In this modern age where everything almost run by the computer, it is not surprising to say that your PC maybe working every day. Well, this is totally fine, however, using your PC for a long time may cause excessive heat. This is why you need the help of a liquid CPU cooler to keep your PC cool even after long hours of use.

But, the problem didn’t stop there. Even if you can find different CPU coolers today, still, not all are very convenient to use. In fact, some CPU coolers appear to be very noisy when in use which make them not a wise choice. This is why, CPU cooler with noise-free feature gained fame today as it offers convenience and comfort at the same time. Two of the best choices of CPU cooler are the Corsair H100i and the H115i. Each of these CPU coolers offer a cooling operation and noise-free performance to keep you working with your PC without worries.

Corsair H100i v2 vs H115i

Specs and Features

Excellent performance of fans

Corsair H100i v2

The Corsair H100i and H15i have both fans which perform well. Their fan’s design is different from each other but both offer effectiveness. The H100i has fans with 120mm blades which can run between 850 to 2435 RPM. The blades appear in common design yet still produce a good performance of push and pull of airflow.

On the other hand, the H115i has blades which are designed differently but still maintains its efficiency. With blades which have a measurement of about 140mm, this fan offers high static pressure so that you can achieve an optimal balance of coldness.

Dual fan radiator

Corsair H115i

The H15i and H100i CPU cooler from Corsair has shared the same feature when it comes to their radiator. This is because of these two CPU coolers have offered a dual radiator. However, they have also differences in this feature. This is because the H100i CPU cooler features a 240mm dual radiator. On the other side, the H115i offers a bigger dual radiator since it has a 280mm dual fan radiator which makes it possible to produce a higher cooling capacity.

Great cold plate design

Most CPU coolers have cold plates. In fact, some have different designs for the purpose of increasing its efficiency as well as its overall performance. In these choices, only the H115i is the one with a cold plate. It comes in a circle shape with an improved design for an increased efficiency while maintaining a noise-free performance.

Corsair Link Software

Added with its features is the Corsair link software which is present in the two CPU coolers from Corsair. The H115i has a built-in Corsair link cable so that you can download the software and use it conveniently. With this software, you have the freedom to customize its performance, coolant, temperature of the CPU and even the changing of the color of its RGB LED lighting.

On the other hand, the H100i has also the same software link with H115i. It also adjusts the RGB lightning, the speed of the fan, the pump speed while giving you a clear monitoring of the CPU and coolant temperatures.

Noise-free feature

One of the greatest features of CPU cooler is its ability to keep quiet when in use. Well, almost all people like this feature that much. Fortunately, the noise-free feature is being offered by these choices of CPU cooler. The H115i maintains its quietness with its cold plate. On the other side, if the cold plate is responsible for the quiet performance of H115i, the H100i uses its adjustable pump speed pump for you to choose either low noise or quiet operation.

Built-in RGB lighting

Both of these two CPU coolers have an additional feature which is the RBG lightning design. However, only the H100i has a well-emphasized RGB lighting system for an effective customization and illumination effect.

Overall excellent performance

Overall, the most important point is the overall performance of a certain CPU cooler. With the two choices, both the H115i and the H100i have a good performance despite some of their differences.

Which is the best?

Both the Corsair H100i and H115i have good performance. Each of them has great features which help its efficiency. Before choosing your personal choice you can think and consider the following:

H100i have different and many features where all of these features work together in the effectiveness of the overall performance of this CPU cooler. It has an adjustable speed pump so that you can choose the speed and follow your personal preferences. It offers illumination of light with its built-in RGB lighting so that you can customize it. Its fans and its radiator all work well in helping this CPU cooler achieve a good performance. However, this CPU cooler has no cold pate unlike from the common CPU cooler. In the end, this one works out well and fine according to its purpose.

The H115i is complete as well. It has a cold plate, efficiently designed fans, radiators that works out fine, a software link so that you can customize with your own, and RGB lighting. Most of all, its fans are designed perfectly to offer an effective push and pull of air. When it comes to the sizes of the blades of the fans as well as the radiator, this CPU cooler is much bigger than the latter choice.

In the end, both of these two CPU coolers have good performance. For you to come up with a wise decision, you need to understand first what you really want.

If you wanted a CPU cooler which has the ability to maximize the surface area, you can choose the H115i. On the other hand, H100i have different features and if you are looking for a CPU cooler with many features for a more convenience while using, you can choose the H100i.

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