A powerful processor plays a significant role in your gaming sessions and in your other computer-related tasks. This is why if you want to optimize your job and go beyond the limits of your games, you must choose a powerful and highly efficient micro-processor (Click Here for two Highly Efficient processors comparison).

With different purposes of choosing between processor for your computer system, variations of performances and efficiencies can be found in the different choices in the market today. With these different brands and type of processors, Intel Core i5 6500 and i5 6600k are both known processors you can see in the market. These are in good quality and performance too. However, considering that some of their features and specs are different, their overall performance may differ as well.

Intel Core i5 6500 vs i5 6600K

Specs and Features

Production category

Intel Core i5 6500

Both the Intel Core i5 6500 and the i5 6600k are made to produce a good performance. However, the Intel Core i5 6500 is a type of mid-range quad-core computer processor while the i5 6600k is under the high-end quad-core computer processor. Though they are both designed to become a good quality brain of the computer, they are different when it comes to categorization.

Both of them were announced at the same time which was August 2015 and these processors do not support hyperthreading. Despite this manufacturing type, the i5 6600k made an edge since you can overclock it easily.

Performance and efficiency

How well your processor performs and how efficient it is are the top things to consider in choosing a processor. This is because an efficient and high performing processor will bring a big difference to your daily gaming activities.

Intel Core i5 6600K

Both the Intel Core i5 6500 and the i5 6600k has good overall performance. However, the i5 6600k works better compared to the Intel Core i5 6500 since it does better gaming and other demanding applications. The i5 6500 may be good enough but it is not as high performing as its comparison product when most especially for gaming purposes.


The graphical quality and efficiency of a certain processor also play an important role. This is most especially if your main purpose is for latest games and other computer-related jobs.

When talking about graphical qualities, the i5 6500 features an Intel HD Graphics 530 with an execution unit of about 24 EUs. With this execution unit, you can overclock it at 350 – 1050 MHz. Though this GPU has an increased by 25%, its performance is still labeled as low-end. Because of this, you can only play modern types of games swiftly by maintaining their low settings.

On the other hand, the i5 6600k features almost the same graphical quality. This processor uses the Intel HD Graphics 530 with the same execution units of the former choice which is 24EUs. Though they have almost the same execution units and Intel graphical feature, its clocking performance is a bit higher as well. In fact, this processor will let you overclock it at 350 – 1150 MHz. All in all, the GPU of this processor will only let you play modern games smoothly in low settings.

Power consumption

In terms of power consumption, these two choices of processors also show differences. This is because the i5 6600k of 88-91 watts while the i5 6500 has a power consumption of 65 watts. With this, it is clearly pointed that the i5 6600k use more power compared to the other choice.


Despite the fact that both the i5 6600k and the i5 6500 was introduced on the same date, their prices are quite different too. In fact, in most stores, the i5 6600k comes at a higher price compared to the i5 6500.

Number of advantages

The number of advantages can also be considered in choosing the best one. This is because considering that a processor which has the more number of advantages over the other is a basis from which to choose.

With the overall performances and efficiency of these two processors, it came out that the i5 6600k comes with more advantages compared to the i5 6500. Its advantages include a better hyper-threading performance, higher capacity when it comes to running memory-intensive programs, higher and quicker overclocking capacity, and many more.

On the other hand, the i5 6500 has an advantage when it comes to power consumption since it consumes lower power compared to the other choice and it has also a lower price.


Which one is the better

Considering their different specs and features, these two top choices of processors are both excellent choices. However, in order to find the one which will suit your preferences, you also need to consider what its uses are. For example, if you are looking for a processor for your gaming activities, you need a one which has a faster and better performance as well as better graphical quality.

All in all, pertaining to overall performance and efficiency, the i5 6600k is a better choice compare to the i5 6500. This is because it has an overall faster performance especially when it comes to games and graphical programs, and overclocking.

Though the Intel Core i5 6500 has also a good performance, it is somewhat low power. However, on the other side, this processor also comes at a low price. With this, if you are looking for a processor which will fit to your allotted budget, then you can consider choosing the Intel Core i5 6500.

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