Liquid CPU coolers can be found anywhere on the market today. In fact, you can see a long list of different technological companies that create and innovate the so-called best Liquid CPU coolers. Most brands advertise their different features and their uniqueness among other which sometimes give you a hard time in choosing the best one.

In this review, we will talk about the two of the best CPU coolers in the industry under the Corsair product line. These are the Corsair H55 and Corsair H60. Each of them has differences when it comes to physical look and some features yet in some points, they also share the same characteristics, effectiveness, and performance. In order to guide you in choosing the best one, you can consider the following guidelines as your basis in choosing the best CPU cooler for your PC.

Corsair H55 vs H60

Specs and Features

Speedy fans

Corsair H55

With the different styles of CPU coolers under this product line, all of them have well-designed fans. This is because the design itself can give either good or bad impact to the overall performance of a CPU cooler. When it comes to the Corsair H55 and H60, Corsiar still shows another well-designed fans that will add up to the overall efficiency.

H55 features its fan with 120mm blades which are carefully designed to help the air properly flow. The fan from H55 makes its way to efficiency through maintaining a low speed and low noise. But despite the low speed of its fan, this CPU cooler still offers a good airflow since the blades have a wide diameter. This type of blades can produce a better airflow even at a lower state of speed.

When it comes to the Corsair H60, it shares the same measurement with the H55. Its fan has blades which measured about 120mm. The blades come in ergonomic design causing it in producing a great airflow while still maintaining the lower noise level when in use.

High heat conductivity material

Corsair H60

When talking about Corsair CPU coolers, it is not surprising to see a copper cold plate as the heat conductor material in this product line. Just like other CPU coolers under Corsair, both the H55 and H60 use a copper cold plate for the effective heat transfer. They just became different from each other when it comes to the design as well as to what latest version is being used. The copper cold plate is known as a channel of efficient heat transfer to manifold for an effective control of heat in your processors.

For the H60, it uses a square shape of a copper cold plate with a pre-applied thermal compound. This additional feature of copper cold plate helps you to prevent messy installation set-ups.

H55 uses copper cold plate too. However, unlike from the what you can see in the H60, in H55, you can see a copper cold plate that comes in a circular shape. Aside from that, it is also the latest generation type of copper cold plate or also called as the micro-fin copper cold plate. Aside from that, this CPU cooler has the same properties of the copper cold plate with H60, the pre-applied thermal compound. When all these features work together, it creates the copper cold plate to have a high efficiency in heat exchange.

Unique rubber tooling

When it comes to the rubber tooling, these two CPU coolers share the same properties with each other. For H60, it uses a rubber that comes in large diameter yet low in permeability. This type of rubber tooling offers a long life of use, flexibility, as well as leak protection. Most of all, this rubber tooling from H60 is ideal for tight spaces since it is just easy to install and even suited for starters.

On the other hand, the H55 uses low permeability of rubber tooling as well. Just like in the H60, this type of tooling offers a longer life, flexibility, and protection from any possible leaks.

Complete with basic needs

As these CPU coolers promise a convenient usage to everyone, both the H60 and H55 offers self-contained or complete set-ups. The H55 features its set-up which comes in pre-filled and there is no need for refilling or priming anymore. The H60 is self-contained in its own way too. In fact, this CPU cooler features its set-up which does not need any means of complex plumbing since it is also pre-filled and no need to refilling or priming.

Tool-free installation

Another signature feature of Corsair is the fact that its CPU cooler features a tool-free installation. Both the H55 and the H60 can be installed easily. This is because both of them come in magnetic tool-free bracket kit.

Which one is the best?

As you can see, the H55 and the H60 CPU coolers share almost the same features with each other but quite different in designs.

The H55 CPU cooler can be a good choice knowing that it offers a total-noise free effect when in use. This is because it uses a low-profile black aluminum heat exchanger which is responsible why H55 remain quieter when in use.

On the other hand, the H60 has no special and additional feature except the above-stated features. However, H60 still does not fail to execute a good overall performance. In fact, this CPU cooler can also remain quiet after a long hour of use.

Both of these two CPU coolers from Corsair are easy to install, have good airflow, having a good rubber tooling, can transfer the heat effectively, and most of all, are both complete and self-contained.

In the end, the H55 is much modernized compared to the H60. However, both of them are efficient in their own ways which made them a good choice among people. And note, despite the fact that H55 CPU Cooler comes with a modernized approach, it doesn’t mean that the H60 is not efficient anymore, not all the time a stylish product can be the best one.

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