair. The chair has been designed in such a manner that it fits your body shape and gives you the ultimate comfort level and relaxation. There are certain features that make this gaming chair so popular among the users.
• Wide back, with high quality foam padding.
• Ergonomic design with head, shoulder, arm and foot support.
• Vibration function for massage.
• 360 degree swivel mechanism.

• A pretty stylish as well as great comfort chair due to its detachable lumbar and headrest support.
• Highly superior material quality foaming and covering.
• Offers great footrest comfort.
• A strongly built chair
• The instructions givesn are easy to follow for set up.
• Wonderful USB electric massage unit to get full body relaxation
• Extremely easy to assemble.

• You have to manually adjust the footrest lever
• The chair is not as comfortable for tall people
• It might not be a very cozy chair for some people.

2. Deerhunter Gaming Chair

Deerhunter Gaming Chair

If you are searching for a ergonomic and anti-fatigue gaming chair, Deehunter can be an amazing option to consider. While you are enjoying the adrenaline rushed games, you definitely require a well balanced and a comfortable chair. Deerhunter Gaming Chair is the apt solution for providing head rest, shoulder rest, back rest and food rest for the maximum comfort. This thereby, relieves you from pressure and pain affecting particularly, your neck and shoulder.

The gaming chair is equipped with the Class 4 gas piston, which makes Deerhunter one of the best in the market in terms of safety and stability. When you use this gaming chair, your overall gaming experience gets enhanced. You can lay your back relaxed and play your favourite games. There are several angles available with the chair for different modes. They include:
• The 90 degree angle is the working mode.
• The 100 degrees is for he entertainment purpose.
• 120 degrees for reading your favoritre novel
• 170 degrees is the rest can be relaxed and lay your back on the chair and take some rest and regain your energy.

• High quality leather designed chair
• Super comfort during sitting time
• Enjoy relaxation and great comfort with the armrest, the high back, the head and lumbar support
• Simple to setup and use
• Heavy capacity of load
• Different modes for gaming, reading, working and resting

As such there are no drawbacks of the chair, unless and until you have been shipped with a defective product.

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3. XRocker 51259 ProH3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

XRocker 51259 ProH3 4.2 Audio Gaming Chair

Are you a hardcore gamer? Looking for an advanced and the latest technology equipped gaming chair? Your hunt comes to an end with the xRocker 51259 ProH3 4.1 audio gaming chair. This is an ergonomically designed chair that is apt for listening music, playing games, reading books, working and relaxing to the apex level.

There are un-built four speakers with AFM technology for a complete immersion surround sound. The built-in wireless radio is also an excellent feature that makes this audio gaming chair unique. The stability and comfort that this chair provides is beyond any comparison. The head rest, back rest and the arm rest are heavily padded and provide stability and comfort even after hours of playing.

• Even when you sit for long hours, the chair is comfortable.
• The chair is easily adjustable.
• Portability is also a pro.
• Ergonomic design pevents fatigue of neck, back and arms.
• Convenient due to its easy installation and wireless technology

• Small or short power chord might make the installation process little difficult.
• Unbearable to lift
• Cushions are not much durable

4. KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair Flip-Up Arms

KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair Flip-Up Arms

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your gaming experience? Well, it has nothing to do with your gaming, though. Your sitting position has a very big role to play in enhancing the whole gaming session. You can be really comfortable the entire day while you work, play games or even read books sitting on the comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair.

You can adjust the height of the chair as per the desk and thereby have a comfortable position for working and playing games. The back seat recline control along with the 360 degrees swivel mechanisms make the KILLABEE Racing Style gaming Chair an excellent option to opt for. The chair has been designed in a manner that it fits your body shape perfectly.

• A comfortable gaming chair
• Best for office place as well as home
• Height adjustment and back sit recline are possible
• High quality leather material chair with armrest
• Solid or robust construction

• Instructions regarding the set up is little difficult to understand properly, especially for a new comer.

5. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

If you are seeking for a gaming chair, Homall is one such brand that can be considered. In case, you are a hardcore gamer, and play high end games for a prolonged period of time, you are well aware of the importance of a competent and reliable gaming chair. Homall gaming Chair is an epitome of a superior quality gaming chair.

