Protecting a device is probably the first things people do when they get purchase a new device. No one wants their shiny new device to be damaged or scratched. So when it comes to device protection, there are plenty of options, including cases in the market today that users can choose from.

Apart from offering protection, there are other functional cases out there that fit the iPad, specifically the Favormate Ipad Case – one of the the best backlit keyboard cases for 2019.

Favormate Ipad Case

This Bluetooth Tablet keyboard case is made of hard plastic which offers protection and stability to your device. Because of the hard plastic case, it feels a little bit heavy but this could be because of the durability and sturdiness of the material used.

Once the case covers the iPad, it can turn it into more than just a tablet! The great thing about this case is that it can turn your iPad into an instant laptop due to the case’s keyboard feature. And instead of taking the laptops everyday, this give users more options when it comes to the device they want to bring when they leave the house.

When it comes to the case’s keyboard, the aesthetic complements the iPad’s design as it somehow resembles an Apple keyboard. It also comes in 7 backlit color options. While this is more of a novelty feature, it adds more flair to the keyboard.

Favormate Ipad Case

Specs and Features

Weight and size
Weighing around 1.69 lbs and measuring 6.7 x 9.4 x 0.6 in, it was made specifically for the Apply 2017 iPad 9.7″ (A1822 / A1823) or the iPad AIR (A1474 / A1475 / A1476).

Battery life
When you purchase the case, it comes with a set of batteries that you can use. It is made of lithium-ion and is expected to last about 120 hours of continuous operation and up to 330 days of standby time.

Adjustable backlit
The Favormate iPad case has 7 color backlit options (blue, green, red, cyan, purple yellow and white) and three mode brightness setting.

Intelligent on/off feature
When the keyboard cover is opened, the keyboard turns on automatically and all other light indicators start flashing as well. When it is closed, the keyboard will automatically turn “sleep mode” on.

Bluetooth connection
The case has an amazing bluetooth connection keyboard that allows you to type faster on your iPad. Also, it is easy to turn the keyboard bluetooth on. All you have to do is click “Fn” + “C” at te same time to turn it on.

Favormate Ipad Case


Made of durable materials, the Favormate iPad case is a functional and practical product that can protect the device bumps and scratches.

The case’s auto and wake feature helped in keeping the batteries last longer as it would automatically put be put into sleep mode if not in use. Even with the use of the adjustable backlit color feature, this did not take much of the battery’s life. But you should also take note that if the keyboard is used avidly, it can affect the battery life as well.

And when it comes to the keyboard, there were no delays or lapses when you try to try. Another thing that that should be pointed out in the Favormate Ipad case is that with its 130 degree rotating clamshell cover, it allows you to move the case around to whichever position you prefer.

Favormate Ipad Case

Pros and cons


● Fast bluetooth connection
Connecting to the keyboard case with the iPad is easy and hassle free. Compared to other other bluetooth keyboards that took maybe 5 to 10 seconds to pair, this one was very fast.

● Perfect well
Designed to fit the 2017 New iPad 9.7 inch & iPad Air, the case holds the device perfectly so you won’t have to be afraid of the device falling off.

● Simple but functional
While the case does not have the extra flairs that other cases have, it can definitely serve its purpose of protecting your device well. The Favormate iPad case comes in hard plastic and you have four color options – black, gold, silver and rose golden.

● Long term use
With its lithium-ion battery, the keyboard function of the case can be used up to 120 hours of or up to 330 days of standby time. This is certainly ideal for those who are avid users of their iPad.


● Weight
When the case, which weighs 1.69 pounds is combined with the weight of the iPad, it can feel heavy. However, depending on your preference, this can be either be a deal breaker or something that you can manage.

● Limited design option
If a colorful or beautifully designed keyboard case is what you are after, this is not the option for you. The Favormate iPad case only has four color option which can limit the user’s choices.

● Keyboard undetachable
Those looking for a sturdy case for the iPad might find the fact that the keyboard that comes with the case is undetachable a problem most especially most especially if they have no interest in turning their tablets into instant laptops.


While the case feels heavier due to the hard plastic material it is made of, it can still protect and secure your iPad well. And while there may be several options in the market right now, this one comes highly recommended. It’s durable, resistant and practical – qualities that stand out when in search for the best iPad case.

Favormate’s iPad case is a highly functional case that you can bring anywhere. As it was designed specifically for the 2017 new iPad 9.7 inch and iPad Air, it would suit these devices with no problem. And you don’t even have to worry about charging the case constantly.

It’s a great option for those who are looking at converting their iPads into laptops from time to time or when they feel like it. And this can make the work of someone who constantly uses the device for typing or data entry easier.

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