If you are a total gamer, then you definitely know Xbox One. It is the best gaming console available now and every gamer’s dream of having their homes and entertainment spaces. This is a gadget not just for kids but also adults who want to relax from a stressful day from work or school. It does not require you to go outdoors or move around. You just need to choose from a wide range of games and play with the controls. This is absolutely a perfect bonding with the family or friends!

However, to satisfy more the experience, you need to purchase few extra accessories for it. Whether it would be a new gaming headset, controller, or an external hard drive, there will always be a room for upgrade on Xbox one. Let’s not take every happy experience limited.

That is why this product review will assess some of the best Xbox One Accessories that you could purchase readily from your local stores. For more information, just scroll below and find out more about these accessories.

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#1. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Green

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Seagate expands your gaming experience with this 2 TB external hard drive. The basic rectangular design measures about 4.6 inches by 3.1 by 0.6 inches and weighs 0.6 ounces. It has a standard green color and is quite handy, even putting it into your pockets.

Installing the hard drive is easy. You just need to plug on the USB cord to your Xbox One, format, and play as required. You could install games conveniently and transfer it readily your Xbox One. Aside from that, you could play music and movies by adding a separate folder to it. This hard drive is intuitive and totally flexible in terms of storing of files.

Nonetheless, the hard drive is not compatible with Windows readily. To use it for Windows PCs, you need to format the drive first. Also, this only support games with a maximum capacity of 126 GB, beyond than such numbers there is no guarantee with the file transfer. It is strictly intended for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Don’t expect it to run on other gaming consoles.

The only thing that you’ll be careful though is the noise. Since it runs through a spinning platter, there should be at least minimal noise on it. If it goes abnormal, report it directly to the customer service to get a replacement. The device could be defective as prevented.

The package of this device includes a USB 3.0 connecting cord and a user manual. Though, a lot of its users does not read the manual for instructions.

• Slim and Great Design
• Flexible Storage Options
• Easy Installation
• Simple to Use
• Large Storage Capacity

• Compatibility Issues

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#2.12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

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Primarily, this membership main goal is for interaction with different players. A typical Xbox One does not have this feature. Through this, you can create an environment that is virtually connected to players across the globe playing the same game. Nonetheless, it enhances the versatility of the gaming console. Also, it reaches out more with access to multiple cooperative games like Halo and Gears of War.

Aside from that, this is truly a gold because it comes up with a free game every month. This means that you’ll save about 50-75% of purchase as compared with going to Xbox store just to order. This is a convenient purchase at an affordable rate. Nonetheless, you could check on the product’s discounts to save more. There are a lot of promos that you could avail on.

To use this exclusive membership, you should obtain a green slim credit card-like case or buy online through visiting their website. After then, you will be generated with a code for which is either given to you via their website or physically delivered as it incorporates in the card. By then, you just need to log in, enter the code, and voila—it’s done!

The gold membership is only exclusive for 12 months. Nonetheless, you could set up multiple accounts using a single card membership. This is highly compatible only with Xbox One and Xbox 360. The product is available worldwide and allows shipping internationally.

With all of these great words, still, there are users who are unconvinced with this feature. They refer this feature as a marketing strategy to gain more money. As consequently, other gaming console manufacturers allow online gaming activity readily without having a membership or a card. There are also users who are not satisfied with the price of it. They denoted how the price could still be cheaper as compared to how it gets now.

• Versatile gaming activity
• Inter-network gaming experience
• Multiple Account Utilization
• Worldwide Availability
• Access to Wide-ranging Games
• Inexpensive Membership
• Easy to Use

• Limited 1-year Membership

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#3. PDP Energizer Xbox One Controller Charger

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An Energizer licensed and exclusive Xbox platform that charges two controllers simultaneously. This black rechargeable battery weighing about 18 pounds charges your wireless controls twice as fast comparing to a conventional charger. It includes two Energizer rechargeable battery packs that run up to 35 hours of utilization.

This charger is easy to use with a friendly interface consisting of two slots for your controllers. Nonetheless, just dock directly upon your out of power wireless controllers to charge it. A green light will indicate that your controllers have done charging and a red light means that your controllers are not positioned correctly in the dock.

Additionally, the charger is compatible only with Xbox One controllers. A separate charger is intended for Xbox 360 controllers. It supports only Standard and Energizer Elite Controllers. This product is also an Alexa-enabled device and streams games through Twitch.

Also, the manufacturer accepts international orders. However, its plug is American based so you’ll probably need an adapter if you want to charge it.

Another thing is that it does not have a USB charging option. The process of charging is somehow complicated as compared to the typical one. The interface also has a lot of weaknesses. It does not give warning when the rechargeable battery will be out of power.

