Canon is one of the most known camera brands that made a lot of high-quality products include printers, scanners, film SLR and digital SLR cameras, lenses, etc. Two of the critically acclaimed camera models by Canon are T6 and T6i. Even they have a lot in common but there are still some differences. In this article, we will evaluate the specs and features of these two entry level DSLR(Digital Single-Lenses Reflex Camera) cameras by canon.

Canon T6 vs T6i

Specs Features and Specs

Canon T6 and T6i are two entry level of DSLR cameras that are introduced back in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Nevertheless, the T6i is the predecessor of the T6. To find out more, let take a look on the comparison through examining the specs of the two devices below.

Camera Resolution

Canon EOS Rebel T6

The resolution of the camera is specified through pixels. Nonetheless, it is important that your camera is equipped with a lot of pixels to ensure high quality of images. Looking at both devices, they have a similar type of sensors employed for which is APS-C CMOS Sensor. However, both possess the different amount of pixels. The T6 incorporates only 18 megapixels whereas T6i has a 24 megapixels resolution. This 6 MP difference would be nothing to non-camera enthusiasts, but it truly matters if you’re thoroughly looking through photos taken by both devices. As for this feature, let’s give the T6i a point.

Battery Life


Maintaining your camera powered is essential. Nonetheless, the T6 has an advantage incorporating 500 shots of which is 60 more frames as compared to the T6i with only 440 shots only. Let’s take this point to T6 for its longer battery duration.


The T6i has truly a gem to anyone who seeks for a good display. Comparing to the T6, the T6i has a 3 inch articulated screen with 1040k LED resolution into it. The T6 has only 3 inches fixed screen with 13% lower resolution, employing only 920k. Consequently, the T6i has a futuristic touchscreen interface as compared to T6 with includes only menu interface, no touchscreen display indeed. Looking at this feature, it’s evident that T6i wins through this feature.


Upon noticing and holding both black bodied devices, you will be surprised with the big difference on the weight of the two devices. A bit bulkier, the T6i having dimensions of 132 x 101 x 78 mm weighs heavier with 555 grams as compared to the latter with 129 x 101 x 78 mm and 485 grams weight into it. Considering this, you’ll be taking T6 if you want a travel-friendly camera device. Indeed, another point to T6.

Video and Camera Capability

Both devices have great camera specs. Nonetheless, the T6i has more intuitive features with great ISO from 100-12800 relatively expandable to 25600 and a 5fps continuous shooting. Whereas, the T6 camera has ISO 100-6400, expandable to 12800 and a 3 fps continuous shooting. In terms of flash coverage, the T6i incorporates a 12 m as compared to the latter that only contains 9.2 m. Nevertheless, the T6i has a built-in microphone for video and audio recording as the latter doesn’t have any. Clearly, the T6i has the advantage in terms of picture and video quality. Let’s give this point as needed to T6i.

Sharing and Connections

It’s a good thing that both devices could be connected as required into the internet. Both include a built-in Wifi and NFC connection to its features. Thus, transferring of photos and videos into your favorite gadget is not really hassling. Nevertheless, we’ll just hope for an incorporation of Bluetooth into it.


Looking into the specs above, you’ll perhaps have an idea which is more expensive comparing the two devices. The T6 is cheaper about $200 than the T6i. Nevertheless, the package of both devices does not include multiple lenses, a tripod, and an SD card so it’s expected that you’ll have to pay additional charges for the bundle deal.

Which One to Buy?

Upon knowing everything, let’s take our judgment with the two devices.

The Canon T6, known as EOS Rebel 1300D is the successor of the Canon EOS Rebel T5 introduced with the market in March 10 2016. Generally, the camera device is lightweight and produces quality photos. Though not as intuitive, users love its battery life and portability as needed especially during travels and adventures. We just hope that the manufacturer includes a water and shock resistant feature to improve more its flexibility. Also, it would be better if the manufacturer added a built-in microphone feature for recording videos. A built-in GPS would also be helpful during travels, yet this device has none of it. Overall, it’s a great entry-level camera for the features and price you are getting.

The Canon T6i also called EOS 750D / Kiss X8i is the direct replacement to its predecessor Canon EOS 700D. This model has been presented three years ago, way back February 6, 2015. Unlike the T6, this camera is very bulky yet rich in camera resolution with astounding picture and video capability. It captures high-quality photos and videos with a built-in microphone to record audios. Similarly to the latter, it does not have a Bluetooth feature for sharing. It has weak image stabilization which could be useful for taking pictures. Overall, the price is a bit off, yet still, its features are worthy to invest upon it.

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