Internet gaming would never be more fun without sounds. But nonetheless, we tend to prefer and listen all by ourselves things through our ears for authenticity for every gaming operation. That is why, specialized headsets have been fabricated for gaming, be able to cater loud frequencies as often realized during gaming experiences. However, if you are still on the search for a perfect headset that suits every gaming, then check over this HyperX Cloud Stinger. This headset is empowered with tonal clarity and accommodates high frequencies. To read more about this gaming headset, then check over this review for this product below to find out.

1. Product Review

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Cloud Stinger’s flagship gaming headset that not just incorporates quality but durability and flexibility at its finest. It fuses on a typical headset design with mainly black finished body precisely made to bring comfort, precision, and convenience to every user of this headset. This 275-gram headset brings out highly signature earcups padded with comfy memory foams to add sophistication for every utilization of the device.

Aside from that, this robustly made headset governs with a multi-angled ear cups that rotates about 90° fitting it around the neck as necessary. Also, it has an adjustable steel slider to ensure durability and to cater multiple head sizes.

With regards to its function, the device brags upon its 50mm audio drivers directly positioned parallel to the ears for astounding sound quality. It also has an intuitive volume slider located at the right cup for easy adjustments and control on it. It includes a noise cancellation feature that reduces out background noises for good sound quality.

The device encompasses also a microphone to introduce calls through Skype, Raidcall, and Ventrillo. This gaming headset supports multiple devices including PC, Wii, Xbox, and mobile devices. It has a single 3.5 mm stereo plug with 4 poles and a PC extension cable with dual 3.5 mm stereo and mic plugs.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

2. Specs and Features

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

Matched with a powerful bass and outstanding sound quality, this headset brings excellent audio through the utilization of highly precise 50 mm audio drivers that are directly positioned into the ear plugs for very clear audio quality. Aside from that, the device has a noise cancellation function that automatically mutes out any background noises that distracts upon utilization of the device. It also includes an adjustable volume slider situated on the right ear cup.

Flexible to any Head Sizes

It has adjustable features to cater comfort and reliability according to different head sizes. It’s built in steel slider attached through the earplugs are readily moved upon varying sizes as necessary to its function. It also has a 90-degree rotating ear cups that easily fits around through the ears and neck.

High Compatibility with Many Devices

This headset supports multi-platform devices like PC, Xbox One, Wii U, and even mobile devices. It is easily installed via plugging it in through an intended slot for it on the device. This wired headset consecutively has a 3.5mm stereo plug with the main chord of about 1.3 m in length for connections from PC to adapter. It has a 1.7 m. long PC extension cable that links over the adapter to the plug. It has a dual 3.5 mm stereo and mic plugs.

Sleek and Lightweight Design

This 9.8-ounce black polished headset delivers a compactly-made plastic body with an adjustable steel body attached to two ear cups that is strongly adhered to a memory foam for convenience. Below the right ear cup, readily linked is the swiveling microphone that caters calls through Skype, RaidCall, and Ventrillo.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

3. Performance

This Cloud’s gaming headset is one of the key players dominating the headphone market. Nonetheless, this brand has been proven to be impressive with mostly positive reviews given to it by users of it who have authentically tried the product. It generates a good sound matched with swiveling microphone to cater on a different range of computer devices among various manufacturers.

Aside from that, customers applaud on the design and build of the headset. Despite its majorly plastic made, it looks like durable and highly engineered to ease out the convenience for its users. It has a readily adjustable steel slider and foaming earplugs to increase comfort while utilization the device.

It’s quite flexible and could be directly attached to the computer and other related devices. A good headset during video calls and conferencing.

But nonetheless, it isn’t as competitive as other premium brands. It is cheap, yes but in terms of quality it’s not comparable with its predecessors. Its microphone feature induces static noises sometimes with unclear voice recognition. It could be the internet connection or the headset itself is defective. Also, some users are not convinced with the noise cancellation feature that it advertises. Some of its users still hear faint noises after plugging in the device. However, it is noted that in order to fully realize this feature, you are required to buy an adapter to aid you as needed. Nonetheless, it wasn’t said in the advertisement of the product. Aside from that, the audio quality seems a bit muffled or low as stated by some users. Some also felt the device is quite heavy as needed.

Overall, the headset is quite good for its price. But nonetheless, if you really want a very clear and crisp sound quality, then it is preferable to buy more expensive headsets. Nevertheless, this headset is intended for specific markets who want to buy a cost-efficient headset.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

4. Pros & Cons

• Great Design and Body
• Adjustable Slider, Volume, and Ear Plugs
• Noise Cancellation Feature
• Highly Compatible with other Devices

• Requires Adapter
• Few Static Noises

5. Final Word

If you are finding an affordable gaming headset, then this device is absolutely a must-buy. This gaming headset caters not just quality but durability and flexibility of utilization. It has readily adjusted feature with noise cancellation to improve out the sound performance. Aside from that, it has intuitive control for volume providing comfort for its users. Nonetheless, it has few drawbacks but overall, the device is worth a shot for all its astounding features.

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