• A solid built and good quality chair
• Fantastic design with lumbar pillow and head pillow support
• The height is adjustable .
• Good for office as well as home purpose
• Easy to understand instructions and assemble
• Perfect chair to enjoy the gaming experience

• Armrests are not adjustable
• Not apt for smaller desks
• Chair seat is difficult to tilt

6. TOPSKY High Back Racing Gaming Office Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Gaming Office Chair

TOPSKY is quite a new brand, but it doesn’t compromise with the quality and the standard of the chairs used at office and for gaming sessions. Designing personalized ergonomic chairs are the main focus of the brand, and it is doing quite well in the market in the current scenario. TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Office Chair is not an exception when it is about a well balanced and comfortable gaming chair. The height can be easily adjusted along with the arm rest adjusting feature.

• Offers high comfort and relaxation with the armrest, headrest, footrest and lumbar cushion
• Great adjustable chair and easily movable.
• Really easy to put together with clear instructions
• Strong good material body
• Affordable price

• Problems occur while adjusting the height and armrest
• Not perfect for the small height people and smaller desks

7. Merax Racing Gaming High-Back Chair

Merax Racing Gaming High-Back Chair

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, either due to official work, or pleasure like playing games, you fatigue your neck, shoulder, back and arms. In fact, the lack of foot rest also tires your entire lower portion of the body. In such a situation, all you need is a proper computer gaming or office chair.

The market is flooded with tons of such ergonomically designed, anti-fatigue chair. Merax Racing Gaming High-Back chair is a reliable product that you can consider to invest money. With seat height adjustments, and 90 degrees to 180 degrees back movement, the chair seems a perfect addition to your home or office for prolonged sitting hours in front of the computer.

• Very easy and simple to put together within a few minutes.
• Enjoy high comfort and relaxation
• Offers adjustable height, back movement and tilting position
• Includes an amazing multi-functional features like headrest pillow and lumbar pillow support and also rock back and forth, foot rest and so on.
• Best for office purpose

• Lower weight capacity as compared to similar types of chairs.
• Armrests are not at all adjustable.

8. GTracing High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

GTracing High Back Ergonomic gaming Chair

When you are highly passionate about playing intense games, like car racing and other stimulation games, psychologically you start believing as if you are present in the virtual world. Often your sitting position and the fatigue in different parts of your body like arms, legs, back, neck or shoulder becomes the reason behind the losing of a game tournament.

If you want to enhance your gaming experience and stay ahead of other gaming competitors, you have to make sure that your intense gaming session doesn’t get interrupted for silly reasons like sitting position. G tracing High back Ergonomic Gaming chair is a highly recommended product for you.

• Excellent design with strong base material
• Easily adjustable backrest, armrest as well as seat height
• A perfect computer office chair with footrest
• An efficient and movable chair
• Easy to assemble and feel comfortable
• Easy to clean

• Chair seat is a bit hard
• Armrest is not durable
• The size of the chair is small. It will not fit the bigger size people comfortably.

9. MotoRacer Gaming Chair Home Edition

MotoRacer Gaming Chair Home Edition

MotoRacer Gaming Chair is the product that you have always wished for. A stylish, comfortable and a leading quality chair, this is what you have always wished for in a gaming cum office chair, right? Well, MotoRacer gaming chair caters to the requirements in the most convincing manner. Designed a racing car chair, you can physically feel as if you are driving a car while playing the video game.

The thick padding and cushioned head rest, back rest, arm rest and foot rest provides the optimum comfort level that you have always wished for. The chair is appropriate for both office and home. In fact, they can be an excellent addition to your home because of the different colors that are available with the Home Edition gaming chair from MotoRacer.

• Available in various color combinations.
• High level of comfort and relaxation while working and playing games.
• Quick and easy assembling.
• Enjoy height adjustable mechanism along with the superbly comfortable, high back support and padded armrest.
• Extremely sturdy and durable.

• PU leather can get warm
• Not super durable parts
• Can’t adjust armrest

10. Furmax Pu Leather Gaming Chair Robot’s Eye Series

Furmax Pu Leather Gaming Chair Robot's Eye Series

Long hours of working in front of the computer or playing high end video games can take a toll on your entire body. You experience fatigue and pain on certain points and regions of your body. But there is a solution, and it lies with the gaming chairs. If you look around in the market, you will find that there is no dearth of gaming chairs. But there is one particular product that has acquired immense popularity. Furmax Pu leather gaming chair Robot’s eye series is the product we are talking about.

• An amazing and uniquely designed chair with several color options
• Extremely comfortable
• Adjustable heights as well as backrest height and tilt
• Easily moves from side to another
• A good gaming chair for office workplace and also for home

• Take more time to assemble as compared to the similar chairs
• Not great for tall people
• Armrest is not adjustable

Analyses the pros and cons of the top 10 gaming chairs as mentioned above and make your decision .

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