Bose QuietComfort is a brand of headphone which is not just known for its different outstanding features but also with their quality. Among their models are Bose QC 25 and QC 35. Both of these headphones are great choices for many people. But if you are looking to buy the better choice in these two top choices, take time to read this comparison review of Bose QC 25 and QC 35.

Bose QC 25 vs 35

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Specs and Features

The fact that these two headphones came from the same brand, it is undeniable that they also share common features, they have also differences. In order to identify what makes them different from each other, let’s take a glance at their specs and features.


Bose QuietComfort 25

Talking about each design, Bose QC 25 and QC 35 has no much difference from each other. Both of them comes in a simple design yet offers comfort for its user. Each of them has ear pads which will suit any average size of human ear. Their headbands also come in a simple style but still, able to provide comfort in every use. It’s strong and sturdy enough to connect the two ear pads and support the whole this whole even how intense your moves are. This is a good choice for those people who look for a headphone with simple design but not in a way of some sort of outclass item.

On the other hand, in some points not just about their physical designs, Bose QC 25 and QC 35 have some differences in their designs. These differences will also tell which one is more efficient over other. One of these is the ability to be used as a wireless headphone. Bose QV 25 cannot be used wirelessly but onlyBose QC 35. To be used wireless is an important feature of a headphone since it will let you move more freely. Another key difference between these two headphones is the option to be used as a headset. A headphone which can be used as a headset is a useful device knowing that it can help a lot with communications like Skype and even for a gaming session. With this, only Bose QC 35 is capable of the headset usage while Bose QC 25 is not.


Bose QuietComfort 35

Though these headphones have almost the same style and design, their weight varies from each other as well. Bose QC 25 has a weight of 96 grams which makes it lighter in weight compared to Bose QC 35 which is 309 grams.

Despite all these differences, these two headphones share the same features when it comes to their cables. This is because their cables are both detachable in nature which made them even comfortable to use.


When it comes to performance, these two choices of headphones from Bose are both good choices. They are both able in delivering smooth and dynamic sound and audio which meet most users’ standards. To clearly identify the performance of Bose QC 25 and QC 35, they are not totally the best when it comes to sound quality however, they still provide a better sound and audio for everyone. With this, when it comes to performance or sound quality, both the Bose QC 25 and QC 35 are good enough.

Noise-cancellation feature

Most headphones today feature the noise-cancellation and noise-reduction properties. These are very useful features because they will one of the reasons why the headphone itself is able to provide you a clear and high quality of sound and audio.

When it comes to these features, Bose QC 25 has a noise reduction property while Bose QC 35 has noise-cancellation feature. This means that the Bose QC 35 has a better performance in removing the noise in the environment.


Bose QC 35 and 25 are both convenient to use in many ways. As it was stated earlier, their cables are both detachable. Aside from that, these two headphones from Bose have the travel bag which made them extra-convenient to bring anywhere and anytime. However, the foldable design which is an important feature for convenience too is not present in both of these headphones. This is because only Bose QC 35 comes in a foldable design.

When it comes to overall convenience, Bose QC 35 has nailed it. This speaker is so easy to bring anywhere like traveling.


Talking about the features they shared and differ from each other, it is not surprising to find out that Bose QC 35 and 25 have a big difference when it comes to their prices. When you see in stores, Bose QC 35 has a higher price compared to Bose QC 25.

Which is the Best Headphone?

Both Bose QC 25 and QC 35 are good choices. They deserve to be part of your top choices. However, one seems to be better than the other.

Bose QC 35 is an improved version of QC 25. There are many features and properties which are present in QC 35 but are not present in QC 25. Though when it comes to performance, both of them are able to provide a better sound effect, in some points like convenience as well as design, they have strong and real differences.

With this, Bose QC 35 is a better choice. Though it has a higher price compared to Bose QC 25, its overall design, functionality, and convenience in every use, Bose QC 35 remains to be a better choice for your everyday use.

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