Gaming is a stress relieving activity that some people mostly do during their free time beside school or work. Likewise, it’s feel great to ace out every game as much as possible. That is why, like any other game, practice is a must to topple the rest of the gamers. But nonetheless, not every success does not rely on mere practicing. Sometimes you just need to invest in high-quality accessories in order to improve your computer ability. Introducing to you, Logitech’s mice products, G900 and G502. These products are fast-track and among the best-selling gaming mouse in the market.

If you are interested in these devices, then check out this review and comparison of these two Logitech products.

Logitech G900 vs G502

Logitech G900 Vs G502—Features and Specs

Logitech has been dominantly consistent on delivering superior quality computer accessories to all its users. Consequently, it has been one of the most trusted brands by a lot of users when we are talking about computer accessories such as mouse or keyboard.
Though Logitech is an astounding brand, there is still a lot of differences with all of its devices. The Logitech G900 and G502, clearly evident having different features with G900 on the edge.

Optical Sensor

Logitech G900

Nevertheless, in terms of speed and accuracy, both devices enclose a maximum of 12,000 dpi. Though, the difference only between the two products is the range that it manifests into. The Logitech G900 incorporates only 5 available modes while the Logitech G502 contains 6 presets related to its DPI. Knowing this, we could say that though both devices have a maximum DPI of 12,000, Logitech 502 seems to be more flexible than the latter. Thus, let’s give this point to this close fight with Logitech 502!

RGB Customizable Lighting

As to this feature, both devices work intuitively catering full spectrum of colors. Likewise, both features 16.8 million colors and brightness with easily adjust colors and brightness using the software. Since there is really no difference between this, let’s take the verdict for these devices equally.

Controls and Buttons

Logitech G502

The Logitech G900 incorporates more buttons than the latter. It possesses 11 programmable buttons counting over the left and right mouse click, two additional left and right buttons each, a DPI up and down, a scroll wheel click for the middle, left, and right. Nonetheless, you could also map out the buttons, in a total of 21 keys that could be generated. Whereas, the Logitech G502 introduces only 10 programmable buttons. Eight of its buttons are located in the interface while the other two are located beneath the mouse.

As mentioned, both devices also have a scroll wheel. Though, the Logitech G900 is more intuitive than the latter with great reviews from the users. Thus, let’s give this a go-to Logitech G900!

Software Capabilities

Since both devices come from the same brand, it is expected that both incorporate the same software. Commonly, the Logitech software is quite good. It has a great and easy to use interface with a lot of modes and adjustments on color, brightness, profile personalization, and buttons. Perhaps, the only difference that you could point out is the number of modes and buttons that you could choose upon since both products exhibit different features. Thus, it’s a tie with this part!

Durability and Ergonomics

Looking at both devices, its casing is mainly black and plastic finished with rubber streamlined to the sides of the device. In terms of size, there is really not much difference. Though, Logitech G502 holds more weights with its add-on tunable weight incorporated as compared to the latter.

Aside from that, the Logitech G900 is more edgy and durable. The buttons and wheels are easily clicking and response around as needed. It’s built for long-lasting activity with amazing technology incorporated with it. Whereas, few users have experienced inconsistencies with Logitech G502. Some buttons and the scroll wheel is non-responsive at few times of utilization.

As a verdict, let’s give this a point to the Logitech G900!

Connectivity Options

While both support Windows and Mac operated devices, there is a particular feature that Logitech G900 makes it more empowered than the latter. It has a dual connectivity ability. This means that you could use it with or without cables on it. According to few of the device’s users, this wireless capability of this device is prettily seamless. Logitech G900 comes with a 32-hour battery life upon its wireless operation.

The wired operation consists of a 6 feet cable. Though heavily plastic, its design with a great tensioning system and metal pivot design makes the device more intuitive as you’ve known it. Just attach it, then play as needed.

Whereas, the Logitech G502 possesses only a single connectivity option. Its USB cable is heavily braided, not that plastic or rubber felt for which is quite impressive. The cable is about 7-foot long, still quite long for gaming utilization.

As to this features, it’s Logitech G900’s special feature. Let’s give some point with it!

Which one to Buy?

It’s a landslide win for G900. Nonetheless, it’s quite obvious that Logitech G900 will win this battle. It’s an upgrade from Logitech G502 exhibiting more features on it. The wireless option is totally different and innovative for Logitech to incorporate. Thus, it makes the device more versatile with its gaming ability.

Another thing to comment about Logitech G900 is its durability. The design itself is very convenient with heavily built materials on it from its casing to its internal hardware. However, the Logitech G502 is still quite good. But nonetheless, it has few operation discrepancies that most users had an issue with.

Regarding the price of the devices, there’s really a big difference with it. The Logitech G900 is twice as expensive as Logitech G502. It will really take time for you to ponder around whether you’ll take out practicality or performance at its best for these devices.

But whatever you choose, it’s certain that you will really love it. Aside from it’s a Logitech brand, both devices have been receiving positive reviews and ratings from its users.

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