As the computer generation arises, it is inevitable to see improvements and changes on the current computer technology. Nonetheless, not just computers but the accessories such as headsets, mouse, and keyboards have to cope up with the development and the competitive distinction on current technology.

In relation to that, let’s take an evaluation among the best mechanical gaming keyboards we’ve seen in the market so far. Respectively, both Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 and Corsair K95 have been taking leaps toward the keyboard manufacturing technology. If you are deciding on purchasing only one of these two keyboards, then this review will help you examine the similarities and differences between the two devices.

About Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Razer’s flagship on keyboard technology comes with an upgrade from about three years since its first version’s release. This keyboard is absolutely intended for intensive gaming activity with RGB lighting feature for a satisfied environment on gaming. Aside from that, it includes an intuitive wrist rest and new yellow switches for which its predecessor does not incorporate. Other than those features, the keyboard is much more likely than its previous version. The same quality and durability it manifests.



Corsair K95

2017’s prominent RGB keyboard, Corsair’s mechanical typing device has been dominating the market with its features that are totally an upgrade from its previous keyboard version, the Corsair K70. It includes a powerful wrist rest that is magnetized, smooth, and detachable. Aside from that, it’s a bit heavier than its predecessor with more and larger keys for wide-range utilization. Aside from that, its lighting is immense as its predecessor. Other than those, features from the previous brand is just similar as it is.


Comparing the Features between Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 and CORSAIR K95

But before coming up to a conclusion, let’s take a look first to all of the prominent features and specs that both devices contain.

razer black widow v2 vs corsair k95

Design and Material Build

While both are rectangular in shape, it is notable that Corsair’s keyboard is heavier than Razer’s brand. Nonetheless, this additional weight is attributed to the extra macro keys and the extra grade aluminum casing that it satisfies as compared to the latter who is mainly made of plastic.

Both of the devices are black finished and magnetically attached with a wrist rest that is also detachable. It’s readily inserted into a USB port and cable channels that are located on the sides or rears of the device itself.

But comparing on with the two devices, we’ll take Corsair’s keyboard as a winner in this category. Despite its bigger size, it’s more durable and heavily finished than the latter.

Interface and Keys

Looking into the number of keypads, you’ll definitely notice a predominantly increase in keys incorporated in Corsair’s brand. Likewise, these macro keys which are gray-matte are intended to cater different gaming functions as necessary. Aside from that, Corsair delivers smooth and highly responsive switch empowering a Cherry MX Red Key to allow soft and multiple clicks as necessary during gaming.

Not just Corsair, Razer’s gaming keyboard also brags upon its award-winning three mechanical switches that are well-engineered to cater speed and strokes efficiently. Respectively, yellow, orange, and green which is utilized respectively with different keyboard references as to its speed, noise, and activation force.

Nonetheless, both devices incorporate an anti-ghosting function with multiple roll-overs for Corsair as compared to Razer’s gaming keyboard.

Overall, this feature is quite a close fight. Let’s just give this a yes to Corsair for the intuitive Cherry touch and additional macro keys which is incomparable to the latter device.

Software and Lighting

As to its lighting, both employ a variety of LED colors. Razer’s keyboard brags upon its 16.8 million color options easily set through its software named Razer Synapse. This equates also to Corsair’s powerful lighting with more options that you could choose one. It uses an intuitive software referred to as CUE or Corsair Utility Engine that powerfully manages not just LED lighting but multiple arrays, distortions, and pulsing of colors into the device. Aside from that, you could create ripples and even adjusting light intensity is favorable to Corsair.

However, Corsair does not have inter-synchronization lighting effect that only Razer products manifest. Likewise, this limited feature creates an illuminating effect to the ambiance as necessary for a gaming experience.

Nonetheless, Razer has a good LED lighting processing but Corsair has absolutely more wide range adjustments, modes, and functions as compared to the latter. Thus, let’s give Corsair a big point on this for its variability and for its programmable software.

Ease of Use and Compatibility

One thing you’ll notice about Razer’s keyboard is its wrist rest. It is comfortably padded with foam wrapped in a leatherette-clad cloud. Nonetheless, it could be angled and adjusted the way you wanted it to be. This is somewhat intuitive as compared to Corsair’s keyboard which is immovable though detachable as necessary.

As for set up, both devices are readily setup wired through a cable that is attached readily to a port into the computer. Likewise, both devices are also highly compatible with almost all computer devices and operating systems.

The typing speed and response for both keyboard devices is also empowering. Though Corsair has an advantage since it has more keys that are highly programmable as needed. The keyboard contains a built-in 8 MB memory to cater to the programs are related to macro keys. Aside from these macros, the keyboard contains shortcut buttons with lighting toggles, volume wheel, and gaming modes.

Though, the Razer is preferable if you want a keyboard device that is simply utilized without additional functions incorporating. As for beginners, then it’s best to purchase Razer’s gaming keyboard. It’s more user-friendly as compared to Corsair.

Overall, let’s give this a point to Corsair for more functions and keys. But nonetheless, both devices are easy to use and highly responsive with smooth keys and wrist rest.


As more features are incorporated into Corsair’s gaming keyboard, it is expected that it will induce a greater price as compared to Razer’s new keyboard version. Roughly, there’s a fifty dollar difference from both devices catering all the features that it has. This is quite smart though for both devices accommodating the durability and functionality of the two products.

What Should I Buy?

Overall, both devices are good for utilization. Though as compared above, it has been shown that Corsair’s gaming keyboard signifies an advantage. It has wide-range functions with lighting and variability of keys with functions accordingly.

But as noted, Corsair has a complicated interface and functionality. It does best to users who are intense gamers who want to do things quickly as necessary with all the shortcuts it possesses. Oppositely, Razer’s keyboard is ideal for beginners and users who do not want to go with the complication.

But nonetheless, a common disadvantage with the two is both are prone to dirt and stains. You’ll basically need to clean always since it’s readily accumulated with dust immediately.

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