Be careful also of purchasing this device because several users have fire-related experiences regarding this product. Likewise, it’s best to test the product first before using it to avoid accidents and defects.

The package includes two 700 mAh rechargeable batteries, AC adapter, and two new battery covers. It is important to not lose the AC adapter or the rechargeable batteries because it’s hard to find a replacement for these.

• Long-term Utilization of Controllers
• Two-way charging
• Fast Charging
• Good Interface

• Not USB Powered

#4. Xbox One Media Remote

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This accessory is a total lit with intuitive controls and easy to use features that you will like. It has a black and flat rubber matte surface with soft textured buttons for easy pressing and clicking. The keypad menus are easily understood with the typical layouts of buttons including mute, forward, pause, and volume adjustments.

This extremely lightweight remote control is simple to use. No need to install anything. All you need to do is to power it up using an AAA battery. The remote control definitely works with multiple streaming apps like Youtube, Amazon, Hulu, and even Netflix. Aside from that, it could play movies and music through various formats. Nonetheless, the remote could be used universally into multiple devices. It only supports Xbox One gaming consoles.

However, the Xbox should be linked with Kinect for control into other related devices like TV, soundbar, and AV receiver. The Kinect works as the intermediary between the Xbox and these devices. Likewise, there are still ways to use the remote with multiple devices but you’ll need to attach more wires for direct linkage.

This remote control controls through the infrared transmitter. The range of transmission could reach up to maximum of 30 ft. from the console. It has some powerful backlit buttons that illuminate upon sensing movement near to it.

Though the product is really good, features are still not intact as needed for its purpose. It could be better to use WiFi or even Bluetooth on control. IR seems too typical for any remote control and not that efficient as compared to the other two methods. Also, the manufacturer could add a built-in mic to their remote controls. Since Xbox one has a voice recognition feature, it would be nice if the remote control also had extended this feature to use.

• Sophisticated Design and construction
• Backlit motion activation
• Flexible to Compatible Third-Party Devices
• Works with Multiple Streaming Apps and Videos

• Signal reception is not that good
• DVR issues

#5. HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick

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HORI’s has been a trusted Japanese brand for its decades of operation. Their products are a premiere in the gaming industry including the PlayStation series for which a lot of people have known. Nonetheless, you’ll never think twice about buying this product because of the company’s reputation. Plus, the product is licensed by one of the largest corporation in the world, Microsoft.

This 2.2 kg fighting stick has a rectangular design with dimensions measuring 17 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. It’s coated with black and is made from a plastic surface and metal base.

Its interface is quite friendly with 9 black finished and circular buttons plus a smooth running joystick to indicate movements. Each button is a reference to punches and kicks, both include separate buttons for weak, medium, and strong attacks. Also, it has 2 buttons for controls (L1 and L2), and an options button. These buttons are arranged in such a systematic way where the top and bottom three buttons are intended for punches and kicks respectively. The other buttons are located separately and easily identified as needed.

It is mainly USB compatible perfect not just for your Xbox but also to your PS3 and PS4. You could also plug in this device to Android-based micro-consoles such as tablet devices. Underneath the device, consists of a 3 meter long USB cable for connection as needed. Unlike any other joystick, it isn’t wireless. But nonetheless, the length of the cable is sufficient enough to power the system.

This is absolutely a must-have for that avid fan of fighting games that deal with a lot of movements like Street Fighter and Call of Duty. Though still, you could use the product for controls into other games as needed.

The product is quite expensive though considering the quality and compatibility of it. It’s easy to use with the only plug and play setup.

• Durable Construction
• Easy Setup
• Good Design
• Intuitive Controls
• Wire is Limited
• A bit stiff arcade-style buttons

#6. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

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This excellent kit charges your Xbox One controllers using a rechargeable battery utilized to prevent game disturbances and delays especially when controllers are out of power. The charging could last about 4 hours indicated by a white light when it’s full charge. The rechargeable operates for a maximum 35 hours upon unplugging it from the Xbox.

The device works with simple charge-and-play setup. All you need to do is remove the batteries from the controller and replace it with a 1400 MaH lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Link it to a 9 ft. USB to Micro USB cable and then, connect it to the X Box.

However, a few of its users have complaints regarding the battery’s durability and quality. But nonetheless, just make sure that you don’t overcharge the battery and unplugged it immediately once full charge. Also, detached any other devices such as headphones upon charging. It affects significantly the quality of charging.

Not just the battery, but some find the cable also short length and low quality. Others find the product quite overpriced for its quality as needed. But overall, still an excellent brand with mostly good reviews on Amazon.

