Logitech G602 Vs G700S – Which is the Best Mouse?

When you play games on your PC, you cannot reach its optimum level without the help of other electronic accessories. In fact, these accessories have individual roles in the whole gaming process and one of these accessories is the gaming mouse.

With the help of gaming mice, a gamer cannot just enjoy its game but can also perform well. These mice have an additional feature which has the capacity to help you reach your goal every end of the game.

Meet the Logitech G602 and G700S. They are part of the top mice from Logitech which has a spot in the overall mice ranking. Ever wondering which one is better? Find out in this review.

Logitech G602 vs G700s

Specs and Features

Logitech G602


When it comes to choosing the best gaming mouse, considering its performance is always a must. Both for day to day job and for gaming sessions, the level of performance your mouse can give will make a difference.

The Logitech G602 and G700s are both having a good performance. However, they have also differences which lead some people to choose one over the other. Meanwhile, wireless tracking is a kind of excellent performance a gaming mouse can do. This is why, upon choosing a gaming mouse, look for those with high sensitivity.

When talking about sensitivity, the Logitech G700S does a pretty job over the G602. Although both of them have high sensitivity, the fact that the Logitech G700S has higher dpi is enough reason why this considers as a superior mouse. Logitech G700S has dpi which ranges from 200-8200. This sensitivity performance is quite good and is highly suitable for intense gamers who like intense gaming actions all the time.

What feature do these two gaming mice share is the adjustable dpi. This means that with these mice, you can adjust and control the dpi according to your personal preference. Nevertheless, even if the G700S has a better performance of sensitivity over the G602, it must be partnered with good mouse pad or cloth in order to work out well.

Level of comfort

Logitech G700s

Another important feature to consider is the comfort. The Logitech G602 is comfortable to use more than you imagined. It comes in 15.2 ounces with a dimension of about 5.47 x 3.27 x 1.73 inches, a size which will not give any burden when in use. When you look the physical look of this gaming mouse, you can observe how ergonomic its design is. Well, this design is really for comfort as this mouse offers a tactile and pleasing resting spot of your fingers. It also offers a full palm grip so that no matter how fast-action your game is, you will not get lost in holding your mouse properly.

On the other hand, the Logitech G700S also comes in ergonomic design for comfort in every use. For both using and gripping, this gaming mouse does a pretty job. This mouse gives you a full contact so that your hands can comfortably rest there. Although the G602 is extra-comfortable to use, the G700S comes in a shape which is beneficial to every gamer. As you see its design, it is very curvy in its every angle.

In the end, both the Logitech G700S and G602 came with an ergonomic design. This design is not just all about simple designs but is for comfort and usability as well.


When talking about quality, these top two gaming mice choices are both good in quality. Thanks to their manufacturer, the Logitech which exactly knew what the people needs. the Logitech G700S is a mouse covered with rubber with textures like soft and fluffy. If you are an intense gamer, like those who are extremely raging when playing, then the Logitech G700S is the one suited for you. You might hear many mice which came in rubberized form but did not work out well as expected. Well, rubberized mice are actually great to use but when you start to get sweat, the frustration will then start right away. But, not with the G700S, it has an improved material like plastic with high texture. It also added a hydrophobic coating which keeps the mouse stick in your hand with an increased breathability which is highly important.

The Logitech G602 is closer to perfection when it comes to quality. Well, just the like the G700S, it comes with a surface coated with hydrophobic and its plastic material is high in quality and durability level. This is the reason why when talking about the quality, the Logitech G602 is a better choice but if you are a type of person who always sweats when playing then, the G700S is the best for you.

Which one is the best?

Logitech G602 and G700S are both top mice when it comes to its overall quality and performance. This is why it is not that easy to conclude which of them is the best choice.

Logitech G602 is better than G700S when talking about durability as well as comfort in every use. From its physical design to its high usability and good performance, this gaming mouse can be a good choice.

Most of all, if you are looking for a gaming mouse which has extra-long battery life the Logitech G602 is for you. This gaming mouse wows many users with its battery life which is really an important feature.

Logitech G700S is also the answer if you are looking for gaming mouse which has high sensitivity. This mouse is also suited for gamers who play like there’s no tomorrow. This is because of its performance and comfort, you can really count on this one. However, the downside of this choice is the fact that its material is not that high qualities and its battery life are lower as well.

In the end, both of these gaming mice deserve to be part of your choice. In fact, they must be chosen by every gamer since they are really great choices.

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