Someone who is obsessed with online or offline games on their computer system does actually understand the value of a proper hardware set required for the purpose. For an ardent gamer a particular good gaming keyboard and a good headset is primary for the playing purpose. So if the keyboard set is durable and agrees to all the features required and the headset provides a high quality audio feature the game is set. When the platter is ready and beautiful half the game in the head is won. Other than that it is only how skilled a gamer is how good you know your game, which is going to make you superior. This site therefore brings to you the one best keyboard and mouse combination available in the market, the go to of every gamer – Cooler Master Masterset MS120.

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Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

The features:

For a gamer that clickety-click is very important. It gives them a sense of achievement while playing and boosts their confidence. The Cooler Master Masterset MS120 keyboard comes with the exact same feature. The Mechanical Switches are such feature that would let you feel the bump once the key is pressed. The spring and the tactile plunger in the mechanism give this extra bounce. A gamer generally prefers Cherry MX black or red switches which makes the gaming much more interesting and classic. This keyboard, the Cooler Master Masterset MS120, has Cherry MX black switches and gives a feel good experience and makes the process easier because of being linear. The UV coated keycaps gives the experience of that click. The set is also wired and not connected with Bluetooth or any other thing. Few favor the wireless ones, but the wireless ones lags a lot, this wired one is much more useful and effective in comparison to the alternative.

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The unique attributes:

But the most attractive feature of this keyboard and mouse set is the backlight feature. The bright colors of the light can be controlled with the function keys. There are preset colour schemes and the only flaw is that you cannot set is as per your choice. The mouse light scheme is also in synchronization with the keyboard set. It is not separate and matches to the four available hue scheme of the keyboard. The RGB lighting scheme gives a certain rainbow color look with the other available sets. This type of keyboard is much better in comparison to the simple mono color. For a gamer their console is everything and if it is not aesthetically appealing then it is nothing. For them other than the skill of a particular gamer the look is what differs one from the other, and makes each gamer unique.

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unique attributes of Cooler Master MasterSet MS120


When the keys of a keyboard of Cooler Master Masterset MS120 keyboard are set in an ergonomic fashion it helps in a better gaming and efficient usage. This keyboard comes with all that and more. The mouse too comes with a high tech sensor and it prevents all kinds of jitter. The keys are well grooved and this helps in much efficient use as both hands can be used well on the keyboard. Along with it the mouse also has a great grip. Not only can it be claw and palm changeable but also provides a great grip with any hand. The thumb and the index finger can be rested well and can be used with a better grip. This maneuvering is very helpful while in a serious gaming mode. The DPI is also great with resolutions ranging from 500 / 750 / 1500 / 3500. The Omron mouse switches are the best available in the market, and this Cooler Master Masterset MS120 comes with exactly that. The roller of the mouse is very flexible and therefore very easier to use. The rubber under that is long lasting and is much easier to move. Within the pocket friendly budget therefore this is one of the best choices if you are going for the value for money in the market.

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Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

Pros and Cons:


• The keys of the Cooler Master Masterset MS120 keyboard are extremely tactile and exactly efficient for a gamer. It gives a click and bounce effect which is very interesting.
• The backlight feature of the Cooler Master Masterset MS120 is what gives it an eye catching look and attractive appeal. It lights up the simple black finesse of the classic keyboard.
• The mouse is well on the grip and does not lag at all. It much compatible to move it and use it because of the roll-able rubber ball inside.
• The accuracy of the keys of the keyboard lets it to be handled aggressively, which is common for any gaming console.


• The Cooler Master Masterset MS120set is wired which is a problem for few users, but it is boon in disguise because it prevents from hanging the set, which is common in wireless sets.
• The color scheme of the Cooler Master Masterset MS120 is preset where one cannot change those already registered colour pallets. One cannot choose according to ones will in either of the keyboard or the mouse light features.

Final words:

In this virtual world of vast choice, one gets easily lost in the lot to choose from. For a gamer it is very important to choose a set of gaming keyboard and gaming mouse that is going to last longer in spite of regular rough usage. So what is a hardy set is what one asks for a price that is reasonable and affordable for most. The simple answer to your query is the Cooler Master Masterset MS120 of mouse and keyboard. Great graphics and faster response time is a part of the skill of a gamer and other than that it is the hardware set of keyboards, that is going to put them on the top of the score list. So here is that magic wand of yours, the Cooler Master Masterset MS120 keyboard and the mouse combo, the top-class available in vogue, in the market.

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