There are different speakers today you can see in the market. With different designs and measurement of the speakers, they are good enough to take part of the music sessions.

JBL is a famous brand when it comes to the production of good quality speakers. In fact, it already launched tons of speakers in different trend. The JBL Charge and the JBL Xtreme are two of the best speakers under the JBL brand. In this review, you will have time to know their difference and which one is really the best.

Jbl Charge 3 vs Xtreme

Specs and Features


JBL Charge 3

When we discussing about the sound of quality, these two JBL speakers are quite the same. This means that they have both quality sound effects. However, each of them has different fitness when it comes to the sound quality and the ambiance.

JBL charge 3 has cleaner sound effect which results in more accurate and detailed effect. whereas, JBL Xtreme shows a lot of bass effect. Though the bass or the sound effect of the JBL Xtreme is quite good, the only downside is that there are some mid and high elements which will be covered up. However, this doesn’t mean that Xtreme is not good at all, in fact, it has a great power which makes it suited for a bonfire, pool party, and other outdoor activities. When it comes to the Charge 3, it is not full when it comes to brass but t gives a clear and brighter sound.

Power and frequency

JBL Xtreme

A powerful speaker is the ideal one. Of course, no one wanted to have a low power speaker right? In these two choices of top JBL speakers, they have a close range of frequency. The JBL Xtreme has the capacity to reach the range between 70 Hz to 20kHz while the Charge 3 is between 65 Hz to 20kHz.


If you are looking for a portable speaker for both outdoor and indoor use, you can consider choosing these two options from JBL. These speakers may not exactly the same when it comes to overall measurement and weight, but all of them are portable and not heavy.

The JBL Xtreme has a dimension of 126 x 283 x 122mm while the JBL Charge 3 is about 88.5 x 213 x 87mm. On the other hand, their weight is not the same well. In fact, the Charge 3 is much lighter than the Xtreme. The JBL Charge 3 has a weight of 1.76 pounds while the JBL Xtreme weighs about 4.56 pounds.

Durability and quality

Durability, as well as quality in portable speakers, is a must. Well, considering the fact that these speakers will be brought for any outdoor activities, they need to have a high state of durability too.
Since both of these two speakers come from the same manufacturers, there is no wonder to see that they also share almost the same quality as well as durability.

Both of the external part or coating of these speakers are made with high-quality fabric. Both of them have a rubber base which keep them in pace and safety all the time.

Water resistance

When it comes to the property of resistance to water, both of these two speakers from JBL have got this property. However, despite the fact that they are both resistant, they have also different capacity in the water.

The JBL Charge 3 has IP rating of X7, this means that this speaker has the power to withstand in the water. With up to 30 minutes and about 1 meter of immersion in the water, this JBL speaker can fight it up. This means JBL Charge 3 is much more like swimmer since it can stay in the water for quite a long time. On the other hand, the Xtreme is not suitable for immersion. Even though it is waterproof, it cannot handle water immersion but only splashes. It will work out fine with little rain but do not even drown it in the water or else your precious speaker will drown too.

Ease of use convenience

Most speakers are relatively easy to use. However, there some speakers who are not that easy to operate. Fortunately, these two speakers from JBL will not give you a hard time when you are using it. In fact, both of them are really convenient to use which will let you operate it like a pro.

Both the speakers have buttons which are easy to reach and are very visible. Both have complete buttons for volume control, connection, pause and play, and other added and important buttons.

Which one is best?

As you can see with all the features and attributes of these speakers from JBL, both of them are actually a good choice. Choosing which of them to choose may not be that easy but you can rely on some points below.

If you want a speaker which is much more on bass effect, you can choose the JBL Xtreme while if you wanted a cleaner sound effect, the JBL Charge 3 is a better choice. This is why Xtreme is much suited for outdoor use while the Charge 3 is suited better in indoor.

In the end, the best choice will depend on your personal taste. Do you want a good bass effect? You can choose the JBL Xtreme. Do you want a cleaner sound effect more than to the bass? You can use the JBL Charge 3. Since both of them has almost the same features and property, the choice will now lie in your hand.

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