Great audio and recording features are perhaps two of the most important elements that people look for when scouting for a new headphones. While there are numerous products out in the market, finding one that offers these two features well can be quite challenging.

Hooke Verse

However, there’s one product out now that that could change all that – the Hooke Verse’s Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones.

A product of a start-up, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones came to be as the founders believed in bringing the world’s first Bluetooth headphones capable of capturing binuaral 3D audio to any device and to everyone. And with the release of the headphones into the market, they have certainly fulfilled that goal.

One of the most interesting aspects of the the headphones and what sets it apart from others in the market today is that has incorporated binaural microphones into the device which makes 3D audio recording possible.

Also, as part of the bringing this kind of technology in the world, the founders of the headphones also developed an application which can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users.

And to maximize the 3D recording feature of the c, the product also comes with several other items including a USB charging cable, a carrying case, windscreens for the mics, a 3D audio recording cable and a memory foam ear and silicone ear tips in various sizes.

The ear tips that come in different sizes are very handy as it makes it easier for the user to try each and to find out which one fits the ears the best.

With its simple sleek black design, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones has certainly revolutionized the way audio is captured, recorded or played. It’s a comfortable and durable product that wirelessly connects to your iOS or Android device using Hooke’s proprietary bluetooth recording codec.

Hooke Verse

Specs and Features

Superior audio technology

Unlike other headphones out there, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones features a binaural 3D technology that can perfectly capture the sound like you would normally hear it. Upon playback of the recording, it would feel like you are exactly where the audio was recorded.

And despite the inclusion of the binaural 3D technology in the headphones, there are no special speakers or algorithms needed to clearly hear the audio.

Lightweight and handy

Weighing only 3.2 ounces and measuring 8.2 x 6.6 x 2.5 inches, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones is very light and convenient. It is easy to carry around and won’t take so much space in your bag or pocket.


The Hooke Versecan record binaural 3D Audio Wirelessly on any iOS and Android Device. It can also be connected with different types of cameras like GoPro, DSLR, 336 FLy and VR capture ones. Recorded 3D Audio can also be listened to using any headphones or speakers that you have. And apart from the recording feature that the Hooke Verse has, you can use the headphones to listen to music wirelessly.

Also, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones is very flexible as it can used by both iOS and Android OS and by the different video and audio recording devices out there.

Complete audio package

When getting the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones, you will not only receive a pair of headphones but also the following: USB charging cable, a carrying case, windscreens for the mics, a 3D audio recording cable and a memory foam ear and silicone ear tips in various sizes. Do note that Lithium ion batteries are not included in the package.

Hooke Verse


With its Binaural 3D Audio technology, the Hooke Verse headphone delivers superior sound quality. The clarity and crispness of the sound is unlike any other.

While listening to the audio captured or recorded, it somehow takes you to the place where the recording occurred, creating an audio experience that is very different from what we have been used to.

Whether recording outdoors or indoors, the headphones can perfectly capture audio using the built-in microphones.

Hooke Verse

Pros and Cons


● Excellent audio experience
With its excellent audio and recording quality, it provides users with a more enhanced kind of experience – one that is brought about by the sound captured and released by the binaural 3D audio technology.

● Comfortable to wear
Whether used for recording or for listening, the Hooke Verse Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Headphones is easy and comfortable to wear. It comes with foam tips that came in different shapes, allowing the user to opt for the size that is most comfortable to wear.

● Easy to share
The Hooke Audio app that you can download for free comes with features that were specifically made for the headphones and easy sharing options. The 3D audio record can be easily shared to the different social media platforms as well as your email, cloud services such as Dropbox and more.

● App compatibility

When it comes to connecting the headphones with your device’s bluetooth or the app, there might be instances when this can become a problem. While both the headphones and app are flexible and compatible with the majority of devices out there, there might be times when connection becomes difficult. There should be more info or instructions when it comes to using the app. And while the download of the application from the Apple Store and Android market are free, there are other inclusions that require you to pay or to buy something. If this is something you don’t mind, then the app has paid features like audio filters.

● Device compatibility
Users should make sure that your iOS or Android device is up to date. If you are thinking of getting this type of headphone, you might have to update your device as well.


With the Hooke Verse dubbed as the world’s first Bluetooth headphones with binuaral 3D audio technology, it is certainly something that can enhance and elevate any audio recording.

While recording 3D style might take some getting used to, using something like the Hooke Verse headphones now would totally give you an advantage in the future, taking your audio recording experience to another level.

As more and more recording devices are coming out, it wouldn’t be surprising if these incorporate Binaural 3D Audio technology as well.

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