Not everyone knows that a small chip actually governs all the computer system. It’s like the brain in human form with all the functions are store and carry out using this chip. These small and powerful chips are known as a central processing unit (CPU) or in short, processor.

These chips are present not just into computers but also other gadgets, smartphones, and appliances like televisions. That is why, in order to ensure that your system will run efficiently, it is important to look into the processor that is incorporated into the system.

In this review, we will evaluate and compare two of Intel’s premium processors being sold today in the market. Respectively, Intel Core i7 6700k and i7 6800k are being used by a lot of computers being made in the world. These two versions though coming from the same manufacturer have different features and specs that you should know.

Intel Core i7 6700k vs i7 6800K

Features and Specs

Examining the features and specs of a processor is important that your computer or device will run fast and efficiently. Nevertheless, the Intel series has been a popular choice for a lot of users. That is why battling two very close Intel processors is a great way to take this comparison a challenge.


Intel Core i7 6700K

The core is responsible for managing all the data that is sent to the processor. Thus, the more cores integrated into the system, the more efficient and fast the system’s operation. Obviously, the 6800 k would have an advantage in this portion. It induces 6 cores with 12 threads in its system. In contrast, the 6700k is short with only 4 cores with 8 threads. Thus, clearly in this category, Intel i7 6800k wins!


Similarly to a memory, this refers to the storage of data that is being processed into the system. Nevertheless, the big the cache, the more desirable the processor would be. The 6800 k stores data up to 15 Mb with an allowable memory capacity of 128 Gb. Whereas, the 6700k only caters 8 MB smart cache with a memory size of 64 GB. Knowing all this, then let’s give another point to the 6800k.


Intel Core i7 6800k

This refers to the speed of which the processor operates. The 6700k gives you an astounding 4.2 GHz maximum turbo frequency. This is faster as compared to the 6800k with only 3.60 GHz. Though this frequency rate for 6800k could be increased through the Intel’s Turbo Max Technology, numbers could go as much as only 3.80 GHz which is still shorter than the latter. Additionally, the 6700k has greater clock speed with 4 GHz as compared to the other with only 3.4 GHz. Clearly, 6700k has its first win with this one!

Socket Compatibility

This is a primary concern that one should notice upon buying processors. Nonetheless, this refers to the connection and compatibility between the motherboard interface and the CPU. Thus, the i7 6700k has a CPU socket named LGA 1151. This socket is compatible with about eight types of motherboards including ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI. Whereas, the i7 6800k has a CPU socket labeled as LGA 2011. This will allow you to run through 12 different types of motherboards that are compatible with i7 6700k. Other motherboards that are compatible with i7 6800k includes the Alienware, Foxconn, Intel, and Sapphire.

Knowing all of these, it is evident that the i7 6800k wins this battle.

Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs)

GPUs are designed to calculate information related to graphics. The i7 6700k incorporates a GPU into its system, HD 530. Nevertheless, the other processor does not have any GPU within its processor. This means that you have to buy an additional graphics card to run the system. This fact goes also with micro-processors above i7 6700k. Let’s give this point to i7 6700k indeed.

Thermal Design Power

This feature refers to the amount of heat generated by the system. Thus, the less the power usage that the processor uses, the less heat it exudes as needed. Looking at it, the i7 6700k has the advantage with rated board TDP of 91 watts as compared to the i7 6800k with a great 140 watts. Judging with this, then let’s give this third point to i7 6700k.

Which One to Buy?

Intel Core i7 6700k

Introduced in August 2015, this processor commonly known as Skylake-S is a perfect micro-processor if you are searching for a practical product to be used into your computers. About a hundred dollar difference with incorporated GPU, this processor is very intuitive with low thermal power and relatively high frequency. Though it has the only fewer amount of cores, the device is really quite fast. Consequently, it’s speed could be increased by activating the Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Its speed rate is truly its major advantage as compared to the latest i7 6800 flagships of Intel.

Aside from that, the Skylake-S runs up to a maximum temperature of 44-50 degrees Celsius with three times battery lifespan comparing to the 6th generation Intel processor. This processor supports display resolution up to 4096 x 2304 and supports memory types DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 at 1.35V.

Intel Core i7 6800k

Presented less than a year later (about June 2016) than the Skylake-S, the Intel Core i7 6800k supports large cache and memory. Also, it has more cores as compared to Skylake-S with 6 cores and 12 threads. This is quite intuitive ensuring that your system runs efficiently as needed. Known for its Codename as Broadwell-E, this processor is also flexible and compatible with numerous motherboards including FoxConn and Intel for which the latter does not support with.

However, with all these features, you’ll expect that the processor will be more expensive than the Skylake-S. Other than the price, you have to purchase the GPU before you’ll be able to run the system. Thus, the Broadwell-E is only helpful for users who want to ensure versatility on handling variety of tasks. It is recommended to use this processor to businesses and corporations who usually keep themselves busy with the computers for multiple tasks.

This processor is innovated with improved technologies on Turbo Boost, Hyper-Threading, Virtualization, and internal security.

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