Coming from a reputable gaming giant, the Nintendo Switch was met with huge expectations when it came out last year. It is a 2-in-2 console that you can use at home or as a portable gadget. We like the neat design of the Nintendo Switch, but for a celebrated console, it has to be more than eye candy.

Product Review

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch comprises two detachable Joy-Con controllers and a capacitive touchscreen tablet that is not a lot bigger than the common phablet at 6.2 inches. On the box, you can see these components, but the actual set contains other items too.

There is the so-called Switch Dock, which is used to connect the Nintendo Switch to your TV. You also get what they call the Joy-Con Grip, where you slide the two controllers into place if you want them to function as conventional controllers. Then, there is a power lead, an HDMI cable, and two Joy-Con straps, which you are supposed to use for games with motion control.

Despite being so small, the console feels very solid in the hands. Its metal finish looks good and well-made. Meanwhile, the controllers are just light enough for comfort. The kickstand easily goes limp after a few times of being used, so you may have to hold the tablet in a certain way to keep the stand out of the way.

Bluetooth 4.1 is supported (except for wireless headphones). Battery life according to the manufacturer is between 3 and 6 hours, with the key influencing factors being WiFi and brightness levels.

The only issues you may potentially encounter are the expensive accessories and games. The game library is vast, but many of the games are more expensive than those in other platforms. The added accessories are not required, but they greatly improve the experience.

We love the Nintendo Switch mainly because it lets us play easily and conveniently. It is by no means a top-of-the-line console and a contender to the high-end models produced by Nintendo’s rivals, but it addresses the common gamer’s needs.

Not all of us have the cash or the time to pour on home gaming consoles, and cutting-edge graphics technology is not of paramount importance to a lot of us. Most of the time, we are stuck in traffic jams on our way to class or work, fantasizing about playing our favorite games, not about the state-of-the-art specs of our expensive consoles at home. This is what it is all about, and we love the Nintendo Switch for fulfilling this need.

Specs and Features

Nintendo Switch

Single vs. multiplayer

Whenever you are stuck at home, in an airport, or in your nan’s home during the sad aftermath of a Thanksgiving dinner, you can simply pop the Nintendo Switch out and start playing away.

You can also enjoy playing on the Nintendo Switch with up to seven other people. You can link up eight consoles for any local face-to-face game.

Connects to your TV

The display of the Nintendo Switch is nice and vibrant, but a small screen will always just be a small screen. For those times that you want to enjoy the sight of your enemies being defeated with your bananas and mushrooms through a large screen, you can use the dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch.

The dock also comes in handy when playing with friends, during which a small screen is often insufficient. We find the dock easy to use, and it connects quickly to TVs.

Handheld mode

You can use the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Imagine the PSP, but cute and more compact. You can play with the Joy-Con controllers slid into the sides of the monitor or taken out. The controllers are small but fit just comfortably enough in average adult hands.

You can also use accessories (Joy-Con controller grip) with these detachable controllers to improve grip and control for certain games or if you have particularly huge hands that are not used to holding controllers in the shape of the Joy-Con ones.

Comes with screen stand

The Nintendo Switch comes with a screen stand that you can flip out. This feature is ideal for playing with a friend.

Game library

The Nintendo Switch comes with a growing library of games featuring different characters, modes, and gameplays. New titles are continuously being added to this library, and these are targeted toward adults, kids, and everyone in between. The game library is very family-friendly, and you should not have a hard time picking something out for whoever you are hanging out with.

Nintendo Switch


All in all, the Nintendo Switch delivers great performance. To begin, the screen is highly responsive. Its quality is not too unlike that of an actual tablet. The battery life is also just as the manufacturer promises. With WiFi turned on and screen brightness turned all the way up, a power-hogging game should consume battery life in 3 hours. On airplane mode and with brightness turned down, you can play the same game for up to 5 or 6 hours.

We have no issue with the controllers. We think the buttons are positioned well, and they function quickly. They are not a pain to use even when playing intense games. The dock is also quite easy to use. We can say the same thing about the straps.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch performs really well for a portable console. Sure, it comes with a lot of accessories, and their bulk hardly makes this console portable anymore. However, at the end of the day, the Nintendo Switch still does what it promises and delivers well.

• easy to use
• has a simple interface
• has a nice display

• expensive accessories and games

Final Word

A joy to look at and use, the Nintendo Switch is highly recommended for gamers who want to be able to play while on the go without any fuss. The guys over at Nintendo clearly did an exceptional job making the Switch highly versatile while keeping it simple and easy to use. Any console that has those things combined is good in our book and should be good in yours too.

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