The use of Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling feature gains popularity today since it is highly needed for everyday use. Because of its great features, the majority of the users choose to use this type of headphones.


The Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones have active noise canceling feature which can help enjoy your favorite music everywhere. It has a long and wireless range which offers comfortability when in use. When it comes to the sound quality, COWIN E7 can give you a quite good sound but not a very excellent one. However, this still fits for everyday use in your office, in your room, while riding in the bus or with any activity you engaged within every day.

When it comes to its quality, this Bluetooth headphone is good quality despite the fact that it has a cheaper price. With your everyday use, COWIN E7 might be a good choice since it offers ease of use with useful features like the switch button for answering calls, changing the music and etc. No need to worry when using it more often because this headphone has soft ear pads that ensure comfort for every use.

With high portability and lightweight design, you can bring this Bluetooth with you easily. COWIN E7 has also a long life battery which will let you use it for a quite long range of time. With so many Bluetooth brands today, COWIN E7 might be a good choice for everyone in all walks of life.


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Specs and Features

Active noise canceling feature

COWIN E7 has active noise canceling feature which lets you enjoy your favorite beat and music noise-free. This Bluetooth headphone uses technology that reduces noise from the environment. This feature will work well in both wired and wireless mode. It helps any user make use of this headphone effectively without any disturbances.

Clear sound effect

The most important thing in finding a good headphone is the quality of its sound effect. Good thing, this Bluetooth headphone will give you a good sound effect. Though its bass is not as deep and perfectly accurate, you can still hear the sound clearly. This is because it uses 40mm large-aperture drivers to give a good sound effect to everybody.

Soft ear pads

COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone with noise canceling feature uses protein technology which assures quality and comfort. It cannot be denied that headphones are already a time to time partner for those music lovers, in this case, there is no need to worry because this headphone stays in your ears with comfort. The 90-degree swiveling ear-cups are intended for the majority size of human ear. However, since there are some ears which are smaller or bigger than the other, this headphone may found discomfort use. Nevertheless, it offers high comfort to people with average ear sizes. The lightweight effect of this headphone adds to the comfortably as well.

Good quality microphone

Bluetooth headphone is not just used for music gig but also for other important things like answering a call. COWIN E7 Bluetooth headset has a good quality microphone that will enable you to talk in the next line clearly. Aside from that, this Bluetooth headphone uses NFC technology as well to make sure that there are stable Bluetooth connections for you.

Long battery life

One of the downsides of Bluetooth headset is the fact that it needs to be recharged all the time so that you can continue to use it. While most of you already get used with it, there are still some people who found it as inconvenient. Fortunately, COWIN E7 offers long battery life which can reach in a maximum of 30 hours play time. It has a built-in of 600 mAh battery which is already good enough range of battery life. This helps you to use it conveniently especially during traveling and other outdoor activity.

Control switch

Whenever and whatever you do, you can play your music, answer incoming calls, and change its volume without any hassle. COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone has control switch where you can use easily.

Easy to bring with

To protect your headphone anywhere you want, you must have a strong purse or bag for it. This Bluetooth headphone has a compact portable carrying case so that you can bring your headphone anywhere but still ensures safety.



When it comes to its overall performance this bluetooth headphone really works well. Since it uses an advanced noise reduction technology, it can prevent you from hearing loud voices and noise when it used. It also produces a good quality sound clear enough that you can enjoy your favorite pop. However, for too loud noises which are hard to cover up, this Bluetooth speaker may not be that excellently cancel the noise. However, fo an average and a bit louder noises, this headphone will let you enjoy a disturbed-free music session.


Pros & Cons

• Good sound quality
• Has noise cancellation feature
• Long battery life
• Lightweight
• Easy to use
• Offers comfort when in used
• Easy bluetooth connectivity

• The bass effect is not that excellently clear
• Has a bit bulky design which may a bit heavy for some people
• This headphone fits to those people with average head size, but since this is not a sports headphone, it cannot assure steadiness all the time especially if you are working out.


COWIN E7 is good enough for many different uses. Though it has a bit bulky size, it can still be used with comfort since it is soft in the air. The sound quality works well too although its bass is not as good as others. However, considering that this Bluetooth headphone has noise-cancelling future and good sound but fits in with anyone’s budget, this headphone can be a great choice.

For everyday use, answering calls, music gigs, and etc. this Bluetooth headphone can still be useful already. With its many different features in one simple design, this can be a good partner for your day to day activity.

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