The emergence of digital age gives the power on computers and its accessories to be used in multiple disciplines on research, information, technology, and science. It has aided a lot of people and makes life simpler and easier. Other than that, computers and Internet have been used for entertainment and gaming. That is why computers and its accessories are built and developed to cater to the demands of gaming.

Nonetheless, if you are in search for a particular mouse to ace every gaming activity, then you are in a perfect place. Razer Mamba Tournament and Deathadder Elite is recommended for you. Thus, this product review will give a comparison to the two premium mice.

Razer Mamba Tournament Vs Deathadder Elite

Razer Mamba Tournament Vs Deathadder Elite –Specs and Features

They have similar features and specs that you should know. As known, the Deathadder Elite is more current than the latter with upgraded features. But likewise, a lot of users still tend to get confused over buying one from the other since both products have close range prices.

Optical Sensor

Razer DeathAdder Elite

With regards to its existing sensor capabilities, both devices empower 16,000 dpi for precise mice movements and clicks. But nonetheless, the two devices have different speed coverage. The Deathadder Elite incorporates a 250 inches per second with 50 G acceleration utilization while the Razer Mamba is almost twice as the latter with 450 inches per second with the same 50 G acceleration. Nonetheless, it is expected that Deathadder Elite will dominate with this feature.

RGB Customized Lighting

If you are a Chroma fan, then Razer Mamba would be intuitive for you. Though both devices have the full spectrum 16.8 million customizable color option, the Razer Mamba heightens the color effects with the lightings streamlined from the sides, scroll wheel, and side strips of the device. It is really quite a view to look into especially to get you in the mood for gaming.

Controls and Buttons

Razer Mamba Tournament

As to this part, you’ll eventually notice how Razer Mamba has incorporated easily programmable nine buttons into the device. In comparison, the manufacturer of Razer Deathadder does not focus too well on this function. It has just 7 easily used programmable buttons included.

Aside from that, both of Razer’s premium devices includes an easy click and tactile scroll wheels. But nonetheless, the Razer’s Deathadder has its edge in assuring fast response to clicking these buttons and scroll wheel. The device has incredible standards of precision having 99.4% resolution accuracy.

For the verdict, this could be a tough fight. Let’s give this point again to Razer Mamba for more button options.

Durability and Longevity

Just by looking at both devices, you’ll eventually be having a hard time on evaluating which one is more durable unless tested and proven. Though, the Razer’s Deathadder brags with its 50 million click durability. Nonetheless, this device is made for long-term utilization with a fast response to every gaming activity.

As for the Razer’s Mamba, a lot of users have been skeptical about using this device. There are few reviews saying how the device has issues with the response. Thus, the Adjustable Click Force won’t help any further with the device according to few of its users.
Let’s give this a big point, of course to Razer’s Deathadder!


Both devices enjoy the Razer’s Synapse software that could be installed readily as needed. Through this software, you could monitor and control the brightness, colors, and modes of your devices. Aside from that, it has a lot of personalization with a user-friendly interface that you could easily navigate into.

Though, the only problem that most users encounter with the software is driver updates that do every day. But nonetheless, complaints are mostly from Razer Mamba though both devices use the same software.

With this note, we will give it as a tie between the two!

Design and Build

With regards to design, the two devices are almost identical without the light on the sides of the Razer’s Mamba. Considerably, both devices have almost the same weight and even size with 4.5 ounces and 2.9 x 1.7 x 5 inches on it. Aside from that, both devices have an ergonomic blend of rubber-side grips for comfort and sophistication on utilization. Both also are black finished with a braided fiber cable for USB connectivity.

Perhaps, the only thing that differs one from the other device is the placement of the buttons. Since Razer’s Mamba incorporates more buttons, you could expect a bit complication with the device itself. Though, the manufacturer has truly satisfied the needs of the users. It just felt awkward to locate the other two buttons beneath the mouse itself.

With regards to Deathadder, the button placement seems to be prettily inconvenient. There are buttons that are hard to reach and easily bump on upon gaming.

Overall, let’s give this a very close point to Razer Mamba!

Inter-Communication to other Devices

Well, if you wanted to create a wonderful blend of colors with other Razer devices such as a headset and the keyboard, then it’s best for you to purchase Razer Mamba. Nonetheless, the Razer Deathadder does not include this option into their device.

Which one to Buy?

Razer Mamba truly has an edge with all the features listed. However, most users only consider the performance and precision of gaming utilization. At that point, the Razer Deathadder has its edge.

The Razer Deathadder is made for comfort, response, and accuracy upon gaming. It has strong ips and optical sensor system that is quite helpful for the gaming experience. It also induces durability as what a lot of its users have been saying.

Whereas, the Razer Mamba focuses only on its design, lighting, and controls. It has more controls yet weaker in terms of speed and accuracy with Deathadder. Nonetheless, if you’d prefer Chroma over speed, then its best to choose this device.

With regards to the price, the Razer Deathadder is expensive by a dollar to five as compared to Razer Mamba. It’s very close, then everything now depends on what particular feature you wanted to highlight the most.

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