Everybody loves to hang on with an optical gaming mouse while playing favorite games. Nonetheless, not as much everyone knows, having a fast and reliable gaming mouse is an advantage to some gamers who want to ace out in every gaming. That is why some gamers prefer on using Logitech mouse products. This brand has been delivering superior quality computer accessories to its users. It is an established brand that people had been clinging into for the past decade.

In this product review, we will try to evaluate two of the bestselling gaming mouse sold by Logitech. The Logitech G402 and Logitech G502 are existing flagships of Logitech to cater to the gaming mouse market. To know more, just scroll below as needed.

Logitech G402 vs G502

Logitech G402 Vs G502 – Features and Specs

Examining both device’s model number, you’ll probably get an idea that G402 was released beforehand than G502. Thus, it will be deemed expected that Logitech G502 has upgraded features than the latter. But nonetheless, a lot of users are curious upon what developments and features had been altered with the two devices. Likewise, let’s take a look and compare the specs and features of these two devices.

Optical Sensor

Logitech G502

Well, if we are looking at its sensor, then there’s really a big difference between these two devices. The Logitech G402 seems to be prettily left behind with a lagging 4,000 DPI whereas the Logitech G502 has an astounding 12,000 DPI. Nevertheless, this means that Logitech G502 has higher sensitivity and faster tracking than the latter device. Though it does not necessarily mean that it’s better than the G402, let’s just give this a point to G502.


Integrated Controls

Logitech G402

Nevertheless, both devices have soft-touched buttons with programmable buttons that you could easily alter using the intuitive software that is incorporated into the device itself. Though, the Logitech G502 represents as much as 11 programmable buttons with only 3 shorter than G402 with only 8 programmable buttons.

The scroll wheel is also a must-see. It’s primarily a weakness of the Logitech G402, isn’t easily tactile as it should be upon scrolling it. However, this feature has been improved with the current Logitech G502 design. It induces a hyper-fast scrolling wheel, entirely reliable than the previous design it supports.

Design and Material Durability

There’s absolutely a slight difference with the design upon just looking with the two devices. The Logitech G502 has more buttons with a techie-like appearance, black polished all throughout its surface. Nonetheless, this is quite different with Logitech G402 with an only simpler interface with fewer buttons on it. The Logitech G402 weighs about 3.5 ounces, an ounce short than G502 weighing as much as 4.5 ounces.

In terms of durability, you could notice some changes that G502 is incorporated from its previous model. The G502 model is fabricated from the aluminum casing with braided cables employing not just durability but longevity upon utilization of the device. This is totally in contrast with the G402 having plain rubber cord with plastic casing.

Hardware and Operation

With this part, there’s really not much difference between the two devices. Both devices employ a significant 500 ips (inches per second) speed with 32-bit ARM core. The Hyperion Fury Logitech G402 features a Logitech Delta Zero™ technology with exclusive Fusion Engine incorporating a hybrid sensor for which is its primary selling point.

This technology and properties are not really mentioned with G502’s specs. However, there are similarities with both device’s internal wiring as you’ve looked into it. Thus, still, this is something that both devices have a bit in common.


The interface and the layout upon opening the software of both devices are quite similar. The same placement of menu and settings are totally the same. Though you could see more colors and adjustments with the Logitech G502, there are just a few improvements that the manufacturer has established. Instead of giving only 4 DPI settings, the G502 is empowered with 5 DPI settings on its interface.

RGB lighting customization

The Logitech G402 does not have this feature. Though it is illuminated with blue, colors could not be altered as compared to the multi-color feature with 16.5 million colors of the Logitech G502. The only evident thing about Logitech G402 is color brightness adjustments.


The Logitech G402 does not include a 32 g tuning weight that the G502 possesses. This tuning weights are important to induce balance especially that you are playing games sophisticatedly. This promotes comfort and sustainability while utilization the device.

Which One to Buy?

Obviously, upon reading all the features and specs with both devices, you’ll eventually decide on purchasing the Logitech G502. It has empowering features with upgraded DPI and faster response that the latter device does not incorporates. Aside from that, it also has more durable material built with heavy RGB lighting customization and some add-ons to improve the longevity and performance while utilization of the device.

Perhaps, the only thing that Logitech G402 would be bragging about is its weight that is much lesser than Logitech G502.
Nevertheless, not just its features or specs, one should look at the price before purchasing. It’s expected though that Logitech G502 will be much expensive than the latter. Basically, both devices induce about $20 difference on it.

Is a $20 worth a shot at choosing Logitech G502 than Logitech G402?

Yes, absolutely. There is really a big difference in terms of specs and features with the two devices. This matches out significantly through the price you’ll be getting upon purchasing both of the devices. It is truly reasonable to buy one from another depending on what price with the corresponding specs and features you’ll be taking. The ultimate decision now lies to what tastes you wanted.
Overall, both devices are excellent to use. Both came from the same manufacturer which is Logitech. As known, Logitech has been running for many years into the technology industry. The brand has constantly been developing its devices for the convenient of its users.

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