Intel is one of the best series of CPU in the market. It continues providing a great CPU for all PC users. Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K came from the same family yet they have also differences with each other. In order to come up with the best choice, consider this review as it provides a comparison of features and overall capacity.

Intel Core i5 7600K vs i5 6600K

Specs and Features

Knowing the fact that Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K are both good choices of CPU, let’s take a glance at their specs and features to find out the best choice.

Operating frequency

Intel Core i5 7600K

Operating frequency or also called as clock rate is the speed of your CPU. This measurement is highly useful in comparing the speed of CPU in the same family. A high operating frequency is a big asset of a certain CPU. This is because of the fact that the processor is somewhat the engine of your PC. This means that the higher the frequency, the better performance it can give. This is why a CPU which has the higher operating frequency or clock rate is the better choice.

In the case of Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K, the latter choice has 4.2GHz of clock rate. This is higher compared to the 3.9GHz that the i5 6600K can offer. With this, it can be concluded that the Intel Core i5 7600K has higher clock rate or speedier compared to the i5 6600K which basically reflects its overall performance most especially in the gaming world.

Thread and core number

Intel Core i5 6600K

Another important point to consider in choosing a CPUs is the number of threads or cores. When talking about the cores or the threads, these are the units which work in receiving and processing of instructions. Since the work of the cores is very important, the number of threads means the better. This is because this indicates that this will provide a better performance in receiving and processing data which will result in overall faster performance.

The number of threads is one of the features in which the Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K share to each other. This is because both of them has the same numbers of threads which are 4 threads. With this, it can be noted that when it comes to how fast the performance is, both the Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K are good enough and are able to provide an excellent receiving and processing performance.

L2 and L3 cache

Despite the fact that L1 cache is part of the overall system of a CPU, the L2 and L3 caches are the most important since they have both effects with the overall performance of the processor. With this, the higher the size of the L2 and L3 caches, the better performance the CPU can give.

The Intel Core i5 7600K boast an L2 and L3 cache of about 7MB. This size of storage is the same as what the i5 6600K could able to provide. To conclude, both the Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K are good enough to use knowing that they have the same size of both caches.

Required thermal power

As far as choosing a good CPUs, the required thermal power must be carefully considered. This is because the lower the required power is, the better. This is due to the fact that a high thermal power does not only need higher wattage but it is also more likely to get heat easily. In the case of gaming sessions, a CPU with low thermal power is a wise choice knowing that playing online games will definitely produce heat easily.

For Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K, there is no evidence of difference when it comes to their required thermal powers. This is because of these top choices of CPU which came from the same family, both requires 91W to run. Generally speaking, both the Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K are good choices of CPU for all PC user.


Which CPU is better?

The fact that both the Intel Core i5 7600K and i5 6600K came from the same family, it is not surprising to find out that these two choices of processors share different specs and features. With this, many people find it a bit difficult to find the best choice. However, since the Intel Core i5 7600K is more recent compared to the i5 6600K, it also cannot be denied that there are some improvements which you can find in its whole system.

When it comes to the processing capacity, these two CPUs share the same ability as they have the same numbers of cores. Apart from that, they have also the same sizes of L2 and L3 caches as well as the thermal power required. The only difference they have is their level of frequency which has also a huge impact on the overall performance of the processor.

With this, it is found that the Intel Core i5 7600K is a better choice for PC user since it has higher speed compared to the other choice.

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