Most people are easily getting annoyed when they are working with computer which has loud noise from hardware, not working properly or getting hot easily. Well, just like human being, computer’s processors also need some refreshments in order to recharge and to become even more productive.

The CPU is an important part of the computer. In order to make a computer runs smoothly and conveniently, we must keep the CPU temperature up to 60 degree Celsius. There are lots of CPU coolers lately. Two of the greatest choices of Liquid CPU Cooler are Corsair H75 and Corsair H60.

Corsair H60 vs H75

Corsair H60 Vs. H75 – specs and features

Corsair H60

High performing fans

The most important feature of CPU cooler is the good performance of its fans. Well, these two choices from Corsair offer a good performance. Both of these CPU cooler, the Corsair H75, and H60 have fans which measure about 120mm. When it comes to how it is designed. The H75 features the dual mounts on the opposite side of the radiator. The purpose of this structure is to keep this fan creates a high speed of push and pull of the airflow. Its speed control is controllable as well so that it will suit to your personal taste and preferences. On the other hand, H60 offers a good and at the same time a noise-free performance.

Outstanding heat transfer

Corsair H75

The job of a CPU cooler is to keep your CPU cool and this is done through transferring the heat to the manifold or to the circulating liquid. For this ability, both of these CPU coolers use a copper cold plate since it is proven as highly conducive to thermal. But, H60 and H75 have different designs of the copper cold plate. H75 has a micorfin design of copper cold plate for faster, more efficient heat transfer and effective performance while the H60 features the pre-applied thermal compound to let you set it up easily.

Complete system

Both of these two CPU coolers has a good performance since each of them has a complete system that works out for a more improved function. The H75 has the ability to work virtually with all current of Intel and AMD based motherboards. On the other hand, the H60 comes in pre-filled which do not require any refilling or priming anymore.

The types of system the H75 and H60 used to offer a good designed not just to keep everything in good flow while in use but most of all, in order to promote a good overall-performance even for longer use.

Quality bearing pump

When it comes to the bearing pump, the H75 and H60 have differences with each other. The H75 features a high quality ceramic bearing pump which keeps silent all the time. The H60 features a bearing pump with large diameter yet low in permeability. This type of material offers you a leak protection so that you can use it much longer.

H75 and H60 may use a different material for the bearing pump and come up with a different design yet both are of high quality.

Tool-free installation

When it comes to the installation process, both of these two CPU coolers offer ease and convenience. Whether you are just new or you are a pro, you can install these CPU coolers for a short time.

The H60 has a tool-free magnetic platform mounting bracket kit so that you can install it easily while the H75 still offers a tool-free installation.

What is the best choice?

Choosing between H75 and H60 might be a bit hard but you can rely on the following basis for you to find out the best choice.

The Corsair H75 is equipped with more functional fans for an effective airflow. With its dual-torque fans which are set in opposite design, H75 offers a good push and pull of air. Its system as well as the ability to work with all Intel and AMD motherboards. The tube is in high quality, the system is designed for a better whole function, with its weight of about 3.1 pounds, this CPU cooler is compact and is completely self-contained for a more effective performance. The last yet one of the biggest feature of this CPU cooler which is different from H60 is its ability to be controlled by the motherboard itself.

On the other hand, the Corsair H60 CPU cooler might be lighter in weight as it comes in 2 pounds but it is also full of features that provide convenience and efficiency. It has fans with a modernized and advanced design for a total efficiency. The tubes are made of high-quality materials too and the whole system is complete with its high performance. Another unique feature of this CPU cooler is its noise-free performance while in use.

Overall, both of these two CPU coolers are both easy to install. In fact, they offer a tool-free installation which made it better choices even for those who are not yet experienced in setting up CPU cooler.

In the end, both of these CPU cooler are great choices. Each of them has an overall great performance that can help a lot with your PC.

Both the Corsair H75 and Corsair 60 are best choices and making the best choice will lie on what certain feature you really want to find in a certain unit. If you are looking for a CPU Cooler which is totally noise-free while in use, you can choose the H60. If an easy control is what you want, you can also choose the H75 since it has this feature. With the information that you have now, it’s now easy for you to choose wisely.

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