Razer Orbweaver vs Tartarus – Which One is the Best Keypad?

Razer is another brand which continue to produce gaming accessories in good quality. No wonder, a lot of people make this brand as part of their top choices of unit. Razer Orbweaver and Razer Tartarus are types of gaming keypads which you can choose. These comes in great and useful design which made these units as suited to any gamer.

Every gamer wants to choose not just a durable gaming keypad but most of all the one which has an excellent performance. Keypad plays an important role in the whole gaming sessions and using a keypad which performs well is beneficial to you as a gamer.

In this review, two of the most chosen gaming keypads from Razer brand will be reviewed. Both of these gaming keypads perform well and convenient to use to. In order for you to come up with a wise choice, read on the comparison below.

Razer Orbweaver vs Tartarus

Specs and Features

Perfectly designed for gaming

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Razer Orbweaver and Razer Tartarus are keypads which are purposely designed for gaming purposes only. This means that this is not just a simple keypad but they are fully equipped with different features and abilities. These features will help you optimize your gaming experience. However, despite the fact that both of these keypads have features for your gaming experience, they do not have the same capabilities.

Razer Tartarus will give you a chance to enjoy infinite number of commands right at your fingertips. But not just that, it also added 25 programmable keys. With all these keys, the use of this gaming keypads can optimize your intense gaming activity while enabling you to use your preferred skills, macros, and hotkeys.

When it comes to the Razer Orbweaver, you can also enjoy a useful feature of keys. Aside from the fact that it is specially designed for gaming purpose, this keypad also offers additional feature that can help you use and improve your skills in this field. This feature is the 20 programmable mechanical keys that will not just lets you to enjoy your preferred ski. lls but it will also let you use macros and hotkeys.

Color Customization

Razer Tartarus Chroma

In gaming accessories, the color customization feature is not a new feature at all. When it comes to these gaming keyboards, both of them can give you this type of feature.

For the Razer Orbweaver, it features individually programmable backlit keys with 16.8 million color options. You can customize your favorite color that will fit to your personal taste as well as personalities through the use of Razer Synapse.

If Razer Orbweaver offers a wide option of colors to suit your personal preferences, Razer Tartarus a customization pallet of colors to reloading lighting effects. Doing this is just so simple through the Razer Synapse.

With this feature which is present in these gaming keypad, you cannot just play your game conveniently but also shows your personality and personal tastes.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma


Being comfortable with the unit you use when you are playing is a must. This is because how comfortable you are will influence to your overall performance. In fact, one of the biggest feature you might often ask before choosing an item is how comfortable you are when using it. Well, this is really true and honestly, it can make a huge difference when your unit gives you comfort.

Razer Orbweaver offers you comfort in every use through its adjustable hand, thumb, and plam rest module. This feature will let you set it out according to what you like and comfortable with as well to different sessions.

On the other hand, for the Razer Tartarus, though it offers comfort when in use, it has no features like adjustability like the latter choice has. However, this one has an ergonomic design form factor or design which adds comfort as well. the Razer Tartarus seems like an improved version of Razer Orbweaver when it comes to its physical style and formation.

In game configuration

Customization is not an issue with these two gaming keypad from Razer. Well, both of them come in a feature which you can customize your personal skills, macros, and hotkeys. All these is just easy to do with the help of Razer Synapse command center.

Razer Tartarus Chroma

Lightweight design

Bringing with you your gaming keypad is not a burden with both Razer Orbweaver and Razer Tartarus. Well, the former has weight of about 10.6 ounces while the latter comes in 10.1 ounces. All these weights are light which add to the reason why these units can be a good choice.

Quality cable

Both of these items have cables both of them come in good quality. However, the Razer Orbweaver uses the standard cable which is still in good quality and the Razer Tartarus is made with braided fiber for an increased durability.

Which one is the best?

Both the Razer Orbweaver and the Razer Tartarus can be a good choice. Each of them have features and abilities which are useful in helping achieve a good gaming experience.

Razer Orbweaver is an excellent choice when talking about comfort with its adjustability feature. This is actually a big reason to choose this unit because comfort will make a huge influence with your performance in every game. When it comes to its physical look and overall performance, this unit falls on the standard one.

Razer Tartarus may have no adjustability feature but how it was designed is enough reason that you will feel comfortable when using it. Aside from that, its performance is a bit higher too compared to the latter choice. Overall, Razer Tartarus is an improved version of Razer Orbweaver to offer more comfort and convenience together with higher performance.

In the end, the best choice is the Razer Tartarus is the best choice since it comes with additional features which can add up to the overall performance of this gaming headset. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing the other one is not a good choice since it still works fine too.


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