The CPU or the central processing unit is the most important part of the computer. It controls and manages everything that is happening within the system. Without the CPU, the computer would fail its purpose. That is why it is important to select a CPU that is very efficient and high speed. A computer runs on the CPU and it’s very crucial for someone to choose the best one that fits the purpose and computer that you have.

Among the brands of CPU, the most popular one is Intel. The brand has been constantly produced models from one to another over these past few years. Nevertheless, two of the most known models for Intel are i5 4460 and i5 4690k. In this product review, we will take a comparison between these two models.

Intel Core i5 4460 vs i5 4690K

Specs and Features

In this part of this review, we will evaluate on each of the vital characteristics that a CPU must possess. Just upon looking at the numbers of these two models, you’ll eventually get an idea what model will excel upon the other. If you really want to go into detail with that, then check the rest of this comparison to find out.


Intel Core i5 4460

One thing that you should evaluate when buying for a CPU is its core. The number of cores will determine how fast and efficient data are handled by the system. The 4460 and 4690K, as known have the fifth generation core. As to the number of it, both surprisingly have 4 cores having also 4 threads. Thus, there’s really not quite a debate about this. We’ll give this a tie to both of them.


The cache acts as the temporary storage of information into the system. Thus, it is important for one to understand which one prevails from another because it affects also the efficiency of the operation. But nonetheless, it’s still a tie for both microprocessors with L1, L2, and L3 having the same cache sizes (256 KB, 1024 KB, and 6 MB) respectively.


Intel Core i5 4690K

This feature measures the speed of the system. Respectively, the i5 4690K has a 3.4 GHz turbo frequency. This is 5 GHz slower than the latter with the given 3.9 GHz. As to its clock speed, the 4460 has a 3.2 GHz as compared to the other having only 3.5 GHz. Thus, it is completely evident that the Intel i5 4690k is an intuitive choice in terms of speed than the latter. It surely has a point with this!

Socket Compatibility

The type of socket implied is critical to determine its compatibility to the motherboard of the system. Nevertheless, both have the same socket category with LGA 1150. The microprocessor is quite compatible with multiple types of motherboards such as Acer, Advantech, Asus, Foxconn, MSI, HP, Intel, Gigabyte, and many more.

Integrated Graphics Unit (GPU)

This parameter calculates the graphics quality that it accommodates. Comparing both microprocessors, the i5 4460 and the 4690k has the similar GPU frequency with 1250 MHz. Respectively, both also have the same base GPU with 400 MHz on it. Thus, let’s take this as a draw for both microprocessors.

Thermal Design Power

This feature is attributed to the amount of heat produced by the system. Thus, the lower the TDP, the less heat and power usage it generates. Looking at both microprocessors, it is evident that 4690k produces more heat with 88 watts as compared to 4460 having only 84 watts. Nevertheless, the 4460 releases less heat and thus, will have a point with this.


The ability to overclock is important to increase the power and speed of the operation. The k portion of its model is the major identifier of this feature. The 4460 doesn’t have this feature unlike the other (4690k) having this feature.


As to their prices, the 4690k is more expensive than the latter. The 4460 is about a hundred dollar cheaper than the other one. Nevertheless, let’s give this another point with the 4460.


Which one to Buy between Intel i5 4460 and Intel i5 4690?

Given the comparison, you’ll probably have an idea what to buy or purchase within the two given processor models. Nevertheless, the two processors presented is recommended with amazing features and speed incorporated with it. Aside from that, both processors have excellent customer ratings to various sites given. Thus, whatever you choose among the two devices is still conducive as needed. At this part of this article, we’ll summarize everything that we’d compared and analyze out what processor is more intuitive than the other.

Intel i5 4460

Introduced in 2013, this microprocessor is having a given name Haswell is quite efficient for multiple purposes including gaming and numerous computer applications. It is incorporated with compatibility to numerous motherboards and does not heat as much as the other compared microprocessor. Aside from that, this computer processor is induced with the Anti-theft technology and virtualization technology for which makes this processor more intuitive. There’s no need to worry also about this processor because it includes a cooling fan and heat sink to ensure that the system will be cooled upon and conducive for utilization within long hours.

Intel i5 4690k

Released still in 2013, having still the code name Haswell, this microprocessor is used in multiple computer applications including gaming and processing. It has more intuitive features with improved performance as to the latter. In fact, it has the turbo boost technology which enables users to amplify the function of the processor. Nonetheless, this processor features the Intel HD Graphics 4600 which improves its resolution and graphics capability. Likewise, this version also incorporates the same technology as the latter microprocessor. This processor is compatible to be used also for businesses who tend to operate into large-scale computer processes.

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