Intel Core i5 6600k vs i7 4790k – Which CPU is Better?

The processor is the brain of the computer. The overall capacity of your computer system to work well and performs better will also depend on your processor. Considering this fact will help you realize how important this computer part is. This is why choosing the best processor for your PC plays an important role.

While some people prefer to choose the product what they used to, choosing the best and the right one for your needs will make a difference. This is why choosing the suited processor to cater your different needs is a must.

Intel Core i5 6600k vs i7 4790k are two known processors. Both of them are known by many people because of their overall performances. However, they also have different specification which lead many people choose the other. At the end, which one is the best? Find out in this comparison review.

Intel Core i5 6600K vs i7 4790K

Specs and Features


Intel Core i5 6600K

Performance is a type of overall capability that your processor must have. This is because how your processor works will influence the overall job capacity of your personal computer.

When talking about their gaming performances, i7 4790k is a better choice compared to Intel Core i5 6600k. This is because of differences when it comes to their GPU’s power. With this, it is undeniable that i7 4790k has a better running capacity when it comes to the latest type of games.

Multi-threading ability

When talking about multi-threading ability, it is the capacity of processor to do many processes simultaneously. This is why a processor with a multi-threading capability will make a huge difference.

Intel Core i7 4790K

When it comes to this matter, i7 4790k consist of 4 more threads compared to Intel Core i5 6600k. This is clearly presented considering the fact that i7 4790k features hyper threading and each of its physical core has 2 logical threads. Whereas, Intel Core i5 6600k only features only one thread in each physical core.

Power consumption

Though both i7 4790k and Intel Core i5 6600k are good enough for their functions, they have still differences when it comes to their power consumption. Intel Core i5 6600k has higher consumption since it will require 91 watts. On the other hand, i7 4790k only consumes 88 watts which are lower than the former choice.

Clock rate

Since the overclocking is an important capability of a processor, comparing the clock rate of your top choices is also a must.

In these choices, i7 4790k have different clock rate. This is because of the fact that they did not come with the same family of CPUs. With this, i7 4790k has 0.5 GHz faster frequency than Intel Core i5 6600k. Even though the faster frequency is not an indicator of the clock rate’s capacity and performance, i7 4790k does better when it comes to avoiding the bottlenecking of GPU.

Cache sizes

When it comes to their cache sizes, i7 4790k and Intel Core i5 6600k have certain differences but in different cache types. When pertaining to L2 cache size, these two choices of processors share sameness with each other. However, when talking about L3 cache, they have different sizes. This is because i7 4790k has bigger L3 cache when compared to Intel Core i5 6600k.

On-board GPU

On-board GPU also plays an important role not just in gaming sessions but also in other works related to computer. In this feature, i7 4790k and Intel Core i5 6600k shares have both on-board GPU. Considering this fact, both of these top two choices of processors are able to run those basic graphics applications just like games.


Both of these two processors are good enough to let you optimize your gaming sessions or your works. However, each one has also different numbers of advantages which also contributes to the decision making of choosing the best one.

While Intel Core i5 6600k is still a good choice, i7 4790k has still many advantages. This includes the thread application, performances, memory intensive task as well as power consumption.


When it comes to their individual prices, these processors are also different from each other. According to the different online markets,i7 4790k comes at a higher price compared to Intel Core i5 6600k.

Which ones is better?

To sum up and find the best one, you may consider the following points.

Though Intel Core i5 6600k comes at a lower price than i7 4790k, the former choice comes in a higher performance which makes it gain many advantages.

Both of these models of processors have the same running capacity when it comes to the basic graphics application. They also share the same onboard GPU which make these two choices works well when it comes to graphical applications like games.

However, Intel Core i5 6600k and i7 4790k have different sizes of LE caches. Aside from that, they have also different power consumption since it comes out that Intel Core i5 6600k consumes higher than i7 4790k.

With these differences, it can be concluded that i7 4790k is a better choice compared to Intel Core i5 6600k. Though they both share the same abilities in graphical applications and they have both onboard GPU, their performances when it comes to latest gaming is different from each other.

While Intel Core i5 6600k comes at lower prices, i7 4790k have many advantages over the other product. Overall, if you want a more improved and better performance and efficiency to optimize your gaming sessions and other computer-related jobs, then Intel Core i5 6600k seems to be an excellent choice.

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