Gaming is one way of relaxing yourself from the very long and busy day. For some people, gaming has already part of their lives. Well, this is undeniably true since gaming is really a different experience which anyone can actually do.

Gaming keyboard is an important part of the gaming industry. Without the help of a good performing and high-quality keyboard, you hard to optimize your gaming performance to the fullest. This is why a good quality with an excellent performance gaming keyboard is always a must.

In this review, gaming keyboards from Corsair will be compared in order to come up with the best choice for people. These gaming keyboards are Corsair Strafe and the Corsair K70.

Corsair Strafe vs K70

Specs and Features

Anti-ghosting property

CCorsair Strafe

Corsair is a brand with different features when talking about gaming keyboard. One of this feature is the anti-ghosting property which plays a significant role in the overall performance of your gaming keyboard.

Both of these gaming keyboards have this feature. However, despite the fact that both of them has this feature, the overall anti-ghosting performance will vary on units as well. Corsair Strafe and Corsair K70, it both features a 100% anti-ghosting ability with 104 key rollovers on USB. This feature will result in accuracy in every press even if you are playing the game in a fast phase.

Corsair K70

All in all, when it comes to the anti-ghosting feature, these two gaming keyboards can give you that. This is to keep you from playing your game without any hassle in pressing the keys accurately.

100% Cherry MX red gaming key switches

Most gamers wanted this feature that much. This is because of the high-performance factor of Cheery MX red switches. This technology is the leading the world when it comes to mechanical switching.

The good thing is that both of these gaming keyboards have this feature. These two keyboards offer a smooth delivery, linear response with wide actuation zone, and responsiveness which is what gamers need to reach the optimum gaming experience.

Since both of these keyboards have the same feature when it comes to its switches, you can be sure that both of them will let you realize accuracy, smooth delivery, and wide actuation zone in every game.

Multi-color backlighting

Gaming keyboards and lighting is not surprising to be seen and feel together. This is because as of today, most gaming keyboards already featured backlighting property. This is a good opportunity for every gamer to not just play well but to also suit their personal taste and character. These two gaming keyboards from Corsair are both characterized by the multi-color backlighting to add style and swag to your every game.

The Corsair K70 uses the multi-color backlighting unlim. This is the lighting property in this gaming keyboard but the Corsair strafe uses a multi-color dynamic RGB backlighting in brilliant RGB color.

Multi-media control

A multi-media control is very important in a certain gaming keyboard. Luckily, both the Corsair K70 and the Corsair Strafe has this type of feature. The multi-media control will give convenience to any gamer since with this easy button, you can control the multi-media which are connected to your device or your game.

Lighting control

The lighting feature that these gaming keyboards can give is more convenient to use and more fun if you can customize it to suit your character. However, in these two top choices of Corsair gaming keyboard, only the Corsair K70 can give you that control. This is because it has access to desktop control software in which you can use it to design your own key-patterns. This is a cool feature most especially if you want an more intense gaming since a game with added features like the color is much more exciting.

Corsair K70 gives you the chance to follow what you are personally desiring. With this gaming keyboards, you can no play your game while embracing and showing your personal taste and preferences.


Finding a durable gaming keyboard may be a bit difficult and even if how difficult it is, you will still choose to find a gaming keyboard with the durable feature. Fortunately, both of these gaming keyboards are made of high-quality material which made them end up as a durable unit. However, the Corsair K70 proves that it is much better than the strafe when it comes to durability. This is because it is made from the aircraft-grade anodized finish which results in an impressive look, light in weight, and rugged durability. This type of durability is much better because of the rugged durability is more suitable to use for outdoor use.

Extra-comfort keys

Since gaming activities will require your full concentration while playing, with this, you need a gaming keyboard which is comfortable to use most especially even if you are playing the game very fast. Both of these gaming keyboards featured big fonts to let you see it clearly even if you are playing the game in a fast phase.

which one is the best?

Both of these gaming keyboards can be a good choice since they have many different features which can give you convenience for every use. However, there are some features which are not present on either of these choices. You can use it as your determinants in choosing the best one.

If you are looking for a keyboard with high-performing features, durability, and better control, then you can use the Corsair K70.

On the other hand, if you wanted to have a keyboard with high-performance and CUE power, the Corsair Strafe is a better choice.

In the end, the Cosai K70 stand-up the most. With different features which are all beneficial in the sides of the gamer, this gaming keyboard might be what you are looking for.

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