Computers would never function without its keyboard. You could not watch the monitor or run the program without the aid of a keyboard. Likewise, it’s essential to utilize a keyboard for computers to operate. Thus, purchasing a keyboard made from superior quality materials is a requisite. Nonetheless, it affects our computer utilization especially on gaming where we tend to rely the most only on keyboard and mouse for controls. Though skills are important, the accessories used amplifies this skills to maximize the performance. That is why reliable keyboards like Cosair K70 and K95 should be bought for it to happen.

If it interests you on buying any of these mechanical keyboards, then check on this review to help you out on deciding which one fits your budget and convenience.

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Corsair K70 vs K95

Cosair K70 Vs k95—Specs and Features

Definitely, the first thing that most people look at when buying computer accessories is its specs. Though the price is another thing, we always cater its features first as a priority for longevity and quality. At this point, let’s compare base on each of the device’s features and let’s see who wins this battle.

Design and Material Build


Examining the size and weight of both devices, you’ll notice that Cosair K95’s keyboard incorporates 2.92 pounds and 18.3 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches dimensions. This is a bit smaller and lighter with Cosair’s K70 having 2.65 pounds and 17.6 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches rectangular dimensions.

As to the material used, both devices are mainly black finished. Both are fabricated from industrial strength aluminum frame with solid a bit rubber keypads for smooth and long-term utilization.

For verdict with this features, let’s give this a yes to Cosair’s K95 keyboard.

RGB lighting


As to this feature, both devices have incorporated a 16.8 million colors RGB lighting within the lines of the top bezel of the keyboard. It induces 19- RGB zone lines including vibrant of colors from purple, orange, yellow and many others that you could easily alter upon through the software it integrates. Aside from that, you could also display a rainbow of colors upon utilization with both of the devices.
Nonetheless, the K95 Keyboard possesses an innovative LightEdge Technology to assure a full spectrum of color while utilization the device.
Thus, let’s give this another point again to K95.

Keypads and Switches

The keycap layout of both devices resembles the typical WASD key units that almost all keyboard possesses. The fonts are written large highly white finished. The switches are smooth and durable used with the anti-ghosting technology assuring precision and response upon every click as needed.

As an additional to 104 keys, the K95 Keyboard has seven extra media keys and a volume control knob that could be used for playing internet games. It also consists of pause/play, forward/back, and stop buttons situated above the numpads of the devices. These macro keys are gray finished easily programmable located on the left side of the keyboard.

Overall, let’s give a plus again to K95 Keyboard for the additional macro keys of the device.


The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software could be easily installed from the Corsair’s website. Thus, both devices use this software to manipulate and adjust on settings in profiles, actions, and lighting. You could also remap and reprogram the keys for your convenience.
Though, the Corsair’s software is not quite user-friendly. It is poorly designed with lack of cryptic icons and meaningful descriptions that you could use to seek help. Aside from that, the software is a bit buggy.

Since both devices use the same software, it’s a tie for both of the keyboard devices.


Both devices support multiple operating systems preferably Windows 7,8 and 10. It is also compatible with Mac connected devices. The K95 keyboard includes an 8 MB profile storage with ultra-fast 1.2 mm actuation and 45g force. Additionally, both devices empower a report rate switch up to 8 ms.

Both devices include a highly braided USB cable to easily link over into the computer. Aside from that, the devices include a similar USB 2.0 ports. Nonetheless, the K70 keyboard does not incorporate a slot for USB 3.0 as to the latter who incorporates it with.

Add-ons and Warranty

The device includes a rubberized plastic, easily rotate, and detachable wrist rest to increase comfort to every gaming activity. The black polished wrist rest is dotted to its surface for easy grip while gaming as needed.

As to its warranty, all Cosair’s devices enclose a 30-day replacement warranty. All its gaming keyboards include a technical warranty of 2 years for repairs to some of its parts.

Which one to Buy?

Judging by its specs and features only, you’ll eventually choose over Cosair K95’s keyboard for its intuitive RGB lighting plus additional macro keys for which Cosair’s K70 does not have.

Though looking at its price, the K70 Keyboard with fewer features is considerably cheaper than the latter. Nonetheless, there’s a $50 difference between the two devices with K95 Keyboard more expensive.

Considering this price, it is worth to buy the K95 keyboard with only $50 difference to K70 Keyboard?

Basically, the only difference between the two devices is the additional RGB lighting features and the macro keys. The design and almost
everything is the same with both of the devices.

Thus, the necessity for macro keys and a stronger illumination should be the main issue that every user will decide upon encountering these two devices. Respectively, the K70 keyboard lacks these features that the upgraded K95 incorporates.

Likewise, it is essential that these two devices come from the same manufacturer. Cosair has been one of the leading companies in computer accessory production. It just does not deliver quality but also the efficiency of its products.

Nonetheless, whatever you’ll choose among the two products, it rests assured that it’ll be fine. Both devices have positive reviews inducing very high ratings to a lot of sites. Though both devices have just a few issues mostly with its software, it’s just a minor issue that the developers of the software are currently working on.

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