Our computers will not work without a mouse for navigation. Nonetheless, even if your laptops have an integrated mouse function, you’d rather buy a separate mouse for easy controls. However, if you are a gamer, there’s a need to find the Best Gaming Mouse that is durable and highly responsive to aced out every gaming performance.

If you are still looking for that perfect gaming match, then this could be the answer to your long hopes. Presenting to you the fps gaming mouse, Logitech’s premium Proteus Core. This game mouse is exclusively designed for gaming purposes. Interesting? Then check out this review of this product to find out more.

1. Product Review:

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Review

Improve your gaming performance! This high-end mouse is specifically intended just for gaming with features optimized to maximize every gaming activity. Even though it isn’t came out with ergonomic mouse design, it has an intuitive rubber based grips and plastic case for easy controls and navigation. This black coated mouse is relatively small with a smart profile for multiple gripping options.

This 3.6-ounce mouse is fast-responsive with an empowering optical sensor technology to minimize mouse acceleration and to improve targeting. It has 11 customizable and heavily programmable controls with a free-spinning control that is conducive to multi-functional games. These buttons include movements to different directions and switching game function to simply control the gaming interface.

The mouse produces powerful multi-colored LED lights that are heavily customizable by adjusting its profile settings via a software that you could easily download by accessing their website. In this software, you could adjust the lighting, DPI sensitivity, and button profiles.

It is connected to a 78 inch USB cable and supports only multiple OS including Windows 7, 8, and 10. Aside from the mouse, the product includes tuning weights, a case, and a user manual.

2. Specs and Features

Robust Construction

Weighing about 3.6 grams, this mouse is engineered to be utilized by gamers. It has an easy grip rubber scroll and sides enclosing in a smooth plastic case for efficient performance. The product is quite handy, lightweight, and black finished with a typical mouse yet strongly edge and profiled design that is entirely exclusive to gaming.

Intuitive Controls

Because it’s utilized only for gaming activity, it has 11 programmable controls that function on scrolling (left and right), movements (forward, back, right, and left), DPI (up, down, and shift), switch profiles and added two buttons for left and right click. Aside from that, the device comes with a hyper-fast scrolling needed for fast-track gaming.

Highly Responsive Sensor

The mouse is highly reliable with its high-end optical sensor technology. This modern and fast-response mouse technology allow easy tracking, targeting, and shooting as needed during gaming activities.

Customizable LED Lighting

Using the software, you could alter the color of the lights that the mouse illuminates during its function. There are multiple available colors and brightness that you could readily adjust using the software. Approximately, colors are wide ranging with 16.8 million dots.

Flexible Software

Aside from the LED lights, the buttons could be readily adjusted using the software. You could disable or enable it depending on your convenience. You could also maximize the performance of the sensor and the buttons using the software. Also, there are customizable commands that you could employ using the software.
gaming software
3. Performance

This programmable mouse consists of wide-ranging functions that every gamer would like. Though at first, adjustments of the buttons and controls are a bit complicated, you’ll really need a manual to be able to get accustomed to it.

The design is quite intuitive and techie for which is totally perfect for gaming purposes. The controls and sensors are highly responsive most especially for demanding games like “World of Warcraft” and “StarCraft II”. However, even without the weights, the device is still heavy to use but still, easily manageable. Aside from that, the mouse is smoothly utilized to any friction and mouse pads.

The LED lighting is fascinating with adjustable light, brightness, and settings through the software. The buttons and controls are extremely helpful for which is customizable as needed it during gaming. The software has a complicated interface though but could be learned readily from using the device continuously.

But then, while most mouse brands are wireless, this brand is completely wired. Not just that, the length of wire is not that long enough. Though short wires are ideal for gaming, it would be helpful for the wire to be long enough for wide range movements.

Also, the scroll wheels are easily detached. Since a gaming mouse, you’ll expect that gamers will put force upon using it. Nonetheless, might as well manifest quality not just to its built but also the scroll wheels.

But overall, Logitech is a highly reliable brand. The best mouse comes from this brand so you’ll expect that this brand is the cheap wired mouse and finest among multiple gaming mouse available on the market. Logitech has been a trusted brand by a lot of customers and has been running for decades on technology-based projects.

Logitech G502

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4. Pros and Cons

• Sophisticated Design
• Durable Construction and Build
• Multi-functioned and Programmable Controls
• Easily Response Optical Sensor Function
• User-friendly Software for Customization
• Multiple LED Lighting

• Wired and Short Length USB Cable

5. Conclusion

This awesome mouse is one of a kind with a lot of buttons and functions that you could not find any other mouse available on the market. Yet, the best thing about this mouse is its price for which is very consistent and not that expensive given its quality and durability. It is well-designed with multiple customizations that could be learned along the process. Nonetheless, the only thing that’s negative about this product is its wired connection. Though, it’s a minor thing and really not that important as long as it goes with the function. Plus, Logitech is a premium and known brand. It’s best to trust on a product that has the best reputation in the mouse technology.

If you are still doubting about the multi-range power and function of the mouse, then check the mouse on various online stores and Logitech’s website for verification. It’s a guarantee that there’s nothing more gaming mouse as good than this brand.

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