Every gaming activities are exciting especially if you are accompanied with an intuitive mouse that is responsive, fast, and accurately driven. That is why every avid gamer should purchase a mouse that keeps every gaming on the edge. Presenting to you, the premium Razer’s gaming mouse series respectively the Deathadder Chroma and Elite. Despite coming from the same brand, these two devices have some differences that you should consider on.

If you are interested in knowing more about these devices, then examine this product review to give you other information about the performance on each of these devices.

Razer Deathadder Chroma vs Elite

Razer Deathadder Chroma Vs Elite – Features and Specs

As a celebration of its 10 year anniversary, the Deathadder gives another gift to its customers through the introduction of the Elite model. This mouse is the current flagship of Deathadder prior to the Chroma.

Nonetheless, it would be obvious that Elite would have an edge in terms of features. Though there are just a few upgrades, it is still worth comparing these two devices intuitively. To give you an overview, just scan on below to find out.

Optical Sensor

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

You’ll definitely notice the difference on the sensitivity of the two devices. Likewise, the Elite has an intuitive 16,000 dpi optical sensor whereas the latter incorporates only 10,000 dpi optical sensor. The Elite is undeniably the world’s most advanced optical system with its 99.4% resolution accuracy. Nonetheless, you’ll expect that the Elite will be more responsive and faster than the Chroma one.

Customize RGB Lighting

Both devices are empowered with 16.8 million RGB color options that could be easily customized as to the color and brightness of these two devices. Aside from that, it is integrated with lighting effects to give a gaming ambiance.

Ergonomics and Controls

Razer Deathadder Elite

Both mice have the same usual design and material build. It has powerful rubber grips on the sides of each mouse to empower comfort and ease. Both are mainly black polished with the Razer’s logo on the center.

The only thing perhaps that differs Elite from Chroma this time is the number of buttons it possesses. The Elite incorporates seven buttons while the Chroma will only give you five as needed. The Chroma’s five buttons include the left, right, a clickable scroll wheel, and two thumb buttons. As for Elite, there are two buttons under the scroll wheel for you to utilize.

The buttons incorporated are hyper response empowered with Omron switches. It is easily clicked as needed. The scroll wheel is just the similar to both devices. Nevertheless, it is tactile, smooth and easily used as needed.


Both devices run through the Razor Synapse Software 2.0. This software allows adjustments to DPI, create profiles, and adjust on RGB lighting as needed. Aside from that, you could easily customized buttons by utilization of the software. Though Elite has an edge, it has more modes, DPI settings, and profiles that you could choose from.

Not just that, the Synapse also includes peripheral stats and Heat maps for tracking or analyzing every gameplay. Through this, you could evaluate the speed and movements to every mouse click that you’ve been doing.

With regards to the interface, both of the devices incorporate a user-friendly layout and design. There are only a few differences though, it’s just minimal though as you’ve observed.

Durability and Size

Though both devices are prettily similar, you’ll notice also differences in the weight of these devices. Nevertheless, Elite weighs an ounce heavier than the latter with only 3.6 ounces. With regards to dimensions, both have very close measurements employing about 5.04 x 2.76 x 1.73 inches.

Both devices incorporate a lightweight seven foot heavily braided cable used for connecting each of the devices to the computer. The end of the USB connector is both gold plated for secure connections.


Aside from its optical sensitivity settings, the Elite of the device is empowered with 450 ips and 50 G acceleration. This is comparing to Razer’s Chroma with only 200 ips operation. Thus, you’ll ensure a faster and more intuitive operation as compared to Chroma. Also, both devices include a 1000 Hz polling to ensure fast-tracked gaming activity.

Inter-device Communication

Both devices allow synchronization to related Razer devices. Either a keyboard or a gaming headset, you could easily connect and create a spectrum of effects with multi-variant of colors for a perfect gaming ambiance.


Both devices support different versions of Windows and Mac systems, preferably through version 7, 8, and 10. Your system should have a 100 MB RAM space and registered with Synapse in order to run the system.

Both devices include a two-year warranty upon purchase with a user manual and AAA batteries attached to it.

Which one to Buy?

Basically, the two devices have a lot of similarities. You could even mistake one from the other device, as to its design, software, and RGB lighting. Nevertheless, if you are really not a techie-junkie, you’ll never notice the differences even the two buttons on the underside which Elite has added on its design.

Aside from the buttons, Elite is quite faster than Chroma. It has 16,000 dpi and 450 ips precisely governing operation. It empowers smoother buttons with comfortable rubber grips for ease of operation. Other than that, everything is quite the same with the two devices.

As to the prices of both devices, you’ll eventually notice only small differences with few dollars only within the two devices. Razer’s Elite seems to be more expensive than Chroma though like said, only slight differences. However, considering in Amazon, Elite is somehow discounted so it’s safe to prefer buying it other than Chroma.

Overall, both devices sound prettily amazing. It functions well with the great and durable layout. It comes from a reliable brand, Razer who have been known for producing high-quality computer accessories. Thus, whatever you choose, you’ll get exactly the same thing with only a few differences in speed and accuracy. However, if you are really in particular with things, then its best to consider Elite.

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