We all love to play over with our gaming consoles at the end of a stressful day from work. These gaming consoles are completely accessible and easily installed in our entertainment or bedroom spaces. That is why a lot of people nowadays tend to purchase gaming consoles to their homes for relaxation and to bond around with the family or friends. However, with the numerous existing gaming consoles in the market, it makes harder for you to choose the best one for you to buy with. That is why we are here to narrow down everything for you into two brands. Introducing, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. Likewise, to help you decide among these two, and to know these two brands better, then check out this review and find out more as necessary. Let the battle of the consoles begin!
ps4 pro vs xbox one
About PS4 Pro and Xbox One

As known, both devices are gaming consoles. They came from different manufacturers and considerably, have different identities that you should understand also.

PS4 Pro is the latest upgrade of Sony’s PS4. This model was launched on November 10, 2016, and said to compete over Microsoft’s Xbox One S who is gaining popularity in the market. This device is an improved version of its predecessors, PS4.5 and PS4 Neo. Sony calls this product “the supercharge PS4” with 4K compatibility and high dynamic range (HDR) video features.

A year later from Sony’s product launching on November 7, 2017, Microsoft has released its new brand of gaming console named Xbox One. This is comparably a massive leap to its former brand, Xbox One S. Initially, it gives you more games, video resolution, and compatibility upgrades.











Design and Material Quality

The common thing about the two products is its shape and size. Though Xbox One is a little heavier and thicker, it is presumably only one or two-pound difference which for some is not really significant. Nonetheless, both exhibits a rectangular plain shape black matte finished with sharp edges on its sides. The two devices are barely unrecognizable unless you’ll examine the logo which for Xbox One primarily located on a particular side while the PS4 Pro is on the center interface. Also, PS4 Pro is divided into three decks while Xbox One X is streamlined with two unequal layers.

With its existing ports, both devices contain two USB ports, optical, and audio ports. Though, Xbox One X has its edge giving on the HDMI option as PS4 Pro does not have. But nonetheless, PS4 Pro gives super speed ports as compared to its predecessors. Though, this feature does not match over with Xbox One X. For design, let’s give this close fight to Xbox One X.

Hardware Specs

Inside the device lies the hardware which dictates upon the speed of the consoles. Nevertheless, both devices are quite intuitive with existing one terabyte hard drive and improved WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility. Also, both induce powerful processors running 8-core. Though, you’ll expect a faster gaming operation with Xbox One X since it has an impressive chip of 2.3 GHz as compared to the latter with only 2.13 GHz processor. Definitely, a point again to Xbox One with an only slight difference.


With this feature, there’s definitely a difference between these two models. Xbox One X handles greater resolution and background processes with existing RAM of full 12 GB of GDDR5. This is quite less as compared to PS4 Pro with 8 GB of GDDR5 and an additional 1 GB RAM.

Aside from that, Xbox One X caters 4K quality at 60fps while PS4 Pro only manages 30 fps in 4K. With these large content, Xbox One X handles wide range games as compared to PS4 Pro. Also, Xbox One X allows Ultra HD Resolution for which is better than Full HD only for which PS4 Pro possesses. For this feature, it’s clear that Xbox One X wins.


As noted, Xbox One X supports multiple games because of its larger memory RAM and GDDR5 capacity. Nonetheless, both devices support multiple gaming formats as 4K HDR standards. However, PS4 Pro does not cater Dolby Almos in Blu-ray for which Xbox One X incorporates. Thus, as for this category, let’s give it a plus to Xbox One X.

Game Controller

Just by looking into the game controller of both devices, you’ll eventually notice the difference between the two. PS4 Pro has a more sophisticated appearance as compared to the latter. Its glossy black finished with highly organized controls and functions. Both devices support wired and wireless controls. But overall, in terms of responsiveness and interface, PS4 Pro has an advantage to Xbox One X. This is absolutely one feature that Xbox One X is totally weak on.

Gaming Performance

With an additional capacity and compatibility, Xbox One X totally rules with this category. PS4 Pro has some limited features like 1080p for which the device is weak on while the latter performs greatly. Aside from that, PS4 Pro has slower data transfer process as compared to Xbox One X. Thus, you’ll expect a sharper resolution and faster gaming experience with Xbox One X. Also, Xbox One X caters wide-range games that you could easily download on the internet or through the package.

But nonetheless, both of the devices are easy to set up. All that is required to do is plug and install as necessary. Both cater 4K HDR for which is commonly employed in gaming consoles. Both devices are quite great for utilization though Xbox One X has totally an edge at this part.


Since PS4 Pro has fewer features, you’ll expect that the device is cheaper than Xbox One X. As notably, there is a hundred dollar significance between the two. This is quite reasonable with the upgrade and features that Xbox One X contains. Thus, let’s give this a point to PS4 Pro.

Which One to Buy?

Knowing that these two devices are among the best brands today, it is not really an issue whatever you choose among the two. As an overall, both devices employ quality and durability as necessary during gaming. Though, you’ll expect a wider coverage with X box One X as expected to its expected price.

Nonetheless, both devices cater different markets with its prices. As notably, let’s wait for the arrival of PS5 this year for a more challenging battle with Xbox One X.

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