The laptop has been one of the major partners of many people in their everyday work. As a partner of one’s day to day job, it will make a huge difference to have a laptop which is full of different features that will make your job even easier to do. There are various laptops that are introduced today. All of them come from different sizes, styles, features, and brands. All laptops have different performances too. Two of the best laptops are the Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Pro 4.

Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Pro-4 are both good laptops. They have different features that can help you in your daily work. But which is better than the other? Find out the comparison and may you come up with the best choice.

Dell XPS 13 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Specs and Features


Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Pro4 are both high in performance. Both of these laptops are capable of helping you with your everyday job, presentations, and many more.

Dell XPS 13 is powered by Intel Core i5 which can reach up to 2.3 GHz. It has a RAM of about 8 GB, a big enough storage for personal use. Another feature that added to the whole performance of this laptop is the fact that it has an additional HD graphic Coprocessor that measures about 5500. When it comes to the maximum screen resolution, Dell XPS 13 shares the same ability with other laptops. It has a maximum screen resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels which is suitable for any use. The good thing about this laptop is the fact that unlike the others, it has the capacity to resume in just seconds so, if you are rushing in going back to work, you’ll come back without any hassle of waiting. This is because of the solid state drive that added to it.

On the other hand, Microsoft Pro4 also offers a good overall performance. With its 8GB RAM and processor of Intel Core i7, this laptop can optimize its performance up to 3.4 GHz. Another feature of this laptop is the fact that it comes with a higher maximum screen resolution. It measures about 2736 x 1824 pixels knowing the fact that this laptop has bigger inch too. The good thing about this laptop is its ability to give you a high performance and convenience at the same time. Well, if you are looking for a laptop which remains cool and quiet while maintaining its power, then this can be a good choice.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Since laptop has been a day to day partner for most people, it will make a difference if you can have a laptop which is both powerful and has a good performance but light in weight too. The good thing about these laptops is that they are both light in weight and perfect for everyday use.

Dell XPS 13 is not just a stylish and thin laptop but super light in weight too. It has a weight of about 2.6 pounds only and dimension of 12 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches. It is suited to bring with you anywhere even during outdoor job since it will not give any weight to you while carrying it.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Pro4 is much bigger than the latter choice. However, despite its bigger size, this laptop proves that it is also suitable for everyday and anytime use. It has a lightweight feature which weighs about 1.7 pounds and dimension of 15.2 x 9.2 x 1.6 inches.


As laptops are always exposed to your everyday task, you must choose a laptop which is not just high in performance but durable at the same time. Both of these laptops are durable and are made from quality materials. However, not both of them offers extra durability feature.

When it comes to durability, the Dell XPS 13 made it to the top. This is because it is made from quality materials which have the ability to resist scratches. Aside from that, this laptop uses a carbon fiber to remain cool and light to touch. It is also made with machined aluminum material which makes it strong and sturdy at the same time.


As your everyday partner, a versatile laptop will surely make a difference. All laptops are versatile in their own ways, however, there are other types of laptops which are fully loaded with versatility.

In this side, the Microsoft Pro4 made it to the top over the Dell XPS 13. This laptop is not just a simple one but it can be a used originally as a tablet too. This feature shows that this one is ultraportable in design and style.

Which one is better?

Both of these two laptops deserve to be part of your choices. When choosing which is the best one, you may consider the following points first.

Microsoft Pro4 is a reflection of versatility. The fact that you can use it as a tablet and a laptop at the same time makes it super versatile.

On the other hand, the Dell XPS 13 is the answer for those people who are looking for total durability. This is because it is made from quality materials which makes it suitable even for harsh conditions.

As you can see, both of these choices have high points. If the Microsoft Pro4 will give you versatility in action, Dell XPS 13 will also offer you durability for all conditions.

In the end, since both of these laptops have high performances, they can be both a good choice. Both of them can help you in your day to day job. For you to come up with the best choice, you can consider your personal preferences, taste, and your purpose as your determinants in choosing the best one. Don’t forget, always follow what you really want and what you think is the best and ideal for your needs and personal use.

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