Brace yourself for an immersive viewing experience with the Samsung C32F391 32-inch curved monitor. This curved monitor screen offers a unique viewing angle that will let you enjoy movies, games and images better. The C32F391 is ultra-thin, less than 0.5 inch thick but provides images with vibrant colors, sharp details and deep contrast ratios. The curved screen pulls you into the scene as you watch your favorite movie or television series in fantastic high definition.


Samsung C32F391

• 32” screen size
• 1800R curvature degree
• 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Ultra-slim at 0.5 inch thick
• With a simple circular stand
• With Game Mode technology
• With Samsung Active Crystal Color Technology
• HDMI and DP inputs
• Energy Saving Plus
• Windows compatible
• No integrated speakers
• Comes with power cables, HDMI cable and a quick setup guide

Samsung C32F391

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Slim and Modern

Before getting into the bits and details about the Samsung CF391 monitor, the first thing that is very noticeable about this curved monitor is its slim design. It is just 0.5 inch thick! It looks sleek with a bare white frame and when this monitor sits in front of a white wall, it would look like the images would be coming out of nowhere! It has a modern design and chick circular stand making it a worthwhile addition to any modern room.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is nothing but brilliant with vivid colors making images seem to pop out of the curved screen. Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology is behind this amazing feature, providing superb 5000:1 contrast ratio. With this top quality feature, you will be able to distinguish deep blacks and bright whites. You will be able to see clearly even during the darkest or the brightest scenes.

Immersive Viewing

The curved screen basically lets you experience more out of anything you want to watch. Want to play a video game? This monitor will make you feel that you are in the game, moving and experiencing everything that the game has to offer. Want to watch an HD movie? Feel like the hero, the main character and visit far off lands without leaving your seat with this immersive curved monitor.

Game Mode Feature

More on gaming, the Samsung CF391 has Game Mode, a feature that enhances your gaming experience. Turn Game Mode on to instantly optimize your screen color and contrast to fit the game you are playing. Play popular games, racing games, shooting games and adventure games and watch your screen pop with Game Mode. This feature alone makes this curved monitor a good gaming monitor for gaming PCs, gaming consoles and more. You will be able to connect your gaming consoles, personal computer or even a laptop to the Samsung CF391 using HDMI or Display-Port.


When it comes to connectivity, this curved monitor offers only two: HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. You might have grown accustomed to the popular HDMI cable which basically connects almost all consumer-electronics like Blu-ray players, televisions, video projectors, PCs and laptops. HDMI handle only a single video stream and a single audio stream meaning it can only drive one display or monitor at a time. But what if you want to use two or more monitors? The DisplayPort comes to the rescue because this can support up to four monitors at a time. Therefore you can use this Samsung curved monitor as a display monitor while another monitor runs as your primary screen using DisplayPort connections.

Energy Saving Plus

This Samsung curved monitor detects excessive light or brightness and will automatically reduce brightness to save power. You will also see better too especially when the monitor is in an area with more natural light coming in. The Energy Saving Plus feature also lets you save energy in the long run.

Home entertainment monitor or office monitor

The Samsung CF391 is a versatile monitor which you can use as a personal computer monitor, a television monitor, a home entertainment screen or an office monitor. Whichever you want, its curved design stands out simply because it is unique and unusual. So if you want to impress your friends and wow your colleagues at the office then it’s a must to have this 32-inch Samsung curved monitor.

Samsung C32F391

Pros & Cons


The Samsung CF391’s screen is awesome. Its shape, size, thickness, color, sharpness and contrast all make it the best home or office monitor. Its curved shape draws you in no matter what you are watching, playing or enjoying from the huge curved screen.

The Game Mode feature lets you get more out of playing your favorite video game. Connect this monitor to a gaming console or gaming computer and you are definitely set to play the most immersive game yet.

You can use the Samsung CF391 as an office monitor, home entertainment system monitor, gaming monitor or as your cable television monitor.
It is versatile as it is unique. Its design also makes it a refreshing addition to your modern home.


The Samsung CF391 is just a video monitor so it has no integrated speaker system. You need to use a separate speaker system to be able to enjoy audio.

This curved monitor would work best using its own stand. Mounting this monitor is mountable but it’s possible that it would lose its immersive features.

Final Words

You will truly enjoy watching movies, playing games and viewing images from the 32-inch Samsung CF391 curved monitor. It offers a rich viewing experience not just because of its unique curved screen but also due to its vivid colors, rich contrast and detailed images. It offers gamers a chance to better their stats with an immersive gaming experience with Game Mode as well. It is so versatile allowing you to use it as a computer monitor, gaming monitor and entertainment system monitor. It may not have integrated speakers but all-in-all, this curved monitor could be the perfect home or office monitor. For more information about the Samsung C32F391 32-inch curved monitor, check this link out.

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