• Charge while you still play
• Long Operation Rechargeable Battery
• 4-hour charging

• Short Length Cable

#7. Xbox Wireless Controller – Black

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A Bluetooth technology powered controller that is highly customized for your gaming convenience. Coming from its wire dependent predecessor, Microsoft has taken another leap with this controller. It supports multiple devices, primarily Xbox One, Xbox One S, and even Windows 10 functioning PCs and tablets.

The expected Bluetooth range is approximately about 20-30 ft. from the console. Likewise, there is a USB slot on the controller for wired connections as well. But nonetheless, the package does not come with a USB cable. You could also have the option to use a wireless adapter for this device to connect to the console.

The device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack to listen for audio while playing your favorite games.

It has sleek and smooth textured rubber with metal bases to ensure smooth magnetic controls and durability. The D-Pads and thumbsticks are intuitive readily noticeable with good responses.

The package of this controller includes an instructional pamphlet and two AA batteries.

• Excellent Material Construction
• User-Friendly Interface
• Easy Setup and Utilization
• Reliable Bluetooth Connection

• No Rechargeable Batteries
• Limited PC Compatibility

#8. SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone

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A multi-awarded headset that among the best available in the market. A premium headset that is quite large yet readily adjustable with clear audio output as needed. Its earplugs have an approximate cup size dimensions about 50mm wide x 63 mm tall x 25 mm deep. It is cushioned with athletics inspired AirWeave fabric material for comfort. Additionally, it includes a suspension band to contour around multiple head sizes.

This headphone consists of a 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB port that could be used for the wireless connection. Aside from that, the accessory consists of an adjustable volume slider and a built-in microphone to answer calls and voice recognition purposes. The earplugs are also illuminated according to different color schemes as needed.

The device produces a good quality sound coming from its well-engineered sound drivers with fewer distortions and noises. But nonetheless, not as great as other competitive brands. This product supports multiple devices including PS4, PCs, and X Box One, VR, and even those Mac operated.

However, the placement of the volume slider is quite inaccessible as needed on the side of the earplug near the microphone. Its cables are not also intuitive and not readily flexible with long distances. Also, you will need an air filter upon using this device so better buy one ahead. Nonetheless, we hope that the manufacturer would consider going wireless to address these issues.

• Long Battery Life
• Compatibility with other Devices
• Good Sound Quality for the Price

• Design has a lot of flaws

#9. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma- Fully Customizable Gamepad Controller

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A 9-ounce gamepad controller that is made of smooth black finish plastic material. It has a great interface and layout filled with buttons, thumbsticks, and D-pad for multiple gaming functions. The controller also includes six extra buttons and paddles in the rear and the surface of it.

A 10 ft. detachable USB cable is incorporated for wired connections. Nonetheless, the product cannot be used wireless. Likewise, this cable will be attached strictly only to Xbox One and computer devices. By then, you’ll notice a multi-chrome light turning on. This LED light will be customized using the Razer Synapse App that you could download to your android devices. By then, you could easily play as needed.

Gaming is well-diverse through utilization of this product. There is a lot of options that you could choose comparing to other standard gamepads. It has Agile and Focus feature which is mapped in the rear paddles. Also, this convenient for shooting games through its left paddles.

• Interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pads
• Customizable Chroma Lights
• Multi-Functional Buttons
• Detachable USB cable

• Wired Connection
• Not so Easy to Use with Multiple Buttons

#10. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel

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If you are playing racing and driving games, then this is an absolute shot. It includes a black rubber gripped steering wheel measuring with an 11-inch diameter that rotates about 270 to 900 degrees. The interface consists of a pair of face buttons for the bumper, a multi-color control for A, B, X, and Y buttons, a D-Pad, and a pair of five-inch metal paddle shifters located behind the wheel.

This accessory device empowers with the performance of mixed belt-pulley and gears system. It does not require batteries instead the device is readily plugged in with a USB cable into supported devices including Xbox One and Windows (10/8/7/Vista). It has an adjustable Force Feedback for easy maneuvering on the grip, braking, and impacts.

This is easy to use and solidly built for everyone’s utilization. The package comes with a user manual and a cord. Nonetheless, you need to buy separately a pedal to complete the process. However, just be careful about buying a pedal. A lot of users have complaints regarding it. Better test it before using.

But overall, the product is quite impressive for its price. Though its clamping mechanism isn’t as great and some of its features are not that intuitive, the product is still great for its advertised price.

• Robust Construction
• Compatible with Xbox One and PC
• User-friendly Layout of Buttons and Menus

• Short Length USB Cable
• Pedal is Separately Sold

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