Like any other thing, you have to step up into the internet gaming arena. Thus, practicing each day and developing their skills is what a lot of gamers do to stay on the top of the game. But nonetheless, not all things could be done through physical and mental capabilities. Sometimes you need to upgrade the devices and accessories that you’ve used on your computers like headsets, keyboards, and the mouse to make things fast, precise, and easy as you wanted it.

If you are thinking of buying one of these accessories, then check on two of Logitech’s premium mouse devices. The Logitech G502 and G602 are just among two of Logitech’s best-selling products. Nevertheless, this review will help you decide which product among the two brands suits to your taste and convenience.

Logitech G502 vs G602

Logitech G502 vs G602—Specs and Features

At first glance, you’ll probably get an idea that G602 is an upgrade of G502. Though, it could be a bit lame comparing an upgrade to its previous model knowing that is considered being more efficient and faster than the former. It could be true to some products, but not entirely with all. Thus, let’s just examine Logitech’s G502 and G602s features as needed.

Optical Sensor

Logitech G502

A highly advanced optical sensor, the G502 brags upon its zero optical sensor technology for a more reliable and fast operation. It induces a maximum 12,000 DPI and among the fastest mouse among any other brands. Whereas, the G602 has a lower DPI range from 250 to 2500 DPI. Though, both generate five DPI settings with easy DPI controls.

Nevertheless, though both could be used for a different type of surfaces with no recurring mouse pad on it, let’s just give this point to G502 for greater resolution and range of sensitivity.

Durability and Size

Logitech G602

Both devices have a familiar shape and structure. The G502 is lighter with only about 4.3 ounces as compared to the latter with 15.2 ounces weight. Nonetheless, the G502 has a 121-139 gram weight customization to promote balance while utilization, whereas the latter does not include one.

With its design, both devices have a lot of similarities. Mainly black finished, both devices are fabricated from high-quality materials, compactly-made for the utilization of the users. The G602 is slightly archer on its palm and index fingers than the G502. Aside from that, G602 is streamlined with white polishing on the center and sides of the mouse. Both cater rubber grips into its sides and a durable scrolling wheel for easy maneuvering of things as needed.

As an overall, for this criteria let’s give this advantage to Logitech G502. Considerably, it’s quite flexible, much portable and has tuning weights for customization. But nonetheless, both devices are made from a same material with the very similar build.

Ergonomics and Controls

Mainly, both devices include 11 programmable controls and an adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel to manage easily and quickly things as much as possible. But nonetheless, the G602 mouse is empowered with smoothly driven and dated 20 million click lifespan giving its users reliability at its best.

With regards to the placement of the buttons, a lot of users are comfortable with how buttons are placed in G602. The interface is well-engineered enough to not click one from another especially if you are playing games. As compared to the G502, the interface seems a bit weaker than the latter with DPI switches easily press and unidentified.

Though, in general, it is intuitive for an incorporation of 11 easily adjust macro-buttons within the device. A lot of users find this useful especially on gaming as needed. Though, another close fight, let’s give this to G602 for the reliability!

RGB lighting

This is another strength that G502 possesses that G602 does not have. The G502 mouse incorporates a customizable RGB lighting on its interface with 16.8 million colors and brightness to illuminate out every utilization. This lighting could be easily controlled by the intended software for Logitech.


Both devices include a Logitech Gaming software on its package. This software will be used to manage different profile settings into the mouse. The RGB lighting for G502 could be readily adjusted and the buttons are easily programmed depending on whatever utilization you’ve wished for. Both devices are compatible with the same software so there’s really not much to compare. Though G502 has more features that you could play with it.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The G602 is Logitech’s entry to a wireless connection. Nonetheless, its wire-free capability is its primary advantage as compared to the latter. It induces through a USB nano-receiver empowering a 2.4 GHz wireless and 2-millisecond report rate. The G602 mouse runs through a non-rechargeable battery that includes a 250-hour lifespan.

As compared to G502 mouse that incorporates a durable braided cable about 7 feet long easily attached to the computer with USB report rate of 1000 Hz with 1-millisecond report rate.

Both devices support Windows OS. However, G502 isn’t compatible with Mac OS whereas G602 supports connection through it.

In a verdict for this feature, let’s give this a point to Logitech’s G602 for its wire-free feature and fast connectivity. Though, few users just hoped to include a wired option for versatility as needed.

Which One to Buy?

Though G602 is noted as an upgrade from the former, it had truly lost some features to cater the wireless ability that this model brags upon. Nonetheless, the G602 is quite durable and considerably, long-lasting. It had eliminated some features like the RGB lighting and reduce its DPI range for which is quite a disappointment especially that more users crave for these specs. Likewise, the wireless feature seems to be worthy of a sacrifice. A lot of users love the feature. It’s even much faster than other brands with similar ability.

Obviously, the G602 will be more expensive than the latter with the wireless feature. Though with the existing discounts, the G602 has depreciated cheaper about two times to its original price.

Overall, both devices seem to be worth for purchase. With the current demand for wireless brands, G602 will truly perfect for your utilization. However, if you still opted for the wired option, G502 would be an excellent choice for it.

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