In the digital age, it is a major requirement to be able to know how to use the computer. Likewise, you need also to be equipped with the trends in technology to be able to adapt to it easily as needed. Nonetheless, it’s every gamer’s responsibility to stay on track with the developments of computer and its technology. This is to ensure that you’ll have the fastest and the most responsive computer device as required during gaming. Introducing to you, Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard. An all-in-one computer gaming keyboard incorporating with powerful features that will take your gaming experience to another dimension.

If you are curious about this keyboard, then try on scanning below to find out all the features that this keyboard includes.

1. Product Review

Razer Ornata Chroma

Empowered by the combination of membrane and mechanical technology, this keyboard is highly designed for smooth and tactile clicking with its rubber membrane surface. Within the interior of the membrane, lies a mechanical switch for the immediate response of every stroke of letters to the keyboard.

This mainly black polished rectangular in shape keyboard measuring about 18.2 x 6.7 x 1.3 inches is softly cushioned to ensure every action is registered without missing a single stroke and input. It is also incorporated with a built-in anti-ghost technology that executes up to 10 commands at the same time.

This 2.1 pound computer accessory consists of mid-height keycaps driven with an intuitive wrist rest to ensure comfort and efficiency upon utilization of the keyboard during long hours of gaming and internet surfing.

Aside from that, the keyboard includes a 16.8 million customizable color options that create a variety of color and lighting effects on the streamlines of each keypad to intensify the mood on every gaming activity. Also, you could expand this color effects through a well-driven inter-device synchronization catering multiple colorful effects on various Razer’s related devices such as a mouse, keypad, and headset.

Other than the wrist rest and the sophisticated keypads, the device includes a USB cable that could be attached to any of your computers.

Razer Ornata Chroma

2. Specs and Features

A Combination of Mechanical and Membrane Technology

Consisting of a softly cushioned touch of the rubber membrane and the crisp of the modern mechanical switch, the intermixed mechanisms of these two technologies creates powerful clicks and strokes on each keypad. This one of the kind technology enables a fast and swift actuation of keypads.

Diverse Color Spectrum Keyboard Backlighting

Composed of 16.8 million customizable colors, this keyboard creates magnificent lighting effects on the sides of all the keypads. This interactive backlighting enlivens and boosts out the gaming spirit inducing a futuristic vibe upon utilization. Nonetheless, colors and brightness could be altered using the Synapse hardware support that could be installed readily.

Smooth and Responsive Keypads

This ergonomic keyboard are built to comfort during gaming, its incorporates a wrist rest to empower convenience to long hours of gaming. It also has a built-in anti-ghost technology that enables you to perfectly execute at most 10 commands altogether as needed for fast typing and multi-controller moves on every gaming activity.

Inter-Device Synchronization

It supports and synchronizes to other computer accessory devices like mouse pad, mouse, and headset that is manufactured only by Razer. Nonetheless, it promotes powerful and illuminating spectrum effects reaching out a futuristic vibe to the gaming surrounding.

Intuitive Controls and Design

The main interface of the keyboard is made from the typical layout and design. It incorporates mid-height keypads custom designed for easy click and response as necessary. Aside from that, the device is easily installed through a USB cable that is readily attached to a computer device. It is also extremely lightweight all-in black polished thinly made with dimensions of 18.2 x 6.7 x 1.3 inches.

Razer Ornata Chroma

3. Performance

Generally, the device has received positive reviews from its users. It’s an intuitive keyboard driven by style, durability, and quality as needed for every gaming activity. It incorporates invigorating and high-end technologies including the patented mecha-membrane hybrid action that ensures a fast response and easy clicking of the keypads within the keyboard. It also has a built-in anti-ghost technology that enables a 10-key rollover utilized mainly during intense gaming and internet surfing.

Other than those technologies, users are delighted upon the backlighting of the device. It produces a variety of colors ranging from multiple spectrums that illuminates surrounding every keypad. Nonetheless, these lights are easily customized through the Synapse hardware support.

But more importantly, users tend to get amazed at its functionality describing it as one of a kind. Compared to other keyboards, it’s quieter and highly tactile. It’s indistinguishable and quite techy. It’s mainly made from plastic but it mostly feels like it isn’t because of the compactness of its material. Unlike wireless keyboard, it’s easily utilized through a USB cable readily attached to your computer devices.

However, the device is a price to pay. With all its features, its barely expected that it would be expensive to buy. Also, few of its users do not find the wrist rest to be functional. If there’s something that this device needs to improve, it should be the wrist rest. Also, the keypad easily gets stuck on with oils and dirt. Users tend to clean it for at least once every one or two weeks to maintain the quality of its keypads.

Overall, the device is a must-have. It could be a bit expensive, but a lot of its users find the price just reasonable given all the features that it incorporates.

Razer Ornata Chroma

4. Pros & Cons

• User-friendly Interface
• Futuristic and Well-Engineered Design
• High-End Typing Mechanisms
• Customizable Keypad LED Lightings
• Supports Synchronization to other Related Devices

• Quite Expensive
• Requires Maintenance Regularly
• Weakly Designed Wrist Rest

5. Conclusion

Razer’s new RGB keyboard makes its entry to the gaming market in order to introduce a fast and reliable gaming experience through the utilization of a techie keyboard. This keyboard is multi-dimensional with powerful features that you’ll really like. It includes some innovative technologies driven with smoothly cushioned and highly tactile controls to enhance every keyboard experience. Though, the only major letdown of this device is its price for which is just reasonable as it should be.

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