Vibrant colors, stunning details and a huge view, this is what LG 32MA68HY-P 32-inch IPS monitor is all about. Why strain your eyes with a 24-inch monitor when you can go with a full 32-inch computer monitor? This 32-inch LG monitor provides 70% more viewing area compared to a 24-inch screen. It has full HD clarity and stunning color reproduction that will surely improve any personal or professional project. This is a fully customize LG monitor that can split your screen display to as many as four windows to improve productivity.

1. Product Review


You can be more productive with this huge 32-inch screen which can be divided into four screens with its unique Screen Split 2.0 feature. You can work on spreadsheets on one window while editing documents in the other, watching videos on screen three and checking your mail on the fourth screen. You can connect easily from its many ports: display port, D-sub, USB 2.0 (x2), USB 2.0 and HDMI port making it a versatile workplace monitor to be used at the office or in your home office.

The LG 32MA68HY – P has a convenient On-Screen Control feature that can let you efficiently and quickly change preset display options. It can adjust a variety of picture settings such as brightness, color and many more. There is no need to make adjustments from the display settings on your PC.

This 32-inch monitor is sleek, thin and can be placed on your desk or mounted on the wall using the VESA wall mounting system. This is not included when you purchase the monitor though. And if you are done working and you want to read your favorite book, novel or storybook, you may use the Reader Mode. This feature is handy when you want to read for longer hours by reducing blue light.

2. Specs & Features

The LG 32MA68HY – P 32- inch IPS monitor has a variety of features that will surely please you. Here are some of the most impressive ones
• Full HD at 1920 x 1080 IPS
• With HDMI, Display Port, USB 2.0 and D-Sub ports
• Aspect ratio of 16:9
• With Screen Split 2.0 (up to 4 windows)
• Screen Split up to 14 possible configurations
• With On-Screen Control
• Semi-glare surface treatment
• With Reader Mode
• Compatible with VESA Wall Mount


3. Performance

Upon first look, you will notice that the monitor is thinner compared to other computer monitors of the same size but still has that black border from all sides of the monitor. The stand looks minimalistic and will fit almost all office décor.

Connecting the LG 32MA68HY – P is easy with all the standard connections and ports at the back. All the ports are on one side of the back of the monitor making the back neat and your cables organized. There is no DVI port which may have been outdated and replaced by the convenient HDMI.

This monitor uses an IPS panel which simply means that you will get better picture quality, more accurate colors and images can be viewed in all angles. Of course you won’t experience this much difference in color and picture quality when you are working on spreadsheets and documents. But when you play videos and watch movies, you will clearly notice the IPS difference. The IPS feature also stands out when you are editing photos and creating presentations because you will be able to accurately perform all these.

And of course the Screen Split 2.0 has made the LG 32MA68HY – P the star of every office. This feature clearly out-performs other monitors because you can divide your screen into four windows and even choose from 14 combinations. You will clearly improve productivity with this feature if not impress your friends! Say goodbye to working with two monitors and work like a pro with this unique feature from the LG 32MA68HY – P 32-inch IPS monitor.


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4. Pros & Cons


The LG 32MA68HY – P 32-inch monitor is definitely bigger than 24 –inch monitors which will allow you to work more, play more and create more. It has a stunning screen with full-HD clarity and improved color reproduction even when you view it from off-angles. You will be able to enjoy videos, work on projects and get more out of your time with this huge monitor.

The Screen Split 2.0 clearly makes this monitor a great addition to any office or home office. This feature allows you to work more efficiently, fast and with extreme flexibility as you do different tasks on each window. And because you can have 4 windows at 16 different configurations you will surely be able to get things done more efficiently compared to just working with one window or one monitor.

You can connect your PC and other devices with this computer monitor in a variety of ways. Compared to other monitors that will just let you connect via VGA or HDMI, you can connect via Display Port, D-Sub, and USB 2.0 (x2) and USB as well. This makes it this monitor a versatile office monitor that will have you covered at the office or at your home office.


It’s disappointing to find out that the VESA Wall Mount does not come with the LG 32MA68HY – P 32-inch IPS monitor. You need to pay extra to mount this monitor on the wall. You will also have to pay for other accessories which should have come with the monitor as well.

Some users agreed that this LG monitor was too much that it was better as a TV instead but of course this lacks speakers to work as a standalone HD television.

5. Final Word

The LG 32MA68HY – P 32-inch IPS monitor is clearly a standout when it comes to features, video quality, performance and connectivity. It has great features like Screen Split 2.0, Reader View, On-Screen Control and many more, making it a suitable addition to any office or home office. It will increase your productivity, boost performance and improve workplace satisfaction when you switch from a regular PC monitor to a stunning LG 32MA68HY – P monitor. If you think that this monitor suits your office or home office needs, follow this link.

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