PowerBeats 3 vs 2 – Which Product is the Best Earphone?

Earphones are one of the most convenience electronic devices used by people. It is also one of the devices which continue to prove its worth in people lives. As the generation has passed by, there is also a continuous evolution of earphones which made it as one of the greatest human daily partners.

In the modern age, earphones always came with great styles which are not just designed to become classy but highly convenience as well. As you can see, earphones today are quite different from before. In fact, it is not just the design that changes but also the overall functionality and efficiency of the device. This is why Powerbeats boasts their latest earphones with modernized approach.

PowerBeats 3 vs 2

What’s exactly their difference? Find out below.

Specs and Features

Overall design


These two earphones had similarity in their design. In fact, they are not completely wireless type of earphones since each of them has a cable which will drape the back of your neck and connect each part.

The Powerbeats 2 is the first which was introduced in the market and it was the Powerbeats 3 which received more improvement. This is why when it comes to its design, the Powerbeats 3 has an ergonomic design compared to the former version. However, despite the small differences, all in all, these earphones are closely identical. Both of them are not completely wireless, complete with buttons, and adjustable. Powerbeats 3 and 2 have flexible hooks and comfortable to wear ear buds.

Available colors

Powerbeats 2

As color is also a reflection of one’s personality and taste, many people also consider the availability of color as one of their determinants in choosing the best one. When talking about color availability, the Powerbeat 2 has more choices compared to Powerbeats 3. The former is available in Black, siren red, gray, yellow, red, cobalt blue, and pink. While the Powerbeat 3 have few choices such as yellow, black, siren red, flash blue and shock yellow.


Earphones are not just used for listen to music but also used for answer a phone call. This is why it will make a difference if you will choose an earphone which high in functionality so that it will become your effective partner every day.

Both of these earphones from Powerbeats are a wireless and in-ear type of earphones. This means that both of them are comfortable and is no hassle to use too. They are also both durable and of high quality as they are both made by the same manufacturer which is known for their quality products. In addition to that, these two Powerbeats earphones are water resistant. With this, any choice you may come up, you will still end up with the earphones which will survive in water and will fight even to sweating.

Level of convenience

Even though the Powerbeats 2 is upgraded type of earphone, it was still the same level of convenience with the Powerbeats 3. Since they are both wireless type, both of them are suitable not just for answering a call but also during exercise. Aside from that, though they do not share the same number of hours of their battery life, the fact that each of them can last for several hours is enough to say that they are both convenient to use.

Battery life

Here comes the main difference of the Powerbeats 2 and 3. These two earphones share almost the same features but not with the battery life. If the Powerbeats 2 will survive for up to 6 hours of use, the Powerbeats 3 will reach up to 12 hours. Aside from that, though these two Powerbeats earphones will charge up quickly, the Powerbeats 3 charger quicker compared to the Powerbeats 2. For just five minutes of charging the Powerbeats 3, you can now use it for an hour while the Powerbeat 2 will need at least 15 minutes to do the same thing.

Prices and availability

When talking about price, these wireless types of earphones have the same price. They are both affordable with their cost but worth of their price as well.The Powerbeats 3 and 2 are both not expensive but they are not cheap as well. Both of them are also available in stores online and offline.

Which one is the best Earphone?

As you can see, there are only small details when it comes to the difference between Powerbeats 3 and 2. Basically, as earphones which came from the same manufacturer, they have also shared features. Both of these earphones have built-in microphone so that you could able to answer a call while using it, both quick pairing too which made them a less-hassle device to use, has LED indicator light which will let you become aware that your device is running out with battery, USB charging and carrying case for protection of the item.

With this, it is plain to see that Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats 4 have no big differences from each other. These two earphones share the same price, state of availability, functions, features, and level of convenience. Their only and biggest difference is the battery life since the Powerbeats 3 has longer hours of the battery than the Powerbeats 2.

All in all, when it comes to choosing the best earphones based on performance and efficiency, the both of these earphones are better choices. However, if you will also consider the battery life, you can choose the Powerbeats 3 since it has longer battery life.


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