If you are trying to buy a new mouse pad, then we’re highly advisable for you to use Razer Firefly which is one of the best mouse pad according to the gamer. It’s an ultimate mouse pad incorporating with invigorating features that every tech junkie would be delighted.

To know more about this gaming mouse pad, then check out the review below. This will give you more insights regarding the said mouse pad.

1. Product Review

Razer Firefly

Achieve a perfect symmetry and aesthetic beauty by utilization this premium mouse pad. It’s highly micro-textured finish with the optimized reflective surface for easy mouse navigation. This black rectangular-shaped mouse pad incorporates a non-slipped rubber base to keep the mat immovable during its course of usage.

This hard mouse pad has decent dimensions of 14 x 0.2 x 10.1 inches including a non-foldable and tilt-able pad for stable mouse navigation. It also incorporates a cable that measures about 7 ft. long. The interface of the mouse pad is wrapped with a soft cloth to ease out controls.

Aside from that, this hard mouse pad introduces a 16.8 million customizable color options that illuminate upon at the sides of the mouse pad. This option creates a stunning effect and display that improves upon the gaming experience as necessary.

It synchronizes upon other Razer Firefly devices including the mouse, keyboard, and headset. This color synchronization creates a joining effect between 37 varied spectrums of colors that you could choose one.

Enhance also the mouse pad experience using an integrated hardware support via Synapse. This online cloud support tracks detailed surface calibration and sensitivity settings of the mouse pad. This also allows controls into ranges of color and its peripherals.

Razer Firefly

2. Specs and Features

Easy Pad Navigation

This hard mouse pad includes a micro-textured surface for easy gliding and navigation of the mouse. It is highly responsive or consistent incorporating speed and accuracy upon utilization of the device. The mouse pad incorporates a non-slip rubber on its sides to ensure that the pad will be immovable upon utilization. It induces also quiet cursor movements even through intense gaming moments.

Well-Engineered Design and Built

This black finished mouse pad is constructed from premium materials mainly polycarbonate and cloth. Measuring with rectangular dimensions of 14 x 0.2 x 10.1 inches, this gaming mouse mat empowers durability and wide-range span since it’s really quite large.

Customizable LED lighting

The lights streamlined into the sides of the mat illuminates about 16.8 million dots with customizable color options ranging from shades of red, blue, purple, and many more. Aside from that, the pad supports a hardware configurator via Synapse for control, adjustments, and surface calibrations of the lights.

Synchronization to Compatible Devices

The mat could be synchronized among Razer Firefly’s variety of related products such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset. This means that you could match upon the illumination of the mouse pads to some of its accessories.

Optimization of Sensitivity Settings

This premiere mouse pad is authenticated to series of laboratory tests incorporating an enhanced reflective quality that contributes upon its smooth glides to every utilization. The surface is highly sensitive that could be controlled by the Synapse’s ability for surface calibration.

Razer Firefly

3. Performance

In general, this RGB mouse pad is simple yet intuitively designed with powerful features that you could not find any mouse pad. Its slick surface is mainly hard but comfortably navigated as necessary during the utilization of the mouse pad. Additionally, it is smoothly glided with a non-rubber slip into its sides to ensure that your pad will stay put upon utilization.

It’s prettily flat, coated with black, and quite large for a mouse pad. It does not produce unnecessary noises as other mouse pads do. It is totally perfect for any gamer who wants to enjoy in maximum every gaming experience.

Aside from that, a lot of users find the illumination to various colors highly magnificent. They denoted on the diversity of colors and the alterable settings that it offers. It’s truly magical to witness the lights streamlining upon playing any games on the computer.

Also, it’s a bonus that the pad could be synchronized upon other computer accessories manufactured by Razer Firefly like the mouse, keyboard, and the headset. Nonetheless, this creates multiple effects for an empowering and contemporary gaming experience.

Overall, the mouse really excellent. Users just find it too expensive for a mouse pad. It has really cool features and effects that you’ll really like including the alterable lightings and its smoothly grip function as needed during mouse navigation.

Other than that, users just wished that lighting could be well-adjusted and additional color settings should be instated. Also, there are compatibility issues with using this device. As said in its advertisement, synchronization works only through Razer Firefly devices. Some users felt like it’s some kind of a marketing strategy for purchase upon other Razer’s products. Also, it gets easily accumulated by dust. Users hope that with its steep price tag, it should have a dust-proof surface for easy cleaning as necessary.

Nonetheless, you are completely secure with this product because its surface has already been lab tested ensuring quality and durability of the material. Likewise, the product is also recommended for utilization by a lot of eSport athletes.

Razer Firefly

4. Pros & Cons

• Robustly Made Material and Design
• Diverse and Customizable LED Color Lightings
• Smoothly Glided Mouse Pad
• Surface Sensitivity Settings
• Compatibility with Computer Devices

• Expensive Mouse Pad
• Limited Synchronization Capability

5. Conclusion

Though there are a lot of people prefer to not purchase mouse pads, it has been proven useful especially to gamers who aim for speed and precision to every gaming activity. Nonetheless, it’s really a requirement to purchase a premium mouse pad that will help you put on top among everyone else. A known, this new Razer Firefly is absolutely perfect for your convenience. Yes, this is an expensive brand. However, one of a kind mouse pad combining glamour and quality in one.