Technology and social media have opened more doors towards the art of photography. Likewise, taking pictures and selfies have been a habit by a lot of people especially on commemorating significant events like getaways, birthdays, and travels. But nonetheless, to create a picture-perfect photo experience, you just don’t need a smartphone with a camera on it. Sometimes a touch of a mirrorless camera transforms reality to pictures. That is why a lot of people tend to buy these cameras to help them around with taking pictures.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S gives that kind of experience. A powerful mirrorless camera that captures excellent photos through its multiple features that indeed few of the best ones in the camera industry. Nonetheless, to get you a grasp with this camera, then take a few minutes on reading this review.

1. Product Review

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

A video-centric camera that shoots movies and videos even at the low light performance. This GH-series flagship is built around with a 10.2 MP and four-thirds microchip sensor. It runs through a Venus Engine incorporating a large 3.68m OLED electronic viewfinder with high-resolution eye-level monitoring. It includes a 32’’ 1.62m-dot LED touchscreen with free angle movement working at various angles.

This 1.45 pound is black polished mainly fabricated from magnesium alloy. It is quite bulky with an accessible interface with the same controls to its predecessor. Its main body is freeze proof up to -10°C and dust or splash resistant.

It brags about its Dual Native ISO Technology that includes an extendable and multi-aspect ISO range from 160-51,200 to 80-204, 800. It records around videos with multiple aspect ratios from 4:3, 17:9, to 3:2 with no change in focal length or compromising the video resolution. This high-end video camera allows recording 4K videos at 60ps in an unlimited length of time. Nonetheless, you could save your videos through an inserted two available slots for SD card and also, an option to save it through an HDMI Live Output. These SD cards are UHS-II compatible to handle high data rates required.

This dynamic video camera allows recording super slow motion videos running up to 240 fps when recording full HD videos. It also records fast rate videos at HD quality up to 180 fps. Aside from that, this camera provides users diversity on tonal adjustments and degradations via the V-LogL and Hybrid Gama HDR modes. Choose between multiple output monitor options between 4:2:2 10-bit output and 4:2:0 8 bit output on display.

Other features of the device include a Timecode In/Out Compatibility which is set through a flash sync terminal and bundled coaxial cable for BNC terminal. It incorporates a full-area auto-focus system which includes a face/eye detection and 20x magnification. It enables various photo style modes from standard, vivid, to monochrome as needed. It also captures raw image files and still videos inducing flexibility on camera and video recording.

It has a built-in 5GHz Wifi connectivity with NFC and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy allowing convenient image sharing and remote camera control linked from smartphones and tablets. Aside from that, these features allow GPS for easy location confirmation.

The package of the device includes a cable holder, hot shoe, battery charger, battery, shoulder strap, USB connection cable, BNC conversion cable, and a start-up manual for setup an utilization of the device.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

2. Specs and Features

Robustly Made Body with an Astounding Design

This black finished camera is made mainly of magnesium alloy body that is weather and shock resistant. Weighing about 1.45 pounds, this camera device operates through versatility with all its given controls. It has a large lens as expected to record on high-quality videos and capture images.

Video Recording Versatility

The camera is highly specialized to shoot on videos. It records multi-aspect videos ranging from different ratios and resolutions. It handles Full HD and 4K videos with extendable ISO range given from 160-51 to 80-204. It allows unlimited video recording super slow rates about 240 fps to fastest frame rates of 180 fps.

Intuitive Auto-Focus System

It accommodates a continuous auto-focusing system benefitting from 225 focusing system areas with -5 EV luminance to cater to low-sensitive light conditions. It boasts upon its advanced DFD (depth from defocus) technology that has an intuitive distance and focusing as little as 0.05 seconds. It also has a focus peaking mode to highlight contrasting and bright outlines during operation.

Photo Capture Capability

Though it has an excellent video recording system, the manufacturer did not compromise its photo capturing ability. It captures photos via its 20.3 megapixels at normal conditions and low light resolutions at 10.2 megapixels. There is a wide-range availability of photo modes from this camera that you could readily adjust as necessary. It also includes a 20x magnification to assist you on the photo capturing process.

Multiple Storage Options

You could record and capture videos or photos with this mirrorless camera unlimitedly. The camera includes a dual SD slot that caters only UHS-II for a flexible recording and photo capturing options. You could also videos or photos through its internal HDMI live output.

Wide Range Resolution

As known, this camera captures high quality 20.3 MP resolutions. Nonetheless, it contains an intuitive 3.68 dot OLED viewfinder with a fully articulated 1.62 by 2.3 inch LED screen which induces a White Magic Technology to increase the brightness it involves.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

3. Performance

Since this latest Panasonic’s camera lineup and is still not up for purchase until the middle of February, there are considerably fewer reviews for this device. Though at first glance, you’ll clearly note on its video capability catering versatile movie recording at very fast and slow rates up to 240 fps. It also has a great accompanying lens enhancing photo and video details as necessary during captures.
Nonetheless, this Panasonic’s camera flagship has sacrificed few features that its predecessor contains on. It does not accommodate the 6K-Photo Mode that allowed users to direct 30p video capture and 18 MP image captures. Since this is predominantly a video camera, you’ll expect that it will get less of its still camera feature. However, the camera captures has great imaging system as necessary.

Aside from that, its battery performance has gradually improved as compared to its predecessor. Though, still not convincible as compared to its existing competitors.

With its price, the camera is quite reasonable. It is really a bit expensive than its premium camera competitors. But nonetheless, with all the features and the flexibility, this camera is considerably worth a shot at purchasing.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

4.Pros & Cons

• Highly Detailed Video Capability
• Intuitive Controls and Functions
• Durable Body and Built
• Innovative Camera Processing Engine
• Multi-angled and wide LED screen
• Great auto-focus system
• Highly sensitive to low lights
• Wifi and Bluetooth Enabled
• Extendable and Dual Native ISO Technology
• Multiple Aspect Ratios and Resolutions

• Weak Battery System
• Expensive Price Tag

5. Conclusion

Everyone loves the camera. Let’s enliven our videography skills by using this highly specialized video camera system. Aside from the premium video quality, it induces durability and efficiency not just through videos but also capturing still images. It is not that heavy as compared to its other competitors plus its body is water and scratch resistant. This camera is a must-have! Pre-order now before it will get sold out